Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Some Notes


What kind of an idiot does it take to buzz the city of New York with a jet and two fighter planes? People in New York tend to notice these things. I believe it has something to do with some planes aiming for, and hitting the World Trade Center in 2001. There have been some recent examples. Remember the New York Yankees ball player that was flying his plane in New York and ended up crashing into an apartment building? First thought was terrorism. Then there was the plane that landed in the Hudson River earlier this year. It turned into a great story with nobody being killed, but the terrorism thought was there by some watching as it happened.

This backup of Air Force One and the two F-16's escorting (shooting pictures) was another terrorist attack, even if unintended. People were running the streets and exiting office buildings.

This was a stupid move and lays at the feet of the President. It's his employees that did this for a photo op for him. The ultimate responsibility lays with Obama.

Obama the Tax Collector

President Obama has done his part to help the recovery of the economy. By nominating Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services Secretary, he's collected another $7,.000 from someone that hadn't paid their taxes. So far, Obama has collected nearly $160,000 in back taxes just from his nominees. His nominees for HHS have accounted for approximately $147,000. If you will remember, his first nominee owed approximately $140,000 in back taxes. The Treasury Department comes in second with over $30,000 collected just from Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Maybe the way to save the economy is to create more cabinet posts and have Obama name his choices for those posts. It is interesting that these are all Democrats that owe the back taxes. The Democrats are the tax and spend party, yet they don't seem to pay their taxes.

Finally!! An Obama Success!!

After the many missteps of Obama's choices for various positions, including Bill Richardson who decided not to take the post of Commerce Secretary due to a scanal in New Mexico that he seems to be tied to, and Senator Judd Gregg deciding not to take the same position when the White House moved the Census to the White House and away from the Commerce Dept., Ellen Moran has decided to leave her post in the West Wing of the White House as Communications Director and become the Chief of Staff for none other than the Commerce Secretary, Gary Locke.

When asked why she would leave the west wing for a lesser position, she said "that's all I got for you" and she walked away. One can only wonder if there will be more about this at some point in the future.

Flu Panic/Confusion/Borders

Every year in this country, approximately 36,000 people die from the flu. Yes, just the normal flu that we hear about every year. Now an outbreak of "Swine flu" has developed in Mexico. Over 100 people have died from this (according the reports that come out every two and a half minutes on the news) in Mexico. It's spread. People that traveled to Mexico in the past month seem to have contracted it and brought it back. There are masked people wandering the streets of Mexico and now in some areas here. 11 states now report that they have cases of the "Swine flu".

However, scientists at the University of Wisconsin have discovered that this strain of flu is not as dangerous as originally thought. In fact, they are saying that it may not be as dangerous as the flu that 36,000 people die from every year.

In the meantime, questions have been raised about closing the border to Mexico to protect us from the flu. Wait a minute!! We have an estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in this country and the Democrats claim that they need amnesty and that monitoring the borders won't stop them. But we can shut down the borders for the flu? Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security, says the borders don't need to be closed for the flu, but that's not my point. My point is that she thinks she can. If we can close the borders for the flu why can't we close the borders from the illegal aliens? Maybe the answer is to take away their Nyquil and they will stop crossing the border.


No, I'm not talking about another press conference by Obama and I'm not talking about Vice President Joe Biden, although with Biden, anything is possible. The President decided to release memo's describing the "torture". After seeing some of the things that pass for torture, I now understand the fear my niece had as a child when she used to scream at a moth that flew too close to her at night. One of our torture methods was apparently to put a lady bug in the room with a detainee. Another method seems to have been to push the detainee into a wall.

Then there's the big one. Waterboarding. This is a method where a doctor is in the room to be sure that the detainee has immediate medical care should the detainee swallow wrong. You know, have the drink go down the wrong pipe. We were limited to only a few times an hour. It makes me wonder, if we could bring back Daniel Pearl and asked him if he'd prefer to have waterboarding under those conditions or would he prefer to have his head cut off as happened.

In the meantime, Al Queda is now having a science class for terrorists teaching them that lady bugs, while a nuisance, don't hurt you. Caterpillars are fuzzy little creatures that inch their way from one place to another, but that the biggest danger to you could be that you'd die of old age before the caterpillar went from one side of the room to the other.

Someone should tell the President that terrorists will learn this science and figure out that butterflies don't pose a threat. After all, the terrorists have proven they are capable of learning. They learned how to fly our planes.


President Obama is telling people not to panic, but to be concerned about the flu. Wash your hands thoroughly, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze and if you're feeling sick, don't go to work or school and don't send your kids to day care if you keep them home from school. Didn't we all learn this growing up? Oh well, that's another topic for another day.

Vice President Joe Biden, appearing on the Today show said that he's told his family to stay off of enclosed transportation. Stay away from subways, trains, planes to protect themselves from the flu. This is in direct contrast to Obama's words. Even Matt Lauer and Meredith Veira commented after Biden's interview that he must be mistaken because it wasn't what the President was saying.

Obama's First 100 Days

I am so glad that we're finally into the 101st day. I am sick to death of the countdown that CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the other liberal media were going through to reach that hundredth day. It got to the point where I was looking to see if the media was going to count wrong one day and have a big discussion. I'm really surprised they didn't have their little clock in the corner that said 99 days 23 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds to Obama's hundredth day, beginning from the moment he was inaugurated.

