Tuesday, September 1, 2009

America in Distress

The Health Care debate rages on. Or is it the Health Insurance debate? Or is it just the Federal Government that is attacking the American people? Whatever you want to call it, the Democrats plan for Health Care reform continues to fall apart and the Obama administration continues to shoot it's slingshot into it's own feet.

The American people are showing up in droves at town hall meetings all across the country. They are complaining that the government is trying to take over the health care industry. We've had plenty of lead up to this fear by the American people.

Obama said he wanted a stimulus bill to sign into law by Presidents Day. The bill was passed. Nobody read it, but it passed on the Friday prior to President's Day. Rather than signing it on Presidents Day as he stated that he wanted to do, the President decided that it wasn't as important to get it signed by Presidents Day as he originally touted. So he put it off for a day and flew to Denver to sign it there. The photo op was more important than the actual bill....which again, nobody had read.

He wanted the cap and trade bill done. It's now being put off by the Senate until at least the end of the month. In the meantime, other countries are saying to leave them out of it. This will help stop global warming. It must have worked. Records are being set all across the country for the coldest summer months in history.

Democrats are claiming the Tea Parties are being led by politicians. They are claiming that the town hall "disruptions" are being organized by right wing fanatics and talk radio. They are claiming that groups are being bussed in from outside the district. Yet, that hasn't bee proven. In fact, Representative Moran of Virginia tried to shut down one questioner claiming he wasn't from the district. That is until the gentleman pulled out his identification and lo and behold, he was from the district.

So how are the Democrats fighting back against the American people? They are bussing in union thugs to the town halls to shout down the American citizens from asking the tough questions of their elected Representatives. They claim there are no "death panels". Yet, the Senate comes out a couple of days later and say they are removing the "end of life" provisions (aka death panels). So they are removing the death panels that don't exist?

Now we find out that in the bill, HR3200 the IRS is required to share information. These can be found in Section 431(a) and Section 245 (b) (2) (a).

Having discovered these items buried in the bill that is over 1,000 pages long much like the stimulus package was, they've turned to a new tactic. Now the protestors are just only wanting to resist Obama because he doesn't look like them. Again, the Democrats are injecting racism where it doesn't exist. Or perhaps I should say where it didn't exist. It does exist now that they have brought up racism.

The Democrats have passed a stimulus package which has been a screwup, first sending checks to people that have been dead for years, and now sending checks to inmates at prisons. They've started the cash for clunkers, but now aren't paying the dealers what they are supposed to pay them. This will only force these dealers out of business. Are these the surviving dealers that weren't required to close their doors after the government takeover of GM and Chrysler following their bankruptcy's?

Are these the same people that will be running the health care if they get their reforms?

This reminds of the old line "I love my Country, but I fear my Government". Can we really fear something that's incompetent?

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