Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Enemy of the State?

Representative Luis Gutierrez is a Democrat and an elected Representative from Illinois. He is a strong proponent of immigration reform.

On Saturday, in Los Angeles, Gutierrez told a crowd in Spanish, that he has assurances from President Obama to be generous and broad in stopping the deportation of “our people”.

He also said, “We need to raise our voices, make ourselves citizens, sign up to vote and punish those who speak ill and criminalize children who come to our border,".

These comments by the Representative creates questions. Who is “our people” to Rep. Gutierrez? Is he an American? Was he born here or did he become a citizen after immigrating here. If he came to this country, did he do so legally? Of course, one big question is how can a Representative of The United States advocate “punishing” Americans who have a differing opinion? Then there is also the question of who criminalized the children who come to our border?

When Gutierrez was elected to be a Representative in the United States House, he had to take an oath. The oath is as follows: “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”
Isn’t an illegal alien a foreign enemy? They are coming here illegally. Violating our laws as their first act in coming to this country.They aren’t just aliens, they are “ILLEGAL ALIENS”.  By taking up their cause against our laws, doesn’t this make Gutierrez guilty of not supporting our Constitution?

Those against illegal immigration, of which I count myself as one, are now being threatened with punishment by a Representative of The United States. Yet, our Constitution says that we have the freedom of speech. Perhaps Representative Gutierrez ought to read at least the first amendment to the Constitution he gave an oath to support and defend.

If he really wants to blame someone for criminalizing those coming to the border illegally, not just children, but all that come here illegally, he ought to take a look at who wrote the laws that he seems so willing to be ignorant about and ignore. The laws were written by lawmakers. His predecessors. People that held seats in the House, Senate and a President that signed them. That’s how it’s done here in this country. As a Representative, he ought to know this.

So where did Gutierrez come from? Well, he was born in Lincoln Park, Illinois. He is an American citizen. So who is “our people” to him? He went to school in Illinois. His parents are from Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and those born there since 1917 are considered United States citizens, but this doesn’t apply, even if it mattered, to Gutierrez because he was born in Illinois. Gutierrez didn’t even go to Puerto Rico for the first time until after his freshman year in high school and he didn’t even speak Spanish until he went there during his high school years.

He returned to Illinois and attended college at Northeastern Illinois. So, who exactly does he mean when he says “our people”?

It’s obvious to me that Gutierrez doesn’t have any respect for the laws. After all, he’s willing to reward people for not following our laws in coming here. He’s not in favor of enforcing the current law so why should we create a new law? If there is something he doesn’t like about the new law or if the law doesn’t give him enough of what he wants, will he still advocate for people to violate the law claiming that it’s a broken law that he helped to write?

When does giving an oath mean something to these elected officials? The definition of oath as intended for those supposedly holding the public trust is: a solemn usually formal calling upon God or a god to witness to the truth of what one says or to witness that one sincerely intends to do what one says a solemn attestation of the truth or inviolability of one's words and something (as a promise) corroborated.
Representative Gutierrez has clearly not intended to honor his oath. His word cannot be trusted. He wants to punish people that he represents for daring to have a different opinion from his and from those wishing to see the current law enforced. He’s on the verge of calling for insurrection or revolution. He’s putting other Americans at risk by telling “his people” to punish anyone that speaks against his position on an issue. Representative Gutierrez is not fit to be a Congressman in the United States of America.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Barack Obama: Domestic Terrorist

Our borders have not been secured. Since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Centers two towers came crashing down after two planes flew into them and the pentagon was hit by another plane, and a fourth plane that was supposedly headed to either the White House or the Capitol building, but was saved by heroic civilians who gave their lives and crashed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania, the fear has been that terrorists could come in nearly completely unchecked through our southern borders.

We learned that the terrorists used box cutters as their weapons. We learned that they were in flight schools learning to fly but not how to land. We also learned that they could come in across our southern borders very easily. After it’s been done for years by illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries in South America. We are now seeing it en masse on an hourly basis with children crossing the border.

Detention centers are being set up not unlike what was done during World War II with the Japanese but with one difference. The Japanese were held because they were of Japanese descent. These illegal aliens are being housed in detention centers until they can find a place to send them within in our country.

How many of those coming across the southern border are terrorists taking advantage of the influx of illegals and the ease in which they come across? It took just 19 terrorists to bring down four planes and kill nearly 3,000 people. There’s been nearly 100,000 people come across our southern border recently from Central and South America.

These people coming across are coming with scabies, lice and other ailments. They are being put on buses and planes and shipped to other states for processing without having been deloused. Public transportation just before the Independence Day weekend. Now when we board a flight or a bus, must we worry about getting lice because the last flight that plane took was to haul illegal aliens to another part of the country?

A Repubilcan Congressman is denied entry to a detention facility in his district in Oklahoma, while the Democrat Leader, Nancy Pelosi, is greeting the illegal aliens and Sheila Jackson Lee, another Democrat from Texas is handing out lollipops and saying that the illegal aliens are not a threat to national security.