This President has been covered more than any previous President. The media just swoons at every sighting of him. He's taped coming out of the White House, going in, stepping onto Air Force One, stepping off of it. They went nuts waiting for the choice of a dog, then for the dog to reach the age where it could be delivered, then the delivery of the dog. It's really a wonder they don't give a play by play description of him attending to his private personal matters.

The important part of the first 100 days seems to have been glossed over. Obama has spent more money than all of the previous Presidents combined. From George Washington to George W. Bush not as much money has been spent as Obama and the Democrat Congress have spent.

After complaining about "record deficits" under President Bush, the Obama administration has increased the deficit four times that amount in less than 100 days. Remember the jokes of President Bush holding hands with a prince from the middle east? Obama bows to a middle eastern King. Remember Bush trying to exit through a locked door in Japan? Obama walked into a window at the White House.

Remember Bush mangling the English language when he speaks? Obama has the Teleprompter of the United States (TOTUS). There's even a blog site for TOTUS.

Arlen Specter

Senator Arlen Specter changed to the Democrat Party from the Republican Party. So what? He hasn't been a Republican other than collecting the money from the Republicans, in years.

Specter discovered that he couldn't win a Republican Primary next year. He has a better chance to win as a Democrat, according to him.

Remember when Phil Graham changed from being a Democrat to a Republican? He gave up his seat because he ran as a Democrat and was changing to the Republican Party. He promptly ran for the seat as a Republican and won.

Government Takeover of Auto Companies

Chrysler is filing bankruptcy. All of those billions of dollars did no good. Look for a new model that has a windmill on the trunk to make it go. It will only come in green.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First 100 Days Ends with Obama Terrorist Attack

The Liberal media is making hay of the coming of the 100th day of Obama. If you were to tune in Wolf Blitzers "Situation Room" during the past week, every segment starts with him reviewing the headlines for that segment and adding in that Obama's grades are coming up for his first 100 days and ended each segment telling everyone that Wednesday marks his 100th day.

So how has Obama marked his first 100 days? By terrorizing the American people. On Monday, the defense department held a photo op, using a backup for Air Force One and an F-16 fighter jet. They wanted pictures of it flying over the Statue of Liberty.

People in nearby office buildings saw the 747 flying low over the Hudson River and banking. This brought back memories of September 11, 2001. Businesses sent people out of the buildings and panic set in as the people were running through the streets. Would the plane go into a building? Would the F-16 shoot it down and where would it hit?

What people didn't know was that there was a photographer in the F-16 not shooting guns, but shooting pictures. The New York Police Department was notified in advance but told not to release the information to the public. The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg was furious that he was not informed.

We've been told that it's not a question of if there will be another terrorist attack, but when. Well, we've now found out. The when was Monday, when the back up to Air Force One was used to terrorize the people in New York.

This is just the climax to Obama's first 100 days. He's quadrupled the deficit. The Treasury borrowed another $361 Billion and expect to borrow another over $500 billion in July. The Obama administration gave bailout money to banks and others, but changed the rules of that bailout after the bailout was given. Now, when these companies want to pay back the bailout money, the Obamas won't accept it.

Of course, there was the debacle of the so-called stimulus package that was passed in which nobody read the bill prior to the vote on it. Yes, Representative Mark Schauer, I said "NOBODY" despite your claims of having read it. We all know that even you didn't read it. Most of the so-called stimulus package doesn't even take effect for two years, despite the stated need for it immediately by the Obamas.

Obama has also released memos of the so-called torture and is releasing pictures. But he's not released the memo's showing the results. This puts our service men and women in peril around the world. In the meantime, the Taliban has moved within 60 miles of the capitol of Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapons!

Then, there is the question of his nominations for various positions in his administration. One tax cheat made it to the Treasury Department, but hasn't filled his staff out yet, which seems to me would be a high priority given that they claim we're in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Others that have cheated on their taxes, were ousted, such as Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer (who ousted herself). Another is now Labor Secretary and yet another is about to be put into Health and Human Services.

Then there is the Secretary of Homeland Security who has changed the name of the War on Terror, and Ticked off the military with her report calling ex military as well as Conservatives terrorists. She won't call terrorists terrorists, but she'll call our former marines, sailors and soldiers, terrorists.

Now we end up with the swine flu. This is symbolically fitting. Obama ends his first 100 days terrorizing the American people and they are "sick" after his first 100 days.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama Administration Politicizing National Security

President Obama, supposedly after a four week battle with himself, decided to declassify memos from the Bush Administration regarding torture techniques. He is not, however, declassifying the memos showing the results of the enhanced techniques.

I mentioned in a previous writing about this and I think it's clear that he didn't take four weeks to ponder this. He is doing as Clinton did during his presidency. He's lying when it's not necessary to tell lies.

It is maddening that he is putting our soldiers at an even greater risk and our operatives at greater risk and the American people at greater risk. These terrorists don't care if you're a soldier, a grocery store clerk or a person retired from an auto company. They only care that you're an American and will torture and kill you just because you're an American. Why doesn't the press ever take the terrorists to task for their attempt at ethic cleansing of Americans?

