Sunday, August 31, 2008

Republican Convention: Win/Win or Liberal Media: Lose/Lose

The Republican Convention begins on September 1, 2008. Or will it? President Bush and Vice President Cheney already have decided not to attend due to Hurricane Gustav. There is talk that they may postpone the convention for a few days until the problems of Gustav have passed and people are back to normal.

I believe that this goes against what the Republicans and George Bush have said for the past 8 years. Let's remember September 11, 2001 for a minute. Following the worst attack on our country, the President came out and said that we should continue our lives as normal. If we don't the terrorists win. They will have caused us to be afraid and that is not something that we want to show terrorists.

This should be no different. If they postpone it or even cancel it, they've told the world that natural disasters upset the way the country runs. They aren't going to get any credit from the liberal media regardless of what they do, and they won't get any credit from the liberals in politics regardless of what they do. If the continue the convention, the liberals will act shocked and say "this proves that the Republicans put themselves above the people that were hit by the hurricane." If they delay it or cancel it, the liberals will say "the Republicans are so incompetent that they can't hold their convention and handle a disaster at the same time."

They can however, turn this into a positive. They can hold their convention. Bush and Cheney can still speak via satellite on Monday night as planned. They will be there without actually being there. I don't know their speaker lineup for the week, but if the southeastern governors from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas all stay home due to this hurricane, they can still speak at the convention via satellite.

During the week of the convention, the attendees may make contributions to the victims of this hurricane via the Salvation Army or other groups that take donations to assist the areas affected.

I heard Roland Martin, a liberal talk show host, say that they should hold their nomination the first night, then cancel the rest of the convention. Well sure he would think that. That would be four days that whatever press coverage there would have been would no longer be. This may or may not affect Barack Hussein Obama's chances in the election. It's difficult to gauge because the bounce coming out of the Democrat Convention was for McCain and not Obama. The Zogby Poll has McCain up by two points.

The Republicans should continue their Convention, make adjustments to their lineup and the timing of it to accomodate those that stayed in their states to help with any possible needs of the people of their states. They should be the leaders and start taking up donations to help out the affected areas (although I believe there will be much less loss of life this time), and turn this convention into a positive despite the hurricane.

They have a banner to hang on their ticket now. They should exploit that to the nth degree. John McCain, for all of his faults, had a master stroke by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. I hope that they showcase her, and showcase the Conservatives as much as possible. John McCain made a brilliant move. He proved his judgment is greater than that of Obama's.

I believe that the Republicans will put on a fine program this week. They usually don't go off running and hiding when things go bad (although their advancement of Republican candidates for the House and Senate has been poor at best). Instead, they turn things into a positive and this is a great way to show they are for country and not just out for themselves as Obama has shown in his candidacy.

I look forward to an exciting and eventful week with some surprises from the Republicans. It may not be traditional, but if they are as I think they are, they will lead the way in showing the world that Americans stick together and continue what needs to be done even in the face of natural disasters.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain’s stroke of genius: Governor Sarah Palin

Who is Sarah Palin? Born in Idaho, moved to Alaska as an infant. She was a sports star in school, beauty contest winner and Miss Congeniality in her town of Wasilla and placed second for Miss Alaska. She married her high school sweetheart, who is a snowmobile racing champion, having won the Iron Dog race four times. Together they have five children. The oldest, joined the army on September 11, 2007 and will be deployed to Iraq on September 11, 2008. The youngest was just born in April of this year. Despite tests showing that her baby would have a birth defect, she continued the pregnancy and her son was born with Down Syndrome. In between those two boys, they have three daughters.

Mrs. Palin first joined the PTA, then moved on to the city council. She decided to run against the Mayor to end the wasteful spending and high taxes. She followed through on both.

Governor Murkowski appointed her ethics commissioner of the oil and gas conservation commission. Later she ran against Murkowski for Governor. She defeated him in the primary and then won in the general election against the Democrat former governor, Tony Knowles 48% to 40%. Currently she holds an 80% approval rating in Alaska.

The Democrats have been out en masse trying to discredit Sarah Palin since the announcement this morning. Their first claim is that McCain can no longer accuse Barack Hussein Obama of being inexperienced because she lacks experience. However, they are falling on deaf ears, except within the liberal news media. Palin has been a Governor for two years. Obama has been a United States Senator for two years. He began to run for President within months of winning his election to the Senate. He has no foreign policy experience. He has no legislative experience on the federal level, save his two years in the Senate.

Saying he’s been in the Senate for two years is giving him extra credit. He was only in the Senate for 143 days before beginning his run for President. His major contribution to legislation in the Senate was a resolution to congratulate the Chicago White Sox on their World Series victory.

