Friday, February 1, 2013

More Without Health Care

The new Health Care plan through the government is called by most "Obamacare". The name of the bill is the "Affordable Care Act".

We have learned about the over 20 new taxes included that have, or are about to take effect. There are more that will kick in next year in 2014.

There are other charges that aren't called "taxes". For instance, if you're a tobacco user, you're going to pay much higher rates for "free" health care. If you're 60, you could be charged over $5,000 per year which would increase your health care premiums so high that you'll be considered in poverty.

20% of the people in this country smoke or use tobacco in some form or another. That's nearly 70 million people. But, at the beginning of the debate (or lack of debate) on Obamacare, it was said that there were 50 million people without health care and they said the vast majority were the lower income folks. The bulk of the smokers are lower income.

If you're lower income, and you have to pay $5,000 per year more because you use tobacco, and now can't afford the penalty let alone the health care (that is supposed to be free), how will you get that "free" health care?

This is in addition to the exorbitant taxes that tobacco users pay at the counter when buying their tobacco.

Whether you're a smoker or an ex smoker or a non smoker that hates tobacco use, the logic of this escapes. President Obama, who claims to be the champion of the poor, and increasing the middle class from the ranks of the poor, continues to beat down those that are struggling.

Those penalties for not having health care are looking pretty cheap now.

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