Tuesday, December 27, 2016

President-Elect Trump vs the media

On June 16, 2015 Donald J. Trump rode his escalator down in Trump Tower and announced he was running for the President of the United States. Leading up to that announcement, he talked about several reasons why he had decided to run. The most controversial of which was illegal immigration.

His announcement was pretty much considered a novelty by the media. Much like George Perot was back in 1992. The difference is that Trump was running as a Republican and Perot ran as an independent. Trump said he wouldn’t take money from donors. That he’d not owe anyone any favors because he would self fund saying “I’m really rich.”

Trump got a lot of free press coverage. He was bombastic, and not afraid to call out politicians, including Republicans, for saying things to get elected  but not following through. He said politicians would not do what’s needed to “make America great again.”

While talking about immigration, he said that Mexico was not sending their best and brightest but instead sending murderers, rapists, and some were good. He was talking about the videos we saw in 2014 of people riding on top of trains, and walking from Mexico to the United States and crossing the border illegally. The media turned it into Trump being biased against Mexicans.

The media never believed that Trump could have a chance. First, he’s a businessman and never been in politics before. Second, there were twelve other candidates announced and more coming totaling 17.

By the time of the first debate, the question was, if Trump doesn’t win the Republican nomination, will he pledge to support whoever the nominee is or become an independent. He didn’t commit until a week or so later.

Trump proved he could make news. This saved him from spending millions of dollars in advertising. In addition, Hillary had several problems. Over 60% of Americans felt she was not honest. She was considered a flawed candidate and about the only thing going for her was that she was a female. Trump being in the race and leading, caused less discussion of Hillary’s flaws to devote time to the news Trump was making. At one point, with the E-mail scandal and the personal server, the press spent less than one minute talking about that but spent 29 minutes talking about Trumps comments on Access Hollywood in 2005, 11 years ago.

There just wasn’t enough time on the news for much discussion of Jeb Bush, who was the presumed to be candidate against Hillary prior to Trump getting much of the news coverage.

Bush’s poor showing in the beginning caused him to spend millions of dollars to get his message but he couldn’t break through the news that Trump was getting. Carly Fiorina’s showing in the first debate at the secondary table took away more news from Bush and Dr. Ben Carson’s rise in the polls took even more away. Three non politicians were getting more coverage than Bush despite the dollars he was paying in advertising.

The predictions of the pundits were all about someone else winning the nomination. When Bush dropped out, it became about Senator Rubio or Senator Cruz. Then Rubio dropped out and the personal attacks by Cruz on Trump and by Trump on Cruz lead the news until Trump won it outright.

With the convention coming, the talk in the media was all about a brokered convention and keeping Trump from the nomination. From the day that Trump got in nobody in the media gave him a chance. Once he secured the nomination, it was how to grab the nomination through the brokered convention. The press had been proven wrong each time.

The main story once the nomination was secured was how evil the supporters were for chanting “lock her up”.  But then the Democrat convention started and the Kahn controversy started up. Night after night and week after week, the media hammered Trump on the Kahn family and had nearly zero focus on Hillary’s legal problems.

Leading up to the election, the media spent most of their time criticizing Trump for holding rallies but not having a ground game. He was running a campaign that was not the standard campaign as it’s always been done. They focused on White Women with a college education, white women without college educations. Blacks, Hispanics, white men both college educated and non college educated white men and told us how each group would vote.

They criticized him for going to Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, three traditionally Democrat states. They said he should have been spending his time in places that he had a chance to win.

They criticized him for pointing out the press at his rallies and saying how dishonest they are. They claimed they were afraid that it would lead to people attacking the press corps at his rallies but said next to nothing when it was found that Hillary was paying someone to have people come to Trump rallies and start the very problems they were criticizing Trump for.  

On Election Day, they predicted that it would be an early night with some predicting what time they’d be calling the election for Hillary. When it got to be 2:00 in the morning and it was almost a certainty that Trump was going to win, they were trying to figure out how the polls could have gotten it so wrong. Rarely have we heard about how the media had it wrong except to say that it was a huge upset.

Since the election they constantly remind everyone they interview (usually each other) that Hillary won the popular vote. Until the past couple of days they’ve talked about the reasons why Hillary may have lost but haven’t. They really spoken to the people. Reince Preibus, the former RNC chair and now Trump said they’d be looking at re-arranging the press briefings and the media now is concerned about their seating arrangements.

There should be a separation in the media. Reporters should be giving unbiased reports while the television shows don’t need to hide their bias. That bias has led to Fox News being number one for better than ten years. Fox News is more conservative but bring in a balance of the two sides while the others, such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS will have liberals outnumbering conservatives on their panels. MSNBC doesn’t even pretend. They don’t bring very many conservatives on. When they don’t put liberals on, they bring in Moderate Republicans.