In Governor Palin’s two years she has done much more. One of her first actions was to sell the plane that Governor Murkawski had. She took a picture, had her staff put it on E-bay and it sold for a nice profit.

When Senator Ted Stevens managed to win the money for Alaska to build the “bridge to nowhere”, she declined the offer saying that if Alaska needed a bridge, they’d build it. She also urged Senator Stevens to come clean with his financial troubles when it was learned that he had them.

Regarding her military experience, they claim she has none. Barack Obama has none. However, Governor Palin does as the Commander in Chief of the National Guard in Alaska. I don’t think that Democrats will dare to claim that is a poor excuse for military experience since former President Bill Clinton used the same argument to claim he had experience with the military.

In fact, of the four candidates running for President and Vice President, there is only one that has military experience. That is Senator John McCain. Senator Obama has none. Senator Biden has none. Governor Palin has had the national guard, and now a son in the army for a year and about to be deployed to Iraq, and we all know of John McCain’s military credentials.

When Senator Obama named Senator Biden his running mate, Senator McCain put out an advertisement congratulating Obama for naming McCain’s friend, Joe Biden. That was just a touch of class on his part. Senator Obama, upon hearing of the naming of Governor Palin immediately talked about Palin’s supposed lack of experience.

The Democrats are also talking about an investigation into abuse of power by the Governor, but when you look at it, she had cause for firing Walter Monegon, and even when she fired him from the position he had, she offered him another position, but he declined. The Democrats in Alaska say they are not issuing subpoena’s because Governor Palin has been cooperating with their investigation.

Governor Palin has been responsible for cleaning up Alaska politics. Not just of her opponents party, but her own party as well. She pulls no punches. She ran on a clean government and she has followed through on it. This is another area that she shines above Obama. He has associated with known terrorists, with convicted donors and questions are coming out on him and whether he participated in activities with Rezko.

Obama has never run a city, nor a state government. He was a community organizer, but you’ll have to look up the information on the apartment buildings that Rezko had and how he managed to donate money to Obama but couldn’t afford to heat the apartments in his rented out apartments.

As a state Senator in Illinois, Obama’s best known words were “present” when voting on various issues. He has had little time to do anything in the United States Senate as mentioned above because he’s only been there for 143 days.

Governor Palin has cut taxes, put more money into her constituents hands and cut spending in her years in offices.

Governor Palin is much more qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency than Joe Biden as well as the Democrats choice for President.

Has Governor Palin been tested? You bet she has. She has, and is raising five children. I know a little about that. I know a couple of people that raised five children and I know it’s not easy to do so. I call those people, ‘mom and dad’. For the Governor to be Governor and raise five children, and one of them to be born during the time she was Governor, and for that child to have some demanding needs, all the while doing her job as Governor is nothing short of amazing.

The Democrats and other various liberal factions are claiming that this is pandering to a constituency. However, it’s also pandering to choose someone as a VP from Delaware, but playing on his birthplace in Pennsylvania because it’s a battleground state. They are crying out because Palin said in her speech this morning that she owed a debt to two women, Ferraro and Hillary Clinton for going before her to be women that have done well in running for VP and then President, respectively. They claim that her being chosen for VP is only a way of trying to get some of those women voters that are upset at Hillary’s loss to come to the Republicans. Even if it were true, my answer to that would be, ‘too bad’.

Barack Obama lost 9 of the last 14 primaries he was in. He’s been in a downward slide since. His trip to Europe where he spoke to the “citizens of the world” was a bust and following his first three days of the convention he was losing ground in the polls.

It’s Barack Obama’s fault that he’s associated himself with Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Father Fleglar (sic), and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. It’s not McCain’s fault. This is supposed to be a cakewalk for Democrats this year. They keep talking about how President Bush has done everything wrong, and yet they cannot get that lead up and even dropped in the polls.

If the Democrats want to whine that McCain made a great pick, I’m good with that. If they want to claim it’s unfair that he pick such a good running mate, that is something that they’ll have to learn to live with.

As for me, I’m thrilled beyond description. Until today, my vote was going to be more against the ultra liberal Obama. Now, I have a reason to vote FOR the Republican ticket. McCain is liberal. I have said it and believe that it’s born out in his history. However, McCain made the perfect move today in naming Sarah Palin his VP mate. My vote will now be FOR McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden is just two names taking up space on the other side of the ballot.

Governor Sarah Palin is a conservative. She’s not perfect in my eyes. I disagree with her environmental position and a couple of other positions, but I don’t vote for those positions as my sole reason for voting. She is fiscally responsible. She is honest and I believe that she’ll not tolerate corruption in the White House, nor in the Senate or the House.

I don’t like Senator John McCain but he has now given me a reason to be excited to go and vote for him. If Palin is as good as I think she is, this could be another opportunity for Republicans to fight for and win seats in the Senate and the House.