In this country, you can be a racist, and still have freedom of speech. You're hated if you are a racist (except by other racists) but you still have the right to your opinion and expressing it. After all, we have a former KKK member in the United States Senate, Senator Robert Byrd. The press will vilify you if your name is David Duke, but they don't talk about the terrorists and their tactics and desires for Americans to die a death of excruciating pain and humiliation. Terrorist don't care if you're a racist, gay, straight, male, female, adult, child or even sympathetic to them. If you're an American, they want you dead.

The Obama administration doesn't take that into consideration. Their only consideration is making President Bush and Vice President Cheney and anyone that worked for them, guilty in the eyes of the world. In fact, the Obama administration seems to have the same fixation as the terrorists. Their recent memo about returning soldiers, Conservatives, militia groups, attendees of the tea parties, or even people with Ron Paul bumper stickers or pro-life bumpers stickers being people that should be watched carefully, is along the same lines as the terrorists. Terrorists hate Americans, and apparently Obamaites hate any American that disagrees with them.

This makes me think of the past. Bush/Cheney, protected this country. We had zero attacks following September 11, 2001 because they were able to extract information from captured terrorists. Those terrorists captured are in custody. However, about two weeks ago, pirates attacked an American ship. The captain of that ship was a hero. He offered to the pirates himself in exchange for the release of his crew. He spent five days in captivity. Finally, three of the pirates were shot dead and the captain was rescued. Then Obama took credit for this saying that he had given the order to go, not just once, but twice (although these events are now seeming to be untrue).

Bush's captives are still in custody. Obama says he killed three pirates. The terrorists in our custody nearly have all of the comforts of home. Well, a home in the U.S. But the pirates didn't fare as well. Obama says he ordered them shot and killed.

Now, I'm all for those pirates being shot dead, but it's the Obama administration, and the left wing extremists that are whining about our detainees and how they may have been treated, even with the knowledge and consent of those same liberals in Congress.

This politicization does nothing but put American Soldiers and American citizens at greater risk of terrorist attacks and torture. If Obama was wrestling with himself for four weeks over this, I'd have to say that he lost the battle with himself.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obama Makes USA Weaker and Weaker

The White House released memo's regarding so called torture committed by the The United States of America under President George Bush and in fact, with the Bush Administrations blessing. David Axelrod, one of President Obama's advisors, said that Obama thought long and hard for about four weeks before deciding to release this information.

Apparently, four weeks is not enough time for Obama to consider all of the options and ramifications of releasing this information. Today, Porter Goss, former director of the CIA, said that this was nothing more than a political move. The release of this information has just given Al Queda more training material for their wannabe terrorists. Did Obama not consider this possibility during his four weeks of giving this deep consideration?

It also has excited members of Congress on the Democrat side of the aisle, and has them thinking of bringing charges against former Bush Administration officials. We'll now go through months of hearings. After the release of these memo's, Obama said he'd prefer to let it go and not go after Bush people. Then, he changed his mind. Now he says he'll leave it to Attorney General Eric Holder to decide if charges should be brought. Did he not consider this possibility during his four weeks of deep deliberation?

Former Vice President Cheney has been asking for other memo's to be released showing the value of the activities and the lives that it saved, such as a planned attack on Los Angeles. He's been asking for these memo's to be released since March, prior to Obama releasing the other memo's. Cheney prepared for Obama to politicize this and apparently didn't have to take four weeks in deep thought about whether to ask for them to be released.

We now have a little better than 16 years of history with terrorism during two Presidents administrations. First, Clinton. He treated the terrorists as common criminals. Yes, a few were locked up and are still serving prison terms. But the attacks continued.

Liberals like to blame Bush for the attacks on September 11, 2001. Bush had been in office for less than 8 months at that time. We know that the attacks had been in the planning stages for five years. Ok, so for the sake of argument, let's say that the attacks in 2001 where the World Trade Center was brought down and one wall in the Pentagon was brought down, was Bush's fault. To do that, we'll also have to blame Clinton for the attacks in 1993 on the World Trade Center shortly after he took office.

Now, let's look at what happened after that. After the WTC bombing in 93, the terrorists were arrested, put on trial and sent to prison. But then there other attacks. Finally, the last attack during Clinton's two terms was the attack on the USS Cole in October 2000. By December, we knew who was responsible, but it was passed on to the new Bush Administration.

What did Bush do after the attacks in 2001 on the WTC and the pentagon? Less than a month after the attacks (September 11 to October 7) Bush ordered the bombing of Afghanistan and the war was on. We did not have even one more attack on American soil for the next eight years. They tried, but due to President Bush, they all failed. We now know that there were approximately 12 attacks on this country that were thwarted due to information we gleaned from prisoners.

There were 8 attacks during the Clinton years ( I don't include Flight 800 as a terrorist attack although it's my own belief that it was a terrorist attack). Seven of those attacks came after the first WTC bombing. There was ONE attack during the Bush years. None following what happened on September 11. So comparing the last two presidents, covering 16 years, it's well established that President Bush protected this country.

Now we're into a third administration. This administration has released our techniques, but not the results of those techniques. (can you say transparency?). Are we now open to attack again? I believe we are. Terrorists and bin Laden continued to try to attack us after September 11 and they always failed. Before this election, I was of the opinion that attempts would increase regardless of who was elected. It was one of the issues during the campaign. The Democrats would be weak on national security, the Republicans would be strong. However, since the election of Obama, he has now opened up our national security to the terrorists to study and learn new ways to plot an attack.