Apparently, the media has misinterpreted the First Amendment where it says Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the press was to allow for the press to report events and not have a government telling them what to report and what not to report. However, they have created their own problems by not being honest and reporting to the people.

How many times have we heard the press misinterpret (purposely or not) what newsmakers say. How many times have we seen the media cozy up to the leaders of this country? In many cases, it’s too cozy of a relationship and the people suffer due to the lack of accurate news. That’s been very apparent in this election and since.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Should the Electoral College be Eliminated?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the Electoral College in Presidential elections. Naturally, some of this is sour grapes because for the second time in 5 elections, the candidate with the most votes did not win the election. First in 2000 when Al Gore got more of the popular vote but lost the electoral vote, and again this  year when Hillary Clinton got nearly 2.5 million more votes than Donald Trump but lost the electoral vote.

This years election has been very charged up with protests all across the country, and even some celebrities put out an ad telling Republican electors to be “heroes” by not voting for Trump. The press, naturally, has been calling it a non story but reporting it every day for the past two weeks and the pundits have included it  in their nightly programs and the Sunday news shows. The results ended up with Hillary losing  four votes and Trump gaining two votes.

The electoral college is made up of 538 votes. These are real people. They are chosen in both parties in the election. The 538 are the total of the numbers in the House (438) and the numbers in the Senate (100).

Those electors are supposed to vote the will of the people but they are not required to by federal law. The group that is chosen is based on who won the state in the election. For example. Michigan has 16 electoral votes. Trump had roughly 10,000 more votes in Michigan than Hillary, so he won the state. The electors chosen to vote came from the Republican side. However, in California, Hillary got more of the popular vote so she won the 55 electoral votes for that state. California then sent the 55 electors from the Democrat party to do the voting. There are two states that divide up their electoral votes. Maine and Nebraska, which divide their votes by congressional district.

The Electoral College was created at the Constitutional Convention and has had several changes since. There were problems that the Electoral college were supposed to solve. First they wanted the President to be chosen by the Congress. They backed off on that because the Congress could be made up of a class or select group of people. If we look at how hard it is to remove incumbents from office it made sense not to have the President chosen by Congress.

Then it was suggested that he be chosen by the citizens. This became a problem because heavy populated areas would be choosing the President and the smaller states or sporadically populated would be left out. The southern states didn’t have the population that the northern states had. They wanted their slaves counted for their population, despite them claiming that slaves were property rather than people.

Even in the north, small states such as Delaware and Rhode Island have small populations and wouldn’t have the same weight in a Presidential election. Then Roger Sherman of Connecticut came up with a compromise called the Connecticut Compromise. The Electoral College was born.

There could also be a problem if a person were elected but died before taking office or a person with bad character. As an example, Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr. At the time Burr was the sitting Vice President. But imagine if he had just been chosen the new Vice President, but not yet in office at the time of the duel. Had Burr been charged and convicted of murder, he’d be the incoming Vice President as a murderer.

While the electors are supposed to vote based on the will of the voters and how they voted in their state, they are not required to by federal law. However, the states have enacted laws that make it nearly impossible for them to vote any other way.

This is in direct contrast to the purpose of the electors. While they are supposed to vote for their candidate, there are legitimate reasons for them to have that ability to choose someone else. Imagine if Hillary had been elected this year. Also imagine that a day or two after the election the Justice Department indicted her for the personal server and subsequent loss of state secrets, which many thought she should have been. This would be a reason to not put her in office. While not convicted, this could be reason to prevent her from becoming President.

The protests this year are due to people’s impression of Trump that is mainly press driven (more to be written on this at a later date) among other things. We have had Presidents and candidates that have used drugs (Obama admitted it), alcohol (Bush admitted to it), sexual assault (Clinton didn’t admit to it, but settled the lawsuit for $850,000 and loss of his license to practice law), and others.

Maine and Nebraska may have the best plan for the electoral voting by having them count according to how each congressional district votes with the additional two awarded to the winner of the state. That would not have gotten Hillary to the needed 270 though.

Another way may be to apportion the electoral votes based on the popular vote in each state. Michigan was won by Trump by just 10,000 votes. Had they given out the votes based on popular vote, Michigan’s 16 votes would have been split 8 for Hillary, 8 for Trump.

Going through each state and dividing up the electoral votes by percentages received of the popular vote, Hillary still doesn’t win. It would be closer, but she still doesn’t win. The count would be 272-266 in favor of Trump. It would only be worse for Hillary using the Maine/Nebraska method of districts and the winner gaining the extra two votes.