I know that some of my friends are not voting because they just can’t vote for McCain. I hope that they see that this pick of Palin for VP is a stroke of genius on McCain’s part and that they will join me in voting for the Republican ticket. Ignore looking at McCain’s name if needs be, and just look at the name Palin and vote for her.

This was a great choice. Another reason for a vote for McCain. He’ proven his judgment is sound and that’s without comparing him to Obama’s lack of experience and lack of judgment.

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McCain's Veep.....Sarah Palin

Several news outlets have confirmed that John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his Vice Presidential choice.

I have only been reading about her the past few days, so I'm not well versed about her at all. However, what I have learned is that she is a woman that isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She also does not tolerate corruption. Her latest foray into the corruption issue was regarding Senator Ted Stevens when she told him to come clean.

She is staunchly pro-life and has a son that has Downs Syndrome. She was told of the problem in the tests prior to giving birth, but chose to continue the pregnancy and after he was born said she saw perfection. She and her husband also have another son, who is reported to be scheduled to deploy to Iraq in September, as well as three other children.

She is against gay marriage, but says she has several gay friends and does not like descrimination against gays.

She appears to be a person that says what she means and means what she says. She's an avid hunter, fisherwoman and apparently loves "mooseburgers". I'd only heard of them once before from a relative that lives in Alaska and never really thought much about it. I suspect, we'll all learn plenty about mooseburgers very shortly.

She used to work with oil companies and I'm sure one of her advantages to McCain is the oil aspect. She's also reduced taxes by 60% as a Mayor in the past and cut her pay as she promised when she won that position. This one little fact will drive the liberals nuts. Sarah Palin fought the so-called "bridge to nowhere" and lead in it being eliminated saying that she wanted Alaska to be self-sufficient.

I have considered McCain a liberal and still do, but from all initial appearances, he has chosen a very strong Conservative. A no nonsense Conservative.

She has actively fought corruption in government in Alaska and is noted for going after corrupt Republicans as well as Democrats. She's taken on the odds in Alaska and she's come out on top.

It will be interesting to see how she works as VP in Washington with all of the corrupt politicians running around that town.

If the things about Barack Hussein Obama that are currently popping up, with Rezko, his birth and/or citizenship, have any basis in fact, it will be interesting to see how she handles that and her comments regarding his shady dealings in the past.

Tough on corruption. A true tax cutter, not just an empty promise as Obama was last night, and a person with high integrity.

I'm looking forward to learning much more about her, but my initial review about her leads me to believe that she is a very strong choice, which would also show McCain's judgement, something sorely lacking in the Obama campaign.

I welcome your comments.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Federal Court Looking to Serve Obama with papers

A Federal Court in Philadelphia has ordered that Senator Barack Hussein Obama be served before a temporary restraining order to be placed.

Tony Rezko convicted on 16 counts and now thought to be talking to Feds. Suspicion is that he's talking about the Illinois Governor and Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

Didn't we go through similar things in the 90's? SCANDALS. Do we really want to have another President with scandals hanging over his head on a daily basis?

Look up the items above. Philadelphia papers.

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The Economy Rebounds while Obama Complains

Economic figures out today show that the economy grew at 3.3% during the second quarter. It's the largest growth since the third quarter of 2007 when it grew at 4.8%.

This is good news in many ways. The Democrats have been saying how bad it is for everyone. That people can't afford to buy what they need. Well, another piece of good news is that consumer confidence rose and spending grew.

Some of this growth is due to the stimulus package that was passed earlier this year. The checks were mailed beginning in April and this helped the economy. Another reason that the economy grew, according to analysts, is the weakening economies in Europe.

I'm not going to predict any numbers for economic growth for the balance of the year, but it wouldn't surprise me if the growth rate stays at nor near where it was for the second quarter. It may go up, and it may come down, but I believe we can expect growth based on the words of various economists.

While Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden are out talking about people huddling around the kitchen table panicking about where their next meal is going to come from, with this news, we now know that what people are waiting on at the kitchen table is for the micro wave to beep so that they can eat their dinner.

It's nowhere near as bad as Obama and his cronies have been saying. It's not a robust economy, but we're not in dire straits as they'd have us believe.

This tactic is very similar to what Bill Clinton did in 1992 when running for the Presidency. He claimed it was the worst economy in 50 years. He said it over and over. Their slogan hung on their wall was "It's the economy stupid". Well, they were wrong then. They hoodwinked 43% of the people. After that election, just about the time of the inaugural, the fourth quarter figures came out and the economy had grown at 4.6% during the 4th quarter of 1992. It turned out to be the first of many lies of the Clinton administration.

