Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enemy of the State

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I have been declared an Enemy of the State. This was a bit of a surprise, but not entirely. You see, what makes me an Enemy of the State is that I believe that Illegal Immigration is, well, ILLEGAL. It wasn't difficult to come to this conclusion. All I had to do was read the law. The law says that coming to this country illegally is ILLEGAL.

Another reason that I'm considered an Enemy of the State is because I think it's wrong to kill a baby once it's created, whether it's been born or still forming in the womb. After all, you can't kill a baby that hasn't been created yet, but once it's been created, I believe it's wrong to put an end to that formation that I created.

I am also considered an Enemy of the State because I believe in Local Authority over Federal Authority. However, there is an even more troubling part of this report.

The DHS is showing the disdain or even hatred that liberals have for our military and our veterans. They express concern that returning veterans from the wars, are susceptible to recruitment by the so-called Right Wing Extremist groups.

This, and more, is what has been put out by the Obama Administration through the Department of Homeland Security. This has all of the earmarks of a country that is headed towards tyranny. They are going so far as to use the example of a recent shooting in Pennyslvania to back up their report. They are also worried that Christians will stockpile food in fear of end time prophecies in the bible.

So anyone that is a Veteran, believes in God, believes that power is lent to the government from the people rather than power is in the government over the people is to be considered an Enemy of the State. Anyone that has a Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin bumper sticker on their car from the last election, will be considered an Enemy of the State.

Sara Kuban, a DHS spokeswoman said that a similar report was put out regarding left wing groups, but she couldn't quote the report. She did say that one was put out in January, but again, she didn't know the title of it, nor where to find it.

At the top of this, I said that I have been declared an Enemy of the State. They have not named me in particular by name, but they have covered a few of my beliefs. However, they also included hate groups and racist groups and attributed them to me as well, despite the fact that I think racists are despicable to say the least.

I am not surprised that this liberal group now in Washington would cite the military and returning military as troubling to them. They have done all they could to suppress military personnel's voting rights. I am also not surprised that they would cite Christians as persons to watch because these liberals don't want people worshiping anyone but them. They need the people to depend on them. They want the American people to be beholding to the liberals to depend on the liberals for their food, shelter, jobs, raising their children, managing their morals and indoctrinating the children through the government schools. People that think for themselves, that believe in their own abilities and freedom are a danger to the extreme liberals in this country.

If we want and pursue freedom, happiness and individuality we are less dependent on the government which is currently run by the most liberal and even socialist group of people than we've had in years. They are trampling on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the soveriegnty of this nation.

I believe that the Obama administration is really worried about tomorrows Tea Parties that will take place around the nation. If it's as large as it appears it's going to be, the liberal media will not be able to ignore the events. People that don't pay attention on a daily basis to what's happening around the country will see tens of thousands of people protesting the enormous amount of spending and the huge tax increases that are coming. People will become more aware.

So while I've been declared an Enemy of the State, so have all of you that have even one little complaint about the Obama administration.

Next, we'll see if they outlaw anyone other than Democrats from running in our "Free" elections coming up in 2010 and 2012.

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