The difficult part of any system is to find people that will honor their word and their reason for what they are doing. Think about it. There were 19 Republicans that started this process and in the first debate, Bret Baier asked the candidates to raise their hands if they were not committing to back the eventual winner of the Republican nomination. There was one person in mind that it was asked for. Donald Trump. There was one person that raised his hand. Donald Trump. Every other Republican pledged to back the eventual nominee regardless of whom it would be. A week or so later Trump made the pledge too. Ted Cruz wouldn’t honor his pledge. Even at the convention, he was booed off the stage for not backing Trump. Carly Fiorina never publicly backed Trump. Jeb Bush didn’t until very late. John Kasich never backed him and stayed in the race up to the convention despite being mathematically eliminated and then wouldn’t attend the convention even though it’s in his home state.

This only proves that the founding fathers at the Constitutional Convention were right. Trump is not one of the good old boys of government so he wouldn’t have been elected if Congress was to choose. Yet, on the matter of the honoring his word, Trump did. He didn’t commit to something at first. But he did later when he was reasonably sure. He’s also proven it after the election.  He said he’d save the jobs at Carrier or they’d pay a tax. Before even being inaugurated, he saved nearly 1,000 jobs at Carrier by getting them to change their mind about moving their operation to Mexico.

States punish electors if they don’t vote the way that they are supposed to vote. Yet, the voter’s job is to do just that under extraordinary circumstances. This election though, should not have had the electors changing their votes. The surprise is that while the media was playing up that protestors were protesting Trump, four of them switched from Hillary.

The left is calling for the end of the Electors. Electors are called for in the Constitution. The one thing that that shows is that the second amendment was in danger from Hillary Clinton. To the liberals, the Constitution is only worthwhile when it benefits them. In reality the Constitution is a document that puts restrictions on government and protects the people. The left exists to put restrictions on the people. Most certainly in the case of eliminating the second amendment and the Electoral College. 

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

HIllary Hoping for Electoral College

The Electoral College votes on Monday for President of the United States. Naturally, this has been a source of angst for Democrats this year. Even moreso than it was in 2000 when Gore had more votes but didn’t win the Electoral vote.

In the final debate, Mr. Trump was asked if he’d accept the results of the election. His answer was that he’d look at it and until then he’d  keep the press in suspense. Hillary was horrified. She said so. ““That’s horrifying,” Mrs. Clinton replied. “Let’s be clear about what he is saying and what that means. He is denigrating — he is talking down our democracy. And I am appalled that someone who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that position.”

Yet, now, it’s the Democrats challenging the results of the election. It’s a slightly different reason, but still questioning the results based on our Constitution.

So how do we elect a President of the United States? It is not entirely based on the popular vote. If you look at an electoral map that breaks it down by states, you can see that bulk of states, even those won by Hillary, are red for Trump. There are two exceptions that stand out. California and Hawaii. Here’s a link where you can see that. http://www.nytimes.com/elections/results/president

Minnesota, long a stronghold of the Democrats, looks mostly red when you look at the state. Even New York looks like a red state with a few exceptions. All around Manhattan is blue. This is where a large number of people live. Around Buffalo it’s blue, but the vast majority of the state of New York is red.

So if we counted only the popular vote, the election each time would come down to New York and California leading the way all because of the cities.

Another problem was that slaves couldn’t vote, but they still had to be fed, clothed and sheltered. So for the purposes of the elections, they wanted the slaves counted as part of the population despite the slaves not being permitted to vote. It would give the states more representation in government.

Another reason for the electoral college is the electors are usually informed about what goes on in government. So if a particular candidate was considered a dangerous or unsavory character, the electors might catch it where the general population wouldn’t and could prevent that type of person from becoming President. This scenario was actually used in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were tied. The decision went to the House of Representatives and after 35 tie votes, Alexander Hamilton let it be known he was more in favor of Jefferson despite disagreeing with Jeffersons policies, because he considered Burr unsavory. Oddly enough, Burr later killed Hamilton in a duel.

In the 1880’s states changed from a proportion of the vote to winner takes all in the states. There are two that don’t award winner takes all. Nebraska and Maine. They award electoral votes by districts and the winner of the state takes the other two votes in addition to those they won.

People complain now that those that are uninformed should not be permitted to vote. If the electoral college were eliminated would they then require everyone to take a test of the issues then decide if they can vote? It would be interesting to see who gets to be the judge of who’s “smart enough” to vote.

Since our electoral college is based on the number of representatives and senators, there are 538 electoral votes. 535 for the representation and 3 for the District of Columbia. If neither candidate reaches the 270 (the majority), the House of Representatives then chooses the President and the Senate chooses the Vice President.

We have had 58 elections in this country since the beginning of the country. Twice it’s gone to the House of Representatives (1800 and 1824). Once it went to the full Congress (1878). Twice the one with the popular vote lost the electoral college (2000 and 2016).

We have had close elections that could have been challenged and possibly gone the other way. In 1960, many believe that Nixon won the election against Kennedy because of some election shenanigans going on that may have overturned the election had Nixon challenged it. Nixon thought it was bad for the country to go through, so he did not challenge it. It’s ironic that Nixon took the high road. Now Hillary is in a similar position and her team is holding out hope that enough of the electors can’t stand trump and will vote for her.