Now we're hearing it again, from Senator Obama. However, as these numbers come out, we're learning that Obama/Biden don't know the economy and apparently don't realize that people are actually using their kitchen tables at night, after the children are in bed, to cards.

The more they ask if we really want four more years of Bush, the more my answer is "McCain isn't Bush, but if he was, the answer would be a resounding YES." The Bush economy has been the best in 25 years despite the worst terrorist attack in history where the economy nearly fell apart for four months following September 11, 2001. The resilience of Americans and the economy has been on display for nearly eight years and even in a slowdown period, it still continues to be resilient.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do These People Really Represent America?

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi emerged from an old train station to protestors shouting “Drill here, Drill now.” Pelosi then asked the group, “Right here?”

Then she followed with another question. “Can we drill your brains?” She referred to the protestors who were chanting as “handmaidens of Big Oil” saying that offshore drilling would only reduce gas prices by only a couple of pennies a decade from now, then referred to the demonstrators as the “2 cents in 10 years crowd.”
House majority leader, Steny Hoyer also said that “sophomoric chanting” won’t solve the energy crisis and that “all THINKING Americans know that America doesn’t have a quarter of the worlds fossil fuels yet uses a quarter of the worlds energy.

Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. She has a duty to not only her constituents California but by virtue of her position in the House, she has a duty to show respect for and listen to all sides of an argument as well as to respect differing opinions. She doesn’t show that respect, however. Instead, what she is showing is that she is very biased against those of differing opinions. The same, although in abit lesser way, goes for Rep. Steny Hoyer. He is after all the Majority Leader in the House.

More than 70% of the people in this country believe that we should be drilling for oil here rather than depending on foreign oil. When Pelosi and Hoyer were put into their current positions in 2006, the reason that they gave for the Democrats winning back the House and Senate was due to the American people saying that they wanted something different.

The American people are speaking again, Madame Speaker. You complain about jobs being sent overseas, yet you don’t seem to mind that we go overseas to buy our oil. Isn’t this a double standard?

What these actions by the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the House tell me is that they are more interested in party than they are about the American people. They are there to represent us, not to offer to drill the brains of a segment of society.

I hope that these liberals keep this tactic up. With these tactics, they could give the House and Senate back to the Republicans this fall despite the Republicans not even trying to win back these seats.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Rep. Tim Walberg Press Release 08-25-08


(202) 225-6276

Walberg Kicks Off Harley Tour Across South-Central Michigan Congressman To Spend Week Making 27 Scheduled Stops via Motorcycle in all 7 Counties of 7th District

WASHINGTON D.C. — Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) today kicked off a “Harley Tour” across Michigan’s Seventh Congressional District. The Congressman is riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle across south-central Michigan this week to highlight how high gas prices are affecting local communities. He will also make stops to meet with local residents and community leaders. With gas prices so high, the Congressman wanted to travel across the district in a fuel efficient manner. During the tour, the Congressman will make 27 scheduled stops, tour 11 communities, meet with dozens of local officials and community leaders, tour 8 businesses, meet with 5 local clubs/organizations/governments and pump gas at 3 different gas stations. Throughout the tour, the Congressman will highlight his efforts to pass a comprehensive, “all of the above” energy plan that includes more oil drilling, more alternatives and more conservation.

“I am really looking forward to this week,” Walberg said. “I love riding my Harley and greatly enjoy meeting with my constituents. We need to do something to bring down gas prices, and I look forward to sharing my ideas and hearing from the people of south-central Michigan.”Walberg will make stops in Manchester, Chelsea, Dexter, Saline, Tecumseh, Adrian and Blissfield today.###----

Matt LahrPress SecretaryOffice of Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07)202-225-6276Join Congressman Walberg's weekly email newsletter network to stay informed on his work in Congress and on behalf of south-central Michigan at

Liberals Using Abortion Again

The liberals are again using abortion as one of the ways that they claim a Republican administration is dangerous for America. The news media has been asking if people think McCain (Pro-Life) is going to be hurt by choosing for a VP candidate someone that is Anti-Life, such as Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge.

Roe v Wade was settled in the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. Every four years, it becomes one of the topics in the Presidential race. Since 1973, we’ve had 3 years of Republican (Nixon then Ford), 4 years of Democrat (Jimmy Carter), 12 years of Republican (Reagan then Bush 41), 8 years of Democrat (Bill Clinton), and 8 years of Republican (Bush 43). That’s 23 years of Republicans and 12 years of Democrats.

In all of those 23 years of Republicans in the White House, nothing has changed regarding Roe v Wade.

What this tells me is that the Democrats complaining about what will happen under Republican rule is an emotional scare that never comes true. The Republicans have been in the White House nearly two times longer than the Democrats and nothing has changed. Yet the liberal media and the liberals themselves keep trying to use this as a scare tactic.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is Obama eligible to be President?