Obama has made us weaker in just three short months and we're in danger of attacks again, moreso than if he'd just kept his mouth shut these past three months about our efforts to combat terrorism.

Each day that passes, we become more and more defenseless against a terrorist attack whether you talk about these memo's, the borders and Janet Napolitano's weakness on illegal aliens or the administrations desire to just let them in, and make them citizens. In the meantime, this administration looks for ways to leave us even more defenseless through the apparent desire for the return of the Fairness Doctrine to regulate free speech or the confiscation of guns, that they are pursuing.

So far, we have sacrificed the free market economy for a march towards socialism, and we have weakened ourselves, our military and our citizens with Obama apologizing around the world for the USA, leaving our borders open, and the cut and run policy of this administration in Iraq.

While we do this, the Taliban is just an hours drive from the capitol of Pakistan. Our enemies aren't afraid of us any longer. The election of Obama has made us weaker and he proves it more and more as each day goes by. Soon, we'll be hearing how we should be stockpiling canned food and hoarding duct tape.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss USA Pageant Loser is a Winner

Miss North Carolina won the Miss USA pageant. However, Miss California grabbed the headlines with her comments on gay marriage. I do not watch these pageants and I don't know the processes which they go through to reach one level or the next. After reading about this, however, I discovered that politics rarely plays a part in these pageants.

On this night though, one of the judges asked her a political question. The judge was an openly gay gossip blogger. He told her that Vermont had recently become the fourth state to support gay marriage and he wanted to know if she supported gay marriage and why or why not.

An openly gay judge, asks a question about gay marriage. His question was about his lifestyle and what he's chosen for himself. That sounds like an agenda to me. When he said that Vermont had recently become the fourth state to support gay marriage, there was a smattering of cheers and whoops. If you watch it on youtube, you'll hear the cheers. Not overwhelming but quite noticeable.

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, then gave her answer. She said "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."

Following her answer, you could hear the same smattering of boos begin, but then there is clearly much more applause drowning out the boos.

The interesting thing is what was said afterwards. Keith Lewis, who runs the Miss California competition said that he was 'saddened" by Miss Prejeans's response. He said in a statement, "As co-director of the Miss California USA, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman," said Lewis in a statement. "I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit. I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone and religious beliefs have no politics in the Miss California family."

Mr. Lewis, you sir, are a stupid stupid man. You have no business running a competition. Miss Prejean did not mention religion. In fact, she was closer to talking about freedom in this country than she got to religion. Notice her words, sir. "We live in a land where you can choose same sex marriage or the opposite. " That sounds like freedom to me. Sure, her English wasn't the best, but I'm willing to forgive a little slip in the language when you have a 19 or 20 year old girl standing up on a stage in front of many people in the hall, but millions more watching on television. I wouldn't care if she was a 40 year old woman. Apparently, you aren't concerned about her sentence structure either because you didn't mention that in your comments.

She concludes by saying, "No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised." Again, is that religion or is it just the moral beliefs of her family without church? Even if it was due to religion, there is only one thing that I can ask. SO WHAT? But I don't have to ask that because there is nothing in her statement to indicate it's a religious belief, nor a religious statement.

Mr. Lewis, if you're going to whine about politics, you should be whining at the judge. Did you select him to be a judge? The judge is the one that injected politics by saying that Vermont had just recognized gay marraige.

The Co-director of the California competition also made a comment. Shanna Moakler said she supports Mr. Lewis' statement. So there are two directors of the California pageant that are stupid, stupid people.

The judge who asked the question also had a comment for Miss Prejean and her statement. He called her a blonde bitch. It's apparent that this judge is biased. I assume that his vote went against her because of her answer to his question. It's only a natural assumption when he's quoted calling her names because of her answer. He was wrong to ask a question where he has an agenda. He was wrong to ask that question if he didn't like one of the answers before knowing what the answer was going to be. He was wrong to be a judge on that panel. I have purposely not mentioned his name because I feel he is not worthy. If you want to know who he is, you can look him up on youtube.

It seems that the Directors of the California competition are not concerned about the girls beliefs that enter their contests, but they are more concerned that the girls give the politically correct answer. Mr. Lewis and Miss Moakler should resign their posts. They have no business being involved in a competition where they believe that individuality is not part of the competition. They seem to want something akin to a Stepford Wife in their competitions and nothing else.

Miss Prejean also had a quote following the competition. She said she had no "regrets" and is "happy" with her answer.

I always thought that these beauty pageants were nothing more than dumb women that had magnificent bodies and were being rewarded for being lucky enough to be born prettier than most. There have been several that we've heard about over the years who fit that bill. However, Miss Carrie Prejean, answered a question asked of her, without any malice, and she answered it honestly, and acknowledged those that disagree with her position without being mean, cutting or dismissive.

The class act in that event was Miss California. The people that cheered for the Vermont issue, then booed because someone dared to disagree with them, the judge that asked the question and the two co-directors showed the lack of class that they are burdened with. Here's a hint for those of you that don't like someone to voice an opinion when asked. Don't ask if you can't tolerate differing opinions.