Imagine if we changed it to the popular vote and then in the next election, the Republican won the election with the popular vote but the Democrat would have won the electoral vote but since there isn’t an electoral college any longer, would they then call to reinstate the electoral college?  

It’s not likely that there will be enough Trump voters to change the outcome of the election. However, if 37 of the electors don’t vote for Trump as they are pledged to do, it won’t give Hillary the victory because those that have spoken up have said they will vote for others such as John Kasich. So the election would then go to the House where Republicans would decide the outcome. Since the House and Senate are both in Republican control, Trump and Mike Pence would likely still win the election.

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Monday, October 31, 2016

If Elected, What Would Each Do?

Let’s assume for a minute that the candidates are telling the truth about what they’ll do if they are elected. Politicians have one thing in mind when they get elected. A second term. But let’s assume for a minute that they actually do what they say they’ll do.

If Hillary is elected, and she does what she says she’ll do, she will not only leave the current regulations in place, but she’ll add more regulations on top of the current regulations.

If Trump is elected, and he does what he says he’ll do, he’ll remove a massive amount of regulations. He’ll add some on, but for each one that he adds on, two others will be removed.

If Hillary is elected, she’ll raise taxes. $110 Billion in new taxes.

If Trump is elected, he’ll cut the taxes. In addition, he’ll cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%.

If Hillary is elected, illegal aliens will become American citizens. The borders will be open to millions more immigrants.

If Trump is elected, the Illegal aliens that have committed felonies will be the first to be imprisoned or deported. The illegal aliens that are here will be deported as they are found. The wall will be built.

If Hillary is elected, she’ll continue the fight with ISIS as it is.

If Trump is elected, the fight with ISIS will change and be more aggressive but we don’t know how.

If Hillary is elected, the Supreme Court nominees will have to pledge to uphold abortion, reverse the Citizens United decision.

If Trump is elected, the Supreme Court nominees will have to pledge to rule by the Constitution.

These are things they’ve said. We can do this with al of the issues. However, there are other things to measure. Such as the Justice Department, the IRS. These should not be politically determined by the administration. There should be separation from the White House.

If Hillary is elected, and it’s found that she did do things illegally like her own personal server, it appears she cannot be charged with a crime as President. The only thing that can happen is that she be impeached. Once impeached, the Senate would  then have to vote her out of office. Once she’s out of office, then she can be charged with crimes.

Regardless of who is elected, one thing we can be certain of is that there will be another terrorist attack on this country. It happened in 93 with the World Trade Center bombing in February. It happened again in December just before Clinton left office with the attack on the USS Cole. Then it happened in  huge fashion 7 months after George W. Bush took office on September 11, 2001. It happened as well when Obama took office with an attack in Arkansas at a recruiting center and then another at Fort Hood, Texas.

Before we even reach that point, there are still 8 days left until the election. The FBI bombshell is likely not the last one to happen. Remember who is running. Hillary Clinton. You can be sure that if there is something else out there to be used against Donald Trump it will be used. Do you really believe here when she says "if they go low, we'll go high"? 

The polls that will reflect the FBI news from last Friday will start coming out on Thursday and Friday of this week. If it shows that Hillary is losing or has lost a lot of ground, you can expect whatever she’s holding on to to come out then.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hillary's Karma: FBI!

Is it Unprecedented to Have News Prior to an Election?

The news or most of the news is talking about the “bombshell” laid out by FBI director James Comey on Friday. They are calling what he did “unprecedented” to drop this 11 days before an election. It’s not unprecedented.

In 1992 George H. W. Bush was running for re-election. He was coming off a recession and the economy was recovering. But there was also the ongoing Iran Contra scandal that had been going on since the Reagan presidency.

On June 16 of 92, fourteen people were brought under indictment by special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh. One of those was Caspar Weinberger, the former Secretary of Defense. Two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.

Leading up to election day, Bush was closing the gap between he and Clinton. Ross Perot was also running in that race as an independent but had started to slide when he said that terrorists had threatened his daughters wedding, but he was still a factor in the race.

Four days before the election, Lawrence Walsh brought another indictment of Weinberger. Bush then lost the election. On December 11, 1992 a judge threw out the indictment of Weinberger because it violated the Statute of Limitations and improperly broadened the original charges. Naturally, the Clintons were thrilled and used it to get elected. Comey’s announcement is not unprecedented.

Is it Interfering with the Election or Would it be by not Saying?

The news is now saying that Comey, recently loved by the news and liberals, is doing this without knowing what’s in the E-mails. Hillary got lucky back in July. Comey, for all intents and purposes, exonerated her. It’s even more confusing when you listen to the 15 minute report he gave in his announcement on July 5. He listed all that they had investigated and found and everyone, including his own FBI agents that worked on it, were expecting him to say that he was referring it to the Justice Department for charges. But he didn’t. Despite even saying in his long list that “any reasonable person should have known E-mail doesn’t belong on a personal server”, he said he was recommending no charges.