There is a story going around that Barack Hussein Obama may not be eligible to run for President due to either his birth, or his adoption by his stepfather. An attorney has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Philadelphia to stop Obama’s candidacy. This attorney claims to be a Hillary Clinton supporter. He claims he’s doing this because if he doesn’t, the Republicans will do this after Obama is nominated next week.

The attorney is claiming that Obama was born in Kenya. His parents had gone their prior to his birth, but wasn’t allowed to travel back because she was so close to giving birth. He also claims that there is a birth certificate in Kenya and that the one in Hawaii was falsified. The most interesting part of his reasoning for filing the lawsuit as he states it is because he knows the Republicans will do it. How does he know this? Are we now capable of predicting what others will do and then laying the blame at the feet of the other person based on what the first person ‘thinks’ the other will do?

He’s also claiming that even if Obama was born in Hawaii, because he was adopted by his step-father in India, that Obama is ineligible to run for President. So what we have is a Hillary Clinton supporter filing a lawsuit to stop Obama’s nomination one week following an interview of Bill Clinton where he said that Obama will be the nominee provided he’s constitutionally eligible. Does something sound fishy to you? Maybe a collusion between the supporter of Hillary and maybe the Hillary camp? I’m not sure if they are conspiracy theorists for doing this, or if I’m a conspiracy theorist for thinking that this may be a coordinated effort between the attorney and the Clinton camp.

I find it interesting to take it a step further, however. Let’s assume that the court finds that Obama is not eligible to run for President. Can we predict the next argument to come up in the Democrat Party? I’ll try. Will Joe Biden claim that he’s rightful heir to the nomination because he was named as the VP candidate? Will Hillary Clinton step and say she should be the nominee because she received votes at the convention (assuming that she does).

We already know that the DNC rules don’t matter after their debacle in Michigan and Florida. First they stripped the delegates. Then they cut the delegates in half and distributed them between Obama and Clinton regardless of the vote total. Now they are trying to get 100% of the delegates to be able to vote because the decision is made on how they’ll be doled out. All of this messing around with votes reminds me of Al Gore choosing only certain counties to count the votes in during the 2000 election. Perhaps the Democrats could make the bald guy with the large eyes and the glasses on his head holding the ballot up to the light to decide if it was a pregnant chad, hanging chad, or dimpled chad, for their poster boy.

Whatever the truth, and whatever the outcome of the lawsuit it’s pretty obvious that the Democrats consider these elections as being about the Democrats and not about the American people. I’m believing more and more that the next President will be the liberal John McCain and not the ultra liberal Barack Hussein Obama/Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton or whomever else they dust off to throw into place. I guess it could be weirder only if somehow John Edwards was to run and win. We’d be back to the Clinton years in a heartbeat with a first lady, first mistress and possibly more children.

I welcome your comments.


Obama Turns Veepstakes into a Circus

With much fanfare, Barack Hussein Obama announced that he had chosen someone to be his Vice Presidential candidate. However, he wouldn’t say who it was. First, he wanted to let those on the short list that weren’t chosen that they weren’t chosen.
That move was a good move. It showed respect for those that knew they were in the running.

Then the press was in a frenzy. The afternoon anchor on CNN said to Wolf Blitzer when she interviewed him that she hoped that the information would come during her show. On the Situation Room, which lasts for three hours they kept teasing that they were expecting Obama at any minute. Then they interviewed their favorite people, including themselves, asking them if they knew anything, or heard anything.

Then the news came out during the day on Friday that Hillary Clinton wasn’t even vetted. This surprised the news media who have been speculating of the “dream ticket” for months.

The nightly news on the network stations were hoping the news would come out before their broadcast, then during their broadcast. On CNN, each program following the Situation Room were hoping it would come out on their hour. Finally, near the end of Anderson Cooper it was announced that the news wouldn’t go out until tomorrow morning.

All of this hype was silly. The games they played will make the actual announcement a disappointment. This is another example of Obama’s inexperience and lack of judgment. He didn’t judge the height of the news, nor the news cycles. He played a game and is stretching it out to the point that the news now will be anti-climatic.

The choice will probably be Joe Biden. If it was someone exciting or completely unexpected, it might be a good news story, but there just aren’t that many people in the Democrat Party that justifies Obama’s coy games. The liberal media will try to build it up for him, but they missed the big news day. Now it’s going to happen on the weekend when few are watching.

I wonder who will be fired for this farce. Maybe Obama will come out and say ‘I had to fire the PR guy for doing this. He’s just not the guy that I’ve always known, so I had to let him go.’

I welcome your comments.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Representative Tim Walberg-Up and Coming Leader?