Miss North Carolina may have won on the merits of the entire competition, but Miss California was sabatoged by a gay judge and a great injustice was done to her by the directors of the California competition and they should immediately resign. I will happily look for them at the fast food window when they complain because I want french fries with my cheeseburgers.
Carrie Prejean may not have won the competition, but she certainly won the FREEDOM contest.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Parties: Inception to What's Next

With the recent success of the tax day tea parties, questions have arisen. First, how did the tea parties get started? What happens next?

In a segment on CNBC in February, Rick Santelli was interviewed in Chicago. He started talking about the bailout. People that are paying their mortgages bailing out those that can't afford to pay their mortgages. He went on explaining the ridiculousness of the plan and others in his vicinity heard what he was saying and started cheering his words. He talked about how the founding fathers are spinning in their graves at this news, and then said he'd organize a tea party in Chicago of Capitalists and everyone can dump their derivitives into Lake Michigan.

This was characterized as a rant. If you watch it on youtube, it really doesn't appear to be a rant to me, but that's how it was characterized. However, from that "rant' a group of citizens did organize a tea party in Chicago. It spread immediately. Across the country tea parties were springing up. Some drawing as many as 5,000 people.

It was then suggested that a tea party be planned across the country on tax day. April 15. It caught on. Talk radio got ahold of the idea and started talking about it. It was reported minimally on newscasts of the major networks but Fox News reported on it very extensively. Their lineup at night, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Shepard Smith, Greta Van Susteran all did reports on it.

As the day approached, Fox News decided to have their people scatter across the country. They enlisted the help of others as well. Newt Gingrich was in New York. Glenn Beck in Texas, Hannity in Georgia, Mike Huckabee in SC along with Neal Boortz. Greta Van Susteran was in DC and Neil Cavuto in Sacremento.

Due to the coverage by Fox News, the mainstream, or liberal media, called it a Conservative protest, fueled by Fox News. No mention of the spontaneity created by Rick Santelli's comments in February.

It was a raging success across the country. Tea parties were held in large cities and small cities. There were thousands at the larger ones and hundreds at the smaller ones. Some, like San Antonio had two tea parties. One of them they had speakers lined up at the party, but the other, they didn't want any politicians speaking. Instead they said "you can listen to us for a change".

The White House claimed that Obama didn't know anything about the tea parties taking place. However, most started at noon and Obama came out and gave a little speech on taxes at noon. Coincidence?

Since these tea parties, there have been people talking about them on different news outlets. One that stands out is Keith Olbermans program. He interviewed Janiene (sp?) Garafolo, an actress. She claimed that those attending the tea parties were racists, and that black people that attended were suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She claimed that this was racist because Conservatives were mad that a black man had been elected President. The she proceeded to bark about Fox claiming that this was their doing. That they had sponsored it, set it up and were the reasons for the Tea Party.

Garafolo is an actress. She makes her living reading lines prepared for her by others. Her latest job is on the big television show "24". "24" is on Fox! You just have to love how she stands up for her convictions. Why has she not appeared on Fox if she truly believes what she says?

But now, the tea parties are done. People made their feelings known. Politicians should know, even if they won't admit it, that they are considered the lowest form of life on earth. So what happens next?

Yes, there is a long pause here. What will the people do next? Will we do anything? Will this die out and it will be politics as usual? Or will this be a building block to more events, more protests, more action from the common man?

If it dies out, Washington will return to their ways. There will be some people that will run for a local office. I may even be one of them. But that's not going to get it done. If this becomes a day where the American people show up in the millions to announce that they are upset with Washington, and then return to their homes to see what Washington does next, nothing will come of this other than a few people running for a local office.

However, if people get in touch with their Representatives and Senators, both in their states and in Washington and continue to send them an E-mail, letter, or phone call on the issues as the issues come up, the politicians will have to sit up and take notice.

This happened two years ago. President Bush tried to get through the amnesty bill. Congress wrote a law creating amnesty for illegal aliens. They were going to vote on it and it appeared it might pass. But then, something happened. The American people got involved. They called. They E-mailed. They wrote letters and they visited their Congress people and said in a very loud voice that they didn't want amnesty for illegal aliens. The bill failed.

When the people put the pressure on their politicians, the will of the people is followed. But these tea parties, while a great way to get your message out, will accomplish nothing without follow up. We will need these rallies and others similar to them over the next year and a half. If we don't have them, we'll find that Washington does what they always do. They will tell the news people what we think, even though they don't know what we think. They will go back to their old ways of trying to get re-elected and to heck with what's right for the country or what the people that they are sent to Washington to represent, want.

I am not a third party person. A third party will hurt the cause. I believe we need Republicans in office now, but not just any Republican. We need Conservative Republicans and even Conservative Democrats if there are any of those left. Republican incumbents, such as Senator Arlen Specter, need to be challenged by Conservative Republicans next year. Third parties will just split the Republicans and give us more of the same old liberal Democrat tax and spend failures that we're going through now.

When those Conservatives are elected, we don't need them covering up statues with dish towels. We don't need them telling people how to live a moral life. We need them to repeal the spending laws that were recently passed. We need them to keep trying to repeal them each time the President vetos the repeal. We need them to lower taxes. But more than anything else, we need to hold the Conservatives feet to the fire and tell them if you don't cut spending, you're going to be out of a job on your next election and we'll try to get a true Conservative in that is more concerned about his/her country than they are about making a name for themselves.