The FBI, apparently in it’s investigation of former Representative Anthony Weiner, seems to have discovered some E-mails from Clinton’s private server. Apparently, once they discovered the E-mails, they stopped their search and asked for a warrant so they could investigate these previously unknown E-mails. This put Director Comey in a quandary. Does he report it to the committees that were questioning him recently? Does he stay silent and just get his warrants? For some reason, they are not allowed to look at those E-mails without proper warrants.

By announcing that they are reopening the investigation, the charge from the liberals is that he’s affecting the election. But what about the other direction? If he doesn’t announce the investigation, is that not also affecting the election for the other side?

Hillary wants transparency, but she hid her server for a long time. It was only discovered during the Benghazi investigation. That doesn’t sound like transparency.

She deleted 33,000 E-mails days after receiving a subpoena to submit all of the E-mails. That’s not transparent. In fact, it sounds like Obstruction.

Her husband met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch days before the FBI interview of Hillary Clinton. Camera’s were not allowed to be carried by those in the know. Cell phones with cameras were not allowed. This was a hidden meeting. That’s not transparent.

Now Hillary is calling for Comey to release the E-mails so that the American people can see them before the election. She, of course, doesn’t want them released. She also knows that the FBI can’t release them and hasn’t even looked at them yet. They’ve only seen enough to know that they should re-open the investigation. If Hillary wants them released, she can release them. It seems apparent that while she deleted them from her server, someone had kept them on a personal E-mail account away from the server.

Comey calling for the investigation to be re-opened can have an effect on the election against Hillary. On the other hand, not calling for the investigation to be re-opened because of the election gives Hillary the advantage in the election leaving the people in the dark when they vote.

Clinton’s husband benefitted from a Special Prosecutors indictment in 1992. Apparently, Karma may have her affected detrimentally during the election of 2016.

It’s never a good thing to say one thing and do another. There are so many ironies to this story.

1.    Hillary deleted E-mail, but at least one of her people apparently kept it outside of Hillary’s personal server.
2.    In the 1990’s the Clinton’s improperly and possibly illegally has 900 FBI files in their possession and now the FBI is re-opening a case they had previously closed.
3.    This appears to have come about because of a sex scandal and again, during the 1990’s the Clinton presidency was inundated with sex scandals. Costing Bill $850,000 and his law license. This seems to be about Anthony Weiners sexual deviancy, who is married to Huma Abedin, who is Hillary’s closest advisor and it was the Clintons that played matchmaker getting Abedin and Weiner together ending in a marriage that is now collapsing.

With the Clintons, the best closing line seems to be “Tune in Tomorrow for the continuing saga of Clinton’s sex, lies and E-mails.” What a soap opera. Maybe it could be titled “The Clinton’s. Jail or Impeachment?”

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Debates are over. Now It's Our Turn!

If you watched the news on the mainstream media following the debate, you’d never know the issues that were brought up during the debate. The bulk of their reporting and comments were about Donald Trumps answer to Chris Wallaces question as to whether or not he’d honor the results the election on November 8.

Trumps answer was that he’d look at the results first. When that didn’t satisfy, he then said he’d leave them (the media) in suspense until then. That is what the media took from the debate. It led every newscast the following couple of days.

Last week, the big news regarding Trump was all of the women coming out saying he’d made advances on them 10, 20 and even 35 years ago. On the news programs they spoke about that for 26 minutes. However, Wikileaks has put out thousands of E-mails that came from John Podesta showing that Clinton had said derogatory things about Sanders voters, catholics, and others. That she said she has positions that she announces in public but that she holds differing private positions. The media spent 57 seconds on those stories.

On Wednesday, two more women came out with allegations regarding Trumps supposed groping and kissing of them which the media happily reported. On the other hand, another story with sources came out saying that Hillary had someone that arranged for sexual partners for her that were both men and women. Apparently, the media is only concerned about Trumps alleged sexual dalliances, but Hillary’s don’t matter to them. When one of Trumps surrogates did mention it on CNN, the commentator said that it was reported in a tabloid and not a real news organization. They seem to have forgotten that 8 years ago, another Presidential candidate by the name of John Edwards was the subject of an Enquirer story regarding his affair with Ryell Hunter and that they had a child together. Edwards ended up leaving the campaign and is no longer part of politics. The rules are not the same for all in the mainstream media.

On Saturday at Gettysburg, Trump gave a major speech. He began by talking about how we are a divided nation as we were during Lincoln’s time when he made the famous Gettysburg address. He said that he felt he had to act as a citizen to run for President. He mentioned the problems of lack of work, food stamp rolls, inner city problems, the military depletion and the VA Hospital problems and that the changes must come from the outside because the professional politicians have done nothing but exacerbate the problems.