I believe that one of the most important and exciting House of Representatives races is going to be between Representative Tim Walberg and State Senator Mark Schauer.

Tim Walberg ran against Representative Joe Schwarz in 2006 for the Republican seat. Joe Schwarz ran as a conservative but legislated as a liberal. Many in his district were upset by his voting and positions that he took which were in contrast to why they voted for him. In the primary of 2006, Tim Walberg ran as a Conservative against Schwarz who again claimed to be a Conservative.

During the 2006 primary season, there were two incumbent Representatives that lost their seats. One was Cynthia McKinney in Georgia (she of the slap a capitol cop fame) and Joe Schwarz. Tim Walberg was successful in ousting Shwarz! Schwarz has since left the Republican party.

During the past two years, Tim Walberg has stood up for Conservative positions and seems to have not backed down from his promises nor his Conservative beliefs. He has been strong in attempting to have drilling started in this country to lower our dependence on foreign oil.

He is running to retain his seat in his district in Michigan. His opponent is State Senator Mark Schauer. Schauer was a leader in getting the taxes increased in Michigan. Michigan is in a one state recession and it's getting worse since the taxes have been increased.

Tim Walberg has proven himself to me to be principled. He has worked for the people and I have seen no evidence of him working for his own self interests. Schauer is extremely liberal. If he was elected, he would be in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the liberals.

I believe that Walberg could very well be in a leadership position for the Republican Party and if he continues as he has the past two years, he would still be working for the betterment of the country as well as his district. I don't like the "it's his turn" order that the two parties seem to follow in their little clique. Tim Walberg is one that has not been sitting around doing nothing. He's been working. He could be one of those that brings the Conservatives back.

Having said all of this, I have decided to include Walberg's blog on the side panel of this blog site. I hope to keep his blogs running on the side.

The district he represents is a Conservative district. I hope that he retains his seat following this election and believe he will. When his new term starts in January, I hope to be one that holds his feet to the fire for the next two years.

I welcome your comments


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Veepstakes (Yawn) Has Begun

The Veepstakes has begun. The media is going nuts trying to figure out who the VP choice is going to be for Barack Hussein Obama. Will it be Tim Kaine or Joe Biden or Evan Bayh? Then there’s the hardliners like Wolf Blitzer that is still hoping for the so-called “dreamticket” of Hillary Clinton as VP.

The choice has been made. Obama will wait until he can get the most news out of it. The liberal media on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS (do they still have a news department?), PBS, MSNBC will continue to speculate right up until the announcement. This keeps Obama in the news so he’ll hold off until there is some bad news and he wants to drown it out with news of his VP or to get the most news over the weekend leading up to the convention next week so he gets more than a full week of him being the top news story.

In an attempt to be fair with their coverage, they speculate on McCain’s choice as well. Their speculation is also geared to the left. Will McCain pick Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman and how good that would be to try to make inroads into the left base. When McCain does pick a conservative such as Romney, or Jindahl, they will then say that McCain is pandering to the Conservatives to try to shore up that base that he so desperately needs because the Conservatives hate McCain.

They’ve already started this in one way by making Rush Limbaugh the news when he said that if McCain picks an anti life VP or a Democrat (Lieberman) that the Republican Party will be split or even destroyed. You can almost read hope in their eyes as they report it this way.

In the meantime, Obama is out there whining and demanding that McCain recognize him publicly as a Patriotic American. Remember when Nixon said “I am not a crook”? Everyone knew right then that he was a crook. Remember when Clinton pointed his finger at us and said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”? Everyone knew then that he did fool around with that young girl.

Now Obama is speaking before veterans forcefully telling them that he is a proud American and demanding that McCain recognize him as a Patriot. This can only make one wonder what he’s trying to hide, ala Nixon and Clinton.

As it stands now, I believe that McCain is going to win this election. Regardless of who he chooses for VP, regardless of who Obama chooses as VP, McCain is looking solid. When Russia moved troops into Georgia (no liberals, Valdosta and Atlanta are not burning), it was McCain that said the right things. Obama hemmed and hawed.

In the “conversation” at Saddleback over the weekend, it was McCain that came off as firm and Presidential while Obama came off as wishy washy. Obama was losing ground to Hillary in the Primaries the last six weeks but he’d built up a large enough lead without Michigan and Florida that Hillary fell just short by the end of the season. Obama has continued that slide that he started in late April, early May, right into this campaign season.

The Veepstakes will be the topic this weekend until Obama announces, and then the convention will give him a bit of a bounce, but immediately following the Democrat convention comes the Republican convention that will wipe out Obama’s bounce and give McCain a bounce making September and October very nasty between the two candidates.

What led me to this point of view? The final straw was saddleback. On the abortion question Obama said “blah, blah, blah, above my pay grade, blah, blah, blah.” McCain’s answer to the abortion question was “At conception.”