Some politicians have tried to take credit for the Tea Parties. Some talk show hosts have tried to take credit for the Tea Parties. Some politicians tried to use the Tea Parties as a place to make themselves known for their next election. Those are the people that need to be gone. If it's about who gets credit for an event, and not about the reasons for the event, those people are a hindrance to the cause. If they are promoting themselves, they are not considering country first, they are putting themselves first and they should be voted for last.

If you call a politician and tell them what you want done, and they tell you "we have to follow this procedure" they should be told that's a hindrance to the American people and it's time for the procedure to change to get things done. If they won't attempt to change the procedure to get things accomplished, they are wasting valuable butt space in the chair they've been elected to and we should be putting another butt in their seat.

I hope that these Tea Parties were just the beginning and not the end. If these keep up we can really show Washington and all of the State Capitol's what CHANGE really is by showing them the exit and ushering in a new Representative/Senator.

I apologize for going longer than I normally do...sort of.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Battle Creek, Michigan Tea Party

On Saturday morning, April 18, a Tea Party was held in Battle Creek. As I looked around, I thought there might be around 400 people. But a young man that was sitting near me was looking around at the crowd so I asked him how many he thought and he said 500. I received an E-mail from Renk, who said that there were 450 people that signed their petition. He also said that his Program Director at WBCK told him that he counted approximately 100 on the bridge.

The estimate is near 800 citizens that are unhappy about the enormoous spending and the coming tax increases.

Here are just a few pictures of the crowd that gathered with in many cases, their children and plenty of signs.

There were some speakers at the Tea Party. Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox. Former State Representative and hopefully, soon to be State Senator Mike Nofs. State Representative Jase Bolger. Former U.S. House Representative Tim Wahlberg. Mayor Mark Behnke. Michigan Fair Tax Representative, John Crawford, and Renk, talk show host of the Live with Renk Show.
The Battle Creek Area is one that not only had a Tea Party in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party in that they were protesting the outrageous spending by the current President and the current Congress, but it is also a Tea Party where in fact the people of Battle Creek truly are suffering from Taxation without Representation because there currently is no State Senator representing Battle Creek. Governor Granholm decided not to hold the special election to fill the position until November of this year.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tea Parties Show Who Leads the Republicans

Who is the leader of the Republican Party? The Democrats would have you believe it was Rush Limbaugh. The Republican National Committee elected Michael Steele to lead, but after several missteps, he's faded from the public eye. The Senate Minority Leader isn't the leader. Neither is the House minority Leader John Boehner. Today, we found out who the leaders are in the Republican Party.

The leaders are the American people! Today, a Wednesday, the middle of the week, a work day, hundreds of thousands of people around the country showed up for the Tea Parties that were going on around the country. Parents pulled their children from school to get a civics lesson first hand. Men and women stayed home from work for the day to attend. Many unemployed men and women attended. The people stood up and took control, if only for a few hours. If the size of the crowds and the energy shown are any indication, there are many incumbents in Washington DC and in State Capitols that should be preparing to return to the private sector, and in some cases to the unemployment lines which they created.

They came out....excuse me, WE came out, en masse to protest the outrageous spending by the Obama administration and the Democrat led Congress that will be forced on our children and grandchildren and our great grandchildren. We were also protesting the coming excessive taxation.

I attended the tea party in Lansing, Michigan. According to the Lansing State Journal, there were 5,000 in attendance. In Utah, despite freezing rain, sleet, then snow, they held their party. In Cincinnati, there were thousands. In Atlanta, Georgia, over 15,000. All across the country, numbers were counted in the thousands. Birmingham, Alabama, New York, Sacremento and on and on.

These tea parties were a grass roots effort to begin with. Many politicians showed up and spoke at various tea parties. Some were impressive, such as Governor Rick Perry in Texas, others were listened to, but the comment I heard a couple of times was that some of the politicians speaking, were just jumping on the bandwagon. These were put together by the people, not by the politicians.

These politicians were listened to respectfully but the people were there to send a message to state and federal officials that the American people are fed up with the inexcusable actions that elected officials have taken to double the debt and to quadruple the deficit.

Republicans are not excused from their culpability here. They had the majority and they didn't reign in spending, but rather they added to it. They were booted out in 2006. Democrats that replaced them have made a bad situation even worse.

Todays Tea Parties, of which there were approximately 2,000 around the country, gave the sense that the people, the ones who have lent power to the government are taking back that power and looking to put people in office that are more interested in the success of this country than their own power. These tea parties were started by Americans that you don't see in the headlines. There are many politicians that are hitching themselves to this grass roots movement, but the people put this together and are making their views known loudly and clearly. This is not a protest against Democrats, or Obama, although it could have been because they have really overspent the past few months, but it's also about irresponsible Republicans such as Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter.
The people spoke today and what they are saying is we're not depending on the Republican party to find a leader. We're going to lead and you can join in. But we're going to watch you and won't leave you in office if you don't do the will of the people that put you there.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enemy of the State

Democrats New Icon?