He talked about voter fraud and how 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote and are still voting. 14% of non citizens are registered to vote, and that Hillary should have been precluded from running for President due to her crimes, such as lying to the FBI and claiming she didn’t recall 39 times and mentioned the deleted 33,000 E-mails that were deleted AFTER she received the subpoena for them and that a four star general is now facing prison time for way less than what she had done, and said the main stream media was complicit in the bias towards Hillary.

He also said that the women that had come out with claims against him that were not true and said he’d be suing them following the election. He said, “a simple phone call gets wall to wall coverage with no fact checking.” Then he said, “If they can do this to me, who has unlimited resources to fight back, imagine what they can do to you with your jobs, your security, your education, your health care, the violation of the second amendment. ”

He also mentioned the video’s by project veritas where operatives admitted to starting the violence at Trump rallies including in Chicago where it was cancelled at the recommendation of the police. The videos showed the leaders of those starting the violence were paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.

Then he got to the issues.

His economic plan to create jobs, and have fair trade.
His Security Plan to bring safety to poorest communities.
His Ethics plan to end corruption in government. “Drain the swamp”.

Then he went into his 100 day action plan and calls it his Contract with the American voter.

On the first day, he will start on six measures to clean up Washington.

1.    A Constitutional Amendment to set in place term limits for Congress.
2.     Hiring freeze on all fed employees exempting military, public safety and public health. .
3.    Requirement that for every new regulation, two existing must be eliminated.
4.    Ban for five years on former White House and congressional employees from becoming lobbyists.
5.    Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf foreign govt.
6.    Complete ban on foreign lobbyists for American elections.

On the same day, 7 actions to protect American workers.

1.    Totally re-negotiate NAFTA or withdraw from it.
2.    Announce withdrawal from Trans pacific partnership.
3.    Sec. of Treasury to label China as currency manipulator.
4.    Direct Sec. of Commerce to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly affect Americans.
5.    Lift restrictions on 50 American energy jobs.
6.    Lift Obama/ Clinton roadblocks from allowing to go forward. Keystone pipeline for example.
7.    Cancel billions in payments to United Nations Climate Change and use the money for our own environmental infrastructure.

Also 5 actions on the first day to restore security.
1.    Cancel every Exec. Order by President Obama.
2.    Begin the process of replacing the late Justice Scalia
3.    Cancel all federal funding of sanctuary cities.
4.    Begin removing the criminal illegal aliens from the country and cancel visas to countries that won’t take them back.
5.    Suspend immigration from terror prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.

Work with Congress in the first 100 days to

1.    Middle class tax relief and simplification Act.
2.    Current brackets will reduced from 7 to 3 and tax forms simplified.
3.    Business rate lowered from 35% to 15%
4.    Overseas money brought back at a 10% rate.
5.    End the off shoring act
6.    Establish tariffs for leaving the country.
7.    American infrastructure act.
8.    School Choice and opportunity Act. Choice of public private, charter, magnet and home school.
9.    End Common Core
10. Expands technical and vocation education.
11. Repeal and Replace Obamacare act
12. Cutting the Red Tape at FDA
13. Affordable and Elder Care Act
14. End Illegal Immigration Act
15. Reform Visa rules
16. Restoring community safety Act
17. Increase the funds to prosecute federal criminals.
18. Restoring National Security Act. Peace through strength.
19. Care for the Veterans. No more waiting at VA hospitals. They can visit private doctor and have it paid for if they can’t get in to VA hospital quickly enough.
20. Protect against cyber attack
21. Clean up corruption in Washington Act.

All of that was in Trumps 42 minute speech on Saturday. Did you hear this on the news? Of course not, they talked about how Trump was going to sue the women that have come out and made claims against him that he says are lies. On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd ignored being told of the other things and asked when he was going to file the suits and had he given up on the election.

The three debates are done. We don’t have to worry any longer about how the press will give Hillary questions in advance or how many times they’ll ask Trump a tough question while asking Hillary what her favorite color is.

You can be sure that the press will not ask the American people about their vote. They will continue to interview each other and tell each other why we think what we think and whether it will pay off in November without any knowledge of what the American people think at all. We would be wise not to take the mainstream medias words to heart. If we ignore them we only need ask ourselves what we want. Hillary has said she wants judges on the Supreme Court that will restrict the 2nd amendment, that will ensure a baby can be torn from the womb even five minutes before it’s ready and call it the mothers right to choose. She has said she wants a court that will reverse campaign finance laws. She wants to direct the court on how to rule. Trump wants judges that follow the constitution. He hasn’t mentioned how expects them to rule, only that they follow the constitution.