In answer to the question on evil Obama said “Yes, there is evil in the world including on the streets in America, blah, blah, blah.” McCain’s answer was “Yes there is evil and the solution is to end it.”

The Veepstakes goes on, but the trend seems to be clear. Either way, the stories are always given a caveat of "the VP becomes what the President wants". McCain is the adult and will win. Obama is an empty suit struggling with getting the peach fuzz off of his chin.

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Universities Want Drinking Age Lowered

College Presidents from nearly 100 universities including Ohio State, Duke and Dartmouth are asking lawmakers to lower the drinking age from the current 21 to 18. Their argument is that lowering the drinking age will lower the problem of binge drinking, not to mention underage drinking.

That last part is true for colleges. They won’t have as much underage drinking. After all, most college students are 18 or older. This will eliminate one of their problems. They won’t have the bad stories at their universities any longer of illegal drinking. It can’t be illegal binge drinking if drinking at age 18 is legal.

We could solve a lot of our crime problems by using this approach. For instance, if we raised the speed limit to 200 mph we’d no longer have speeders on our highways. We don’t have cars that go that fast, so nobody could break the speed limit.

We could tell people that they are no longer permitted to lock their doors and windows in their homes. This will eliminate the need for a breaking and entering law.

We could eliminate truancy laws. There are too many children skipping school. If we no longer have truancy laws, kids won’t be skipping school any longer.

We gave amnesty to the illegal aliens in the 80’s. That stopped people from coming across our borders illegally didn’t it?

We can stop spousal abuse if we just eliminate the laws on assault and battery.

I wonder why we didn’t think of these things before. When a crime is committed, eliminate the law and there is no more crime. Our prisons won’t be overflowing any longer. Our costs for housing prisoners and for even having prisons take up space on our lands would be eliminated.

With all of this in mind are we really going to continue to call our colleges and universities institutions of higher learning when they come up with reasoning like this?

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Should we Apologize to Black Americans?

There has been a position put out in recent years to apologize to Americans that are black. The apology is supposedly for the years that they spent in slavery. The time for this apology has long since passed. There are no former slaves left alive. President Lincoln emancipated the slaves during the civil war. That was over 140 years ago.

If symbolism is what they want to do, then we ought to be honoring the slaves all the way back to the founding of this country. The slaves from the onset of our country unwillingly gave up their right to the freedoms that our forefathers were fighting. It was decided during the debating of whether or not our forefathers would sign the newly created Declaration of Independence. Items were stripped, wording was changed in the Declaration before it was passed and signed.

The largest debate was regarding slavery. The Southern colonies would not sign the Declaration of Independence if the slaves were freed. It was already decided that for the Declaration of Independence to mean anything, that there was to be no colonies voting against the Declaration. It had to be unanimous. Compromise had to be made regarding the slaves. The one item that would hold it up was slavery. To create this new country, despite many arguments against slavery, slavery had to be kept alive to have the southern colonies agree to it.

During the war, slaves fought for and against the British. The ones that fought for the British were voting for life to continue as is. Those that fought against the British for the Patriots of the new country were in some way voting for the hope of freedom one day.

None of those slaves, nor the ones following the revolution, nor the ones that were alive during the Civil War are alive any longer. An apology really has no meaning because they aren’t here to accept or decline the apology.

However, those slaves may be honored. A way of saying thank you for their sacrifice in forming this country. Without their contribution of slavery (despite their not having a say in that sacrifice) this country would not have been formed.

There were many black Americans that made contributions to this country. In battle as well as in other ways, but they all made a sacrifice for the freedoms we now enjoy as Americans. For that, we should be honoring them. The role they played made them founding fathers as well as John Hancock, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the rest.

We should be proud that we corrected the slavery problem by President Lincoln and Americans of the 1860’s freeing the slaves. Men, women and children all sacrificed for this country by their enslavement. Americans corrected the mistake of slavery by setting them free and we should be proud of that. Honoring the slaves for the sacrifices they made to this country makes more sense than trying to apologize to people that have been dead for so many years. By honoring their sacrifice, we are giving them a huge THANK YOU for their sacrifice that went for another near 90 years following the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Their contribution was as great in deed and greater in labor and we should thank them by honoring their memory.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Democrats refuse to debate and turn the lights off on Republicans

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, adjourned the US House of Representatives. The Republicans opposed the adjournment. So after the adjournment, the Republicans kept talking about the how the Democrats are hurting the economy by not allowing debate on offshore oil drilling. Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow debate on offshore oil drilling.

The Democrats then shut off the lights and turned off the microphones. C-Span stopped broadcasting, but the Republicans refused to leave and continued to speak in the dark without microphones.