I have been declared an Enemy of the State. This was a bit of a surprise, but not entirely. You see, what makes me an Enemy of the State is that I believe that Illegal Immigration is, well, ILLEGAL. It wasn't difficult to come to this conclusion. All I had to do was read the law. The law says that coming to this country illegally is ILLEGAL.

Another reason that I'm considered an Enemy of the State is because I think it's wrong to kill a baby once it's created, whether it's been born or still forming in the womb. After all, you can't kill a baby that hasn't been created yet, but once it's been created, I believe it's wrong to put an end to that formation that I created.

I am also considered an Enemy of the State because I believe in Local Authority over Federal Authority. However, there is an even more troubling part of this report.

The DHS is showing the disdain or even hatred that liberals have for our military and our veterans. They express concern that returning veterans from the wars, are susceptible to recruitment by the so-called Right Wing Extremist groups.

This, and more, is what has been put out by the Obama Administration through the Department of Homeland Security. This has all of the earmarks of a country that is headed towards tyranny. They are going so far as to use the example of a recent shooting in Pennyslvania to back up their report. They are also worried that Christians will stockpile food in fear of end time prophecies in the bible.

So anyone that is a Veteran, believes in God, believes that power is lent to the government from the people rather than power is in the government over the people is to be considered an Enemy of the State. Anyone that has a Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin bumper sticker on their car from the last election, will be considered an Enemy of the State.

Sara Kuban, a DHS spokeswoman said that a similar report was put out regarding left wing groups, but she couldn't quote the report. She did say that one was put out in January, but again, she didn't know the title of it, nor where to find it.

At the top of this, I said that I have been declared an Enemy of the State. They have not named me in particular by name, but they have covered a few of my beliefs. However, they also included hate groups and racist groups and attributed them to me as well, despite the fact that I think racists are despicable to say the least.

I am not surprised that this liberal group now in Washington would cite the military and returning military as troubling to them. They have done all they could to suppress military personnel's voting rights. I am also not surprised that they would cite Christians as persons to watch because these liberals don't want people worshiping anyone but them. They need the people to depend on them. They want the American people to be beholding to the liberals to depend on the liberals for their food, shelter, jobs, raising their children, managing their morals and indoctrinating the children through the government schools. People that think for themselves, that believe in their own abilities and freedom are a danger to the extreme liberals in this country.

If we want and pursue freedom, happiness and individuality we are less dependent on the government which is currently run by the most liberal and even socialist group of people than we've had in years. They are trampling on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the soveriegnty of this nation.

I believe that the Obama administration is really worried about tomorrows Tea Parties that will take place around the nation. If it's as large as it appears it's going to be, the liberal media will not be able to ignore the events. People that don't pay attention on a daily basis to what's happening around the country will see tens of thousands of people protesting the enormous amount of spending and the huge tax increases that are coming. People will become more aware.

So while I've been declared an Enemy of the State, so have all of you that have even one little complaint about the Obama administration.

Next, we'll see if they outlaw anyone other than Democrats from running in our "Free" elections coming up in 2010 and 2012.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax Freedom Day

Leading up to to today, every dollar you've earned has been to pay your taxes for the entire year. Beginning today, you now work for your own earnings. Today is Tax Freedom Day. However, if you add the deficit to the mix, tax freedom day actually is May 29. The latest in history. You can find this report at

Enjoy it, because tax freedom day will continue be later and later each year. Or at least until Obama is replaced in the White House by a Conservative.

Also, a reminder. Wednesday is April 15. The day that the Tea Parties, organized to protest the increased taxes and increased spending by this administration and congress. Find one in your area and attend. There is a very large turnout expected around the country. I have a partial list below, you can get a more complete list by googling Tax Freedom Day lists.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama Takes Presidency to a New Low

Obama Brings Shame to America

The President of the United States is the most powerful office in the world. It doesn't matter who the President is, the office is the most powerful in the world.

Despite holding the most powerful seat in the world, the current President of the United States bowed to the Saudi King. Protocol was broken. The President does not bow to anyone. This is the second (or third) faux paux by the current President and/or his wife in one trip.

In Great Britain, the hullaballoo was about Michelle Obama putting her arm around the Queen of England. Even Larry King, when asking one of his guests about the approprateness of the first lady touching the Queen then exclaimed while getting his answer from his guest, 'she's doing it again! She's touching the Queen!!'.

Then in Saudi Arabia, Obama bowed to the King. The White House is denying that he bowed, but the press in the arab world is all abuzz about the President bowing to the King. The White House claims that it just appeared that way because the President is taller than the King. I'm not sure how this works. If the President is taller, why is his head lower? If he's not bowing, what is he doing? I shudder to think of the possibilities. You can judge for yourself in the picture.

The lastest statement from Obama is a slap in the face to Americans. He's quoted as saying that America is not a Christian nation. I only know of one thing to say about this President after the bowing and the comment that we're not a Christian nation. He is not fit to be President of the United States of America. Obama may not be a Christian, I'm more convinced of that every day, but this country is more than 85% Christian. Mr. President, this is a Christian nation and you are a disgrace to this nation. Thank God we get another chance in less than four years to correct this monstrous error that America made in choosing Barack Hussein Obama (Or Barry Soerto) President of the United States.