Hillary wants open borders. She said she’s talking about just the electrical grid, but she’s lying. She’s said both trade and immigration. Trump wants secure borders, and secure elections. Again, we look to the constitution. Only United States citizens are legally able to vote.

We either make the most of it and get out and vote on November 8 or we sit at home as many did in 2012 costing Mitt Romney the election. Our next President is either going to be named Trump or Clinton. It’s not going to be named McMullin or Johnson or Stein.

It’s our turn to speak up and I for one am really hoping that when they call the election on election night, the press has to sit back with their mouths wide open but no words coming out.

The debates are over. It’s now our turn!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Two Poor Choices. Maybe Some Good From It

For years, we’ve always heard the phrase “Choosing the lesser of two evils” when it came to Presidential elections. This year, it’s more true than ever. The Republicans have a candidate that is less than conventional, to say the least. Crude and vile comes to mind when hearing his words.The Democrats have a candidate that is just as bad in her personal life and in her public life is as dishonest as they come. The Republican Party is made up of a bunch of wimps showing exactly why someone like Donald Trump has a real chance at winning the Presidency. The Democrat Party has a bunch of sheep that will follow their candidate, make excuses for their candidate and act as though she can do no wrong and anything negative said about her is only because she’s a female.

Then there is the press. They don’t report, they judge. They edit their words to reflect their bias while trying to appear above it all although they don’t give great effort to hide that bias.  

Donald Trumps comments that were aired on Friday, October 7 from 11 years ago only showed that he thought himself better than anyone because of his success in show business. He claims it was locker room talk. I’ve been in locker rooms when I was a teenager  playing football, basketball and baseball, and while he’s right, bragging about conquests of girls, whether they are truthful or not, are said in locker rooms in high schools and junior high schools across this country. They are said by teenagers who have little control over their raging hormones and even less of a handle on their ability to be tactful or respectful. I have never heard the exact words about grabbing genitalia that he used, but the idea was still there. It also goes on in girls lockers rooms and even in the parties that women put on where they are selling their sexy lingerie and toys to each other like they were Tupperware parties. None of that makes any of it right. None of that justifies Trump saying it age the age of 59. It’s childish and and shows a lack of character and I hope he was very embarrassed in talking about it with his wife and his kids. Not just his daughters.

One thing we can be certain of is that we haven’t heard the last of it. There is likely more to come because while the Clintons always claim others that use the "scorched earth" tactics, it is them that use it most often.

On the exact same day that Trumps taped comments were put out there for all to hear, Wikileaks put out their first batch of hacked E-mails of John Podesta, who is Hillary’s campaign chairman. Do we know which was leaked first? Did they put out Trumps, and then Hillary’s E-mails? Or did they put out Hillary’s E-mails, then Trumps tape? They both came out within virtually minutes of each other.

Those E-mails included comments by Hillary that she has a public position on issues but also has a private position on those same issues. Say one thing to get elected but do another thing once elected. Recently, she said that half of Trump supporters were a basket of deplorable that were irredeemable. Now in those E-mails, it’s shown that she called Bernie Sanders supporters a bucket of losers. It was also revealed in the E-mails that Hillary wants open trade and open borders.

In the first debate, Hillary brought up the woman that was Miss Universe over 20 years ago and things that Trump supposedly had said about her. We got to spend a week hearing about that and then how that girl had threatened the life of a judge in her home country, and how she’d been in some porn videos.

Then there is the Republican’s in the Senate and House and even some governors and former governors that have rescinded their endorsement of Trump over the language used in that tape.

We are less than a month from the election. In fact, on the day that the E-mails and the Trump tape was released, I received in my mail my absentee ballot. What do the Republicans expect to happen by pulling their endorsements?

Do they think that Trump will drop out of the race? I’d be very surprised if that happened. His ego is too large for him to back out over words stated 11 years ago. If that was their bluff to get him to drop out, they should have thought through their plan a little better. What other choice do they have to vote for? Are they really going to switch to the Libertarian, Gary Johnson? Gary Johnson is walking proof that pot smoking impairs the memory.

Are they going to vote for Hillary? Do they really want to have Hillary in the White House taxing the nation into a depression or have her husband Bill wandering the halls of the White House grabbing every intern in sight?

The next President will be named either Trump or Clinton. To not vote makes them what they complained about in 2012 where Republicans stayed home because Romney wasn’t good enough. To vote for anyone but those two only makes them appear petty and they should give up the seats they are elected to fill.

Donald Trump beat out 16 other candidates. He beat some very good Senators, Governors and former Senators. He beat out two non politicians which were part of that 16. At some point, the Republicans are going to have to face the fact that they have a very flawed candidate who is head and shoulders better than the Democrat opponent. But don’t get the idea that being better than Hillary makes Trump a good president.