There were approximately 6 Republicans and aides still on the floor and the Republicans were still speaking. Other Republicans have started to come back to participate.

Representative Thadeus McCotter of Michigan said “This is the people house, not Pelosi’s politburo.”

Democrat aides were very upset with the Republicans and another aide asked the press if they were covering this. An Aide called the Republicans morons.

Apparently, the Democrats don’t want this covered because Capital Police were called to empty the press gallery, but stopped when Rep. Roy Blunt started answering questions from reporters in the gallery.

The lights came on when a Representative was playing with the keypad randomly and actually hit the password to get the lights and microphones back on. The Democrats turned the lights out again this time to cheers from the Republicans and they continue to speak.

The Republican leadership is now looking for a bullhorn to speak with in the House.

This could very well be a gift from the Democrats and make the Republicans competitive again this fall, if it continues and if the liberal media actually covers the event.

The reason for the adjournment? Democrats wanted to start their 5 week vacation. I wonder if they will complain about Bush’s vacation this year.

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Obama could be the Sixth Black President

In light of the recent dustup where Senator John McCain said that Senator Barack Hussein Obama is using the race card, I decided to look and see if there were any other Presidential candidates that were of African descent that came close to being President. As this is something I had never considered in the past, the information surprised me.

Under our current Constitution we’ve had 43 Presidents. Of those, there are five that seem to have been black. If we go back further, we’ve actually had seven other Presidents and the first, John Hanson, is said to be a black man. For the purpose of this writing, I’m going to stick to the Presidents we’ve had under our current Constitution.

Several studies have been done. Dr. Leroy Vaughn, Joel A. Rogers and Dr. Auset Bakhufu all have written on this subject. Following are the five taken from the three historians listed.

President Thomas Jefferson: 3rd President of the United States. In 1867, Thomas Hazard wrote a book called “The Johnny Cake Papers”. In it, he quotes someone that was present during the 1796 campaign who said that a speaker said that Thomas Jefferson was “a mean-spirited son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father.” Samuel Sloan in his book “The Slave of Thomas Jefferson”, said that when Jane Randolph Jefferson died in 1776, Jefferson destroyed all papers, portraits, and personal effects of his mother. He states that Jefferson even went so far as to write to everyone that his mother had written to and requested that all letters written by his mother be returned to him. This is odd when you consider that Jefferson saved over 18,000 of his own letters and other papers for future references.

President Andrew Jackson: 7th President of the United States. According to the Virginia Magazine of History volume 29, said Jackson was the son of a white woman who married a negro following the death of her husband, which was long before Andrew Jackson was born. There is also information gathered by Joel Rogers that said Andrew had an older brother who was sold into slavery. Rogers says that when Jackson’s father died, his mother went to live on Crawford Farm which had negro slaves and one of them fathered the future President. In the book “Ordeal of the Presidency” by David Coyle, there is another account of Jackson’s brother being sold into slavery.

President Abraham Lincoln: 16th President of the United States. William Herndon was Lincoln’s law partner. In his book, “The Hidden Lincoln” he says that Lincoln’s father Thomas Lincoln, couldn’t be his father because as a child, he had mumps rendering him sterile and he was castrated. Herndon claimed earlier that Lincoln’s mother was of Ethiopian descent and that Lincoln had dark skin and coarse hair. Lincoln’s opponents in the Presidential race nicknamed him Abraham Africanus the First. J.A. Rogers quotes Nancy Hanks, the Presidents mother saying her son Abraham was the illegitimate son of an African man.

President Warren G. Harding: 29th President of the United States. President Harding is probably the best case for having a black heritage. Harding never denied it. He was called on by Republican leaders to deny the “Negro” history. However, President Harding said “How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence?” A white Professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio by the name of William Chancellor wrote on the Harding family history and discovered black ancestors on both of the Presidents parents sides of the family. It’s said that Justice Department agents bought and destroyed all copies of the book. Chancellor also said that the Presidents academic credentials included education at Iberia College. Iberia College was founded to educate fugitive slaves.

President Calvin Coolidge: 30th President of the United States. Coolidge admitted his mother was dark because of mixed Indian heritage. Dr. Bakhufu said that the New England Indian had mixed so often with blacks by 1800 that they weren’t pure Indians. The Presidents mothers maiden name was “Moor”. As “Negro” was used in America to identify black people, “Moor” was the term used in Europe for their identification.

While some of the information seems pretty thin evidence of our former President’s heritage, other seems pretty well informed and descriptive. First hand descriptions and research on family history seems more credible to me than why someone destroyed papers.

So while the liberal media (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS) all drool over Barack Hussein Obama being the first black President in history and doing all they can to get him elected, I’m convinced that there have been at least five other Presidents in our history that have been black.

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