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Stolen Senate Seat by Democrats

Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty just days before the election. On election day, he was still on the ballot, and lost his election by a mere 4,000 votes.

Now that the new liberal Senator from Alaska is firmly ensconsed in the Senate, the Prosecution team has been called corrupt, they are under investigation and the charges against Stevens have been dismissed. He is no longer a convicted criminal.

Contradictory evidence was not turned over to the defense. A witness against Stevens had given two accounts of his encounter with Stevens. The prosecution was required to give the information to the defense but they didn't. This is but one item that the prosecution team was said to have done.

So what happens now? Will there be a new election? Will the new Senator, Begich, be forced to resign and run a clean campaign? The answer is no. Senator Begich will not be forced to resign and there will not be a new election. There is no evidence yet, that the Democrat Senator had a hand in the prosecutorial misconduct.

Should this happen, Alaska law calls for a special election. The governor appoints an interim Senator until a special election can be held, then the elected Senator will finish out the current term.

It's unlikely that the Justice Department under Eric Holder will investigate to see if Begich had any part to this farce, and Begich has already said he won't resign. So Alaska, and the country, is stuck with a tainted Senator for five and a half years until the next scheduled election for that seat.

What we do have is another example of too much power in Government. The Department of Justice is now in the business of choosing Senators.

So now we have an Alaska Senator, an Illinois Senator, a New York Senator and a Delaware Senator, all in their seats, at the hands of either corruption or appointment by someone other than the people.

On the House side, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is under investigation by the House Ethics committee for his role in the Blagojevich scandal.

When it comes to government, there just seems to be no end to scandals that they can create for themselves. Department of Justice scandal. Chicago politics scandals, Treasury Department scandals (tax cheat Tim Geithner). I think we're entering the new Clinton era with a scandal a day.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama's Recession Saving Plan: USA 8.5% Michigan 12% Unemployment

The so-called stimulus package was signed the day after Presidents Day, 2009. That's February 17, 2009. David Axelrod, Obama's top advisor is quoted as saying that we'll see an immediate slowdown in layoffs and an immediate appearance of shovels in the ground.

It is now April 3, 2009. Nearly six weeks after Axelrods statement, and unemployment has risen to 8.5%.

On February 17, 2009 at the Best Western in Western Lansing, Michigan, Representative Mark Schauer said that for every day that the stimulus package isn't signed, we lose 20,000 jobs. The bill was signed that day by Obama in Denver, Colorado. Since then, we've had announcements of job losses at 698,00 and the latest, 633,000.

Taxes have increased, after Obama said that it's not smart to raise taxes in the middle of a recession. Taxes are going to increase again a few times over the next year.

Yesterday, the Congress passed a $3.6 Trillion budget (See the sidebar for the amount of money spent thus far in Obama's administration).

It's very evident that Obama's plan for rescuing the economy is not working. So what is he doing during this time? He's in Paris, France telling the French that America has been arrogant.

I'm really sick of this guy taking our money for his own purposes, his own projects and having them fail and then him apologizing to Europe for America's past action.

Our unemployment rate is now at its' highest level since 1982. Do you remember 1982? We had double digit inflation, double digit inflation rates, and Reagan had just been elected President. He cut taxes, and the nation started on its' path to the longest peacetime growth in history. Reagan fixed Carters mess. Now we have Obama picking up where Carter left off with three more years to add to the Carter follies. This is understandable since it's been reported that Carter has been at the White House advising Obama.

I think we can now say with certainty that Barack Obama has lied along with the willing press, during the campaign, and that he has moved to socialist policies. We're now going to find out what would have happened if Carter had beaten Reagan. Obama is continuing Carters policies 28 years after the American people rejected Carter.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Obama Promise Up in Smoke

The question of trusting this President has been answered yet again. Let me take you back to the Presidential Campaign of 2008.

On September 12, 2008 in Dover, New Hampshire Barack Obama said this: . "Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."

And then, there is this quote from the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin: "No one making less than $250,000 under Barack Obama's plan will see one single penny of their tax raised," Joe Biden said, "whether it's their capital gains tax, their income tax, investment tax, any tax."

Yesterday, April 1, 2009, the Obama Administration more than tripled taxes on tobacco. Okay, you say it affects only smokers and smoking is a nasty habit, smells bad, causes health problems, and so on. However, it's still a legal activity. It's yet another freedom being attacked by this administration. You may not care for smoking, but if they can do this to smoking, they can do it to drinking beer or wine. If they want, they can start start putting an added tax on anything that they desire. If the average car costs $25,000 and you choose one that costs $30,000, they can force you to pay an excise tax of 10% on the additional $5,000 in cost that you chose.

In addition, the majority of smokers are lower income. Yes, there are middle class smokers, upper class smokers, but the majority of smokers are lower income. Both Obama and Biden said "ANY TAX" for anyone under $250,000 income.

We're in the midst of a recession. Stress is high on people losing their jobs. The ones losing their jobs are middle class and lower class. The stress may cause them to smoke more. So what Obama has done is not only attacked the lower classes, but also attacked those that are down and out. Kicking a man when he's down, comes to mind.

This is another example of the Obama Administration and the Democrats, who own both the House and Senate, breaking yet another promise. Will the liberals get it this time? I doubt it.

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