So far, the Republicans are showing themselves to be wimps. If they were smart, they would stand up and say that they don’t condone Trumps remarks but that going to Hillary would be infinitely worse and then figure out that if they want to get things done for the country, they will have to work to keep Trump in check. They might actually have to do their job and start sticking to policy and keeping Trumps feet to the fire on all that he tries to implement.

This is not about what they want. It’s not about what the Democrats want. It is about what the American people want and what is best for the United States of America. We have a Constitution that is at risk if Hillary is elected. We have a Supreme Court that is at stake and could set this country back for the next 30 years if Hillary is elected. We have borders that will disappear if Hillary is elected. Health care in this country is at stake. The government will be your new doctor if Hillary is elected. This election is about Liberty and Freedom. If Hillary is elected, we’ll all be under the submission of what amounts to be a tyrannical government.

Our country is in danger of disappearing with either one of these candidates. With Hillary, we’re assured that we’ll lose freedoms. If Trump is elected, we at least have a chance. It may be a slim chance, but it’s still a chance.

I can see no way for either party to bounce their candidate out. Early voting has already begun. The only way it will change is if one of the candidates chooses to drop out, then it will be their Vice Presidential nominee that would fulfill the nominees place (and I’m not sure that’s 100% accurate).

The House could decide that regardless of which one wins the election, they could start impeachment proceedings right after the inauguration. But that would look like they are thwarting the will of the people.

For the Republicans to back away and all but give the election to Hillary Clinton is selfish on their part and only shows that what’s important to them is their own self interests and the country means nothing to them.

This is a time for them to stand up and tell Trump that they understand that this happened 11 years ago but that if he has current activities that stain the Presidency, they will not hesitate to punish him with the appropriate measures and party unity will not be taken into account if he’s elected President.

While it’s right that the Republicans not just follow Trump because he is a Republican, it’s wrong for them to abandon the people that are voting for Trump because he’s the better choice between he and Hillary.

Finally, there is the press. Have you seen the following reported? (Editing to clean up foul language is mine).

-  “Just get that [F-ing dog] out of my way,” said to Secret Service K-9 handler.
- “Where is the GD flag? I want the GD f***ing flag up every morning at f***ing sunrise”. Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244
- “F**k off! It’s enough I have to see you s**t-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too! Just do your Gd job and keep your mouth shut.” Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.” From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90
- “If you want to remain on this detail, get your f***ing ass over here and grab those bags!” Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. From the book “The First Partner” p. 25
- “Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!!?” Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton ‘s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p.139
- “Where’s the miserable c**k sucker?” (otherwise known as “Bill Clinton”) Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5
- “You f**king idiot” Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. From the book “Crossfire” ~pg. 84
- “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those f**king sunglasses! We need to go back!” Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while in route to Air Force One. From the book ” Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72
- “Come on Bill, put your d**k up! You can’t f**k her here!!” Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243

Notice these are all sourced, yet the mainstream press doesn’t put this out there for you to make an informed decision about someone who was first lady. But they’ll repeat the exact words that Trump used 11 years when he was a private citizen.

In the first debate, Lester Holt lobbed softball questions at Hillary but not Trump. The only time he mentioned the E-mail controversy was after Trump brought it up and then turned to Hillary and said “is there anything you’d like to say about the E-mail?’ If that's a difficult question, anyone could do their job! 

In the debate last night, the second question he asked Hillary answered for 3 minutes uninterrupted, but Trump got one minute before he was stopped. When the crowd cheered at Trumps comments, they were told not to applaud, but when the crowd cheered for something Hillary said, no admonition was given.

We have two flawed candidates to choose from this year. We have a press that will only report what they choose to report based on their own biases. Should we give up hope that this election can still turn out something other than Hillary? No. There was an election a couple of months ago in England about whether or not they should leave the European Union. The polls all said it was safe that the EU would remain intact. Even our President came out in favor of the EU. But the people spoke and the election went the other way.

Each vote is needed to offset the illegal aliens that will be voting. To thwart Hillary and her accomplices in the press. The result may very well be that we have the best of two very bad candidates, but at least it’s the people choosing and not the establishment choosing for us. But only if we vote!

If by some miracle the Republicans in the House and Senate get their act together and we get Trump as President, the best of two bad choices, we may actually get a congress that pays attention to the people for a change and keeps the Presidents feet to the fire to be sure things that are done are done calmly and with great deliberation. We just might get something good out of the bad choices we have. 

We've elected one man because of his color and got a very bad President out of it. There were many better men and women of color than the one we got. There are better women to hold the office of the President than Hillary Clinton. Voting for her for the sake of getting our first female President is just as wrong as electing the wrong black man. Now we're down to two choices that are both bad. One of those choices is in it with the country in mind. The other is in it to make a name for herself. She has already done that in a bad way. Making her President is not going to correct what she's done to herself. 

Vote. It may be your last chance to have a say in your government! 

You’re welcome to comment.