Saturday, April 18, 2009

Battle Creek, Michigan Tea Party

On Saturday morning, April 18, a Tea Party was held in Battle Creek. As I looked around, I thought there might be around 400 people. But a young man that was sitting near me was looking around at the crowd so I asked him how many he thought and he said 500. I received an E-mail from Renk, who said that there were 450 people that signed their petition. He also said that his Program Director at WBCK told him that he counted approximately 100 on the bridge.

The estimate is near 800 citizens that are unhappy about the enormoous spending and the coming tax increases.

Here are just a few pictures of the crowd that gathered with in many cases, their children and plenty of signs.

There were some speakers at the Tea Party. Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox. Former State Representative and hopefully, soon to be State Senator Mike Nofs. State Representative Jase Bolger. Former U.S. House Representative Tim Wahlberg. Mayor Mark Behnke. Michigan Fair Tax Representative, John Crawford, and Renk, talk show host of the Live with Renk Show.
The Battle Creek Area is one that not only had a Tea Party in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party in that they were protesting the outrageous spending by the current President and the current Congress, but it is also a Tea Party where in fact the people of Battle Creek truly are suffering from Taxation without Representation because there currently is no State Senator representing Battle Creek. Governor Granholm decided not to hold the special election to fill the position until November of this year.
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