It appears as though the Obama Administration and President Obama himself, is preventing Americans from finding out just how dire the situation is across the south and west.

Obama wants immigration reform and is willing to go to any lengths to get the legislation he wants. Rather than enforcing the current laws, he is allowing an invasion into this country from the south and denying anyone access to the truth of what’s happening. This is not transparency, this is a veil of secrecy.

I’ve already mentioned the danger of terrorists slipping in along with the illegal aliens. They may try to push the idea that these are children and not terrorists. But we know that terrorists have used their children as suicide bombers.

Allowing diseases into this country due to this is at best neglect. Since it’s known this is happening and it’s not being stopped, the only conclusion seems to be that the end justifies the means. Obama doesn’t care that they are diseased and will spread those diseases here. It’s already started.

Border patrol agents are becoming ill with the maladies that are brought to the United States by these illegal immigrants. Doctors and nurses are forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement to not talk about what they are seeing while working in these detention centers. They are threatened with arrest if they do talk.  

Doctors and nurses are concerned about their well being. American citizens are protesting and attending town hall meetings protesting this invasion. Ranchers are being threatened if they say anything or do anything to impede the illegal aliens as well as the smuggling going on along the Texas/Mexico border.

The drug cartels are assisting these illegal aliens in getting into the country. What do you think their purpose is in having them here? What’s being done to stop them? Nothing!

This is a very real threat to this nation, and the people of the United States. Obama seems more interested in making excuses and giving leeway to everyone but Americans and even going so far as to help them and hurt us. That makes Obama a domestic terrorist in my book!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Incompetence of our Elected "leaders"

Every once in a while, I just list things and make comments on them and try not to go into too much detail. This is another of those hodgepodge of topics.

Michelle Obama school lunch

I’m now convinced that Michelle Obama ought to be investigated for Child Abuse. If she’s been feeding her daughters the way she expects our children to eat in the schools we send them to, it must be a form of abuse somehow. Kids are now going without lunch because they refuse to eat the “approved” school lunches as dictated to by Michelle Obama. These politicians have complained that parents aren’t feeding their children at home, so they pay for school lunches and what do these kids get? Green slop that looks like it’s already been eaten once.  

Immigration Reform

President Obama should be required to take a civics class in high school (which means he’d be susceptible to Michelles luncheon requirements) and learn about the three branches of government.

He is threatening to use executive powers to get immigration reform done claiming that the Republicans are doing nothing so he must. Well Mr. President, in this country, in our form of government, there are three branches of government. 1. Executive (that would be you Mr. President). 2. Legislative, (that would be both houses of Congress, Mr. President). They write the laws. 3. Judicial (you should be familiar with this branch Mr. President, they are the ones that have shown repeatedly that you don’t know what the Constitution is).

You see, Mr. President, Congress writes the laws. They either pass them or they don’t. If the House writes a bill, passes it, it then goes to the Senate for their consideration and their vote. Once they’ve gone back and forth, they then get together for what’s called a markup where they negotiate in or out their particular preferences. Once that’s done, both Houses vote again and if passed, it then comes to your desk and you either sign it or veto it.

There is another side to this. If Congress decides not to pass a law, they’ve obviously decided that your way is not a good way. That is not a prescription for you to ignore them and dictate what the laws will be. Imagine if a Representative decided you weren’t doing things right with your meetings and decided that they’d come to the White House and conduct your meetings because they don’t agree with you. The executive branch is a co-equal branch of our government. Not more equal than the other branches.

If our politicians (that would be the President, the House and the Senate) really want immigration reform they ought to try enforcing the laws on the books. Their lack of enforcement  has led to children coming across the border in droves. It has led to young girls being raped on their trek to violate our borders. It has led to people being killed coming to our borders. So the ones that make it are filled with people that have literally killed to get here and raped and stole to get here. Are these really the types of people we want coming to this country? Maybe if we had illegal aliens that were better politicians coming across our borders, it might be beneficial to us (or maybe our elected leaders are already illegal immigrants). Unfortunately, we get the criminals (politicians?). Each one that comes across the border illegally is a criminal.


President Obama is not the only one that should be required to attend civics classes. So should Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Boehner has announced he will sue the President for ignoring the Constitution and not honoring his oath. Mr. Speaker, you don’t need a lawsuit. What you need to do is bone up on the laws that govern your responsibilities of your job as a Representative of the people of the United States of America. It’s called IMPEACHMENT. Learn what high crimes and misdemeanors means and ascertain whether the president falls into that category. You ran for your job as a Representative, I think you should have known what your options were before you took the job.

Please allow me to help. Your job is not to protect your butt in the seat you sit in. Your job is to protect the people in your district that voted for you. You are there to protect us from corrupt government officials. Learn what your options are, grow some guts and do the job you begged for and were elected to do.


The IRS has lost E-mails pertinent to an investigation into whether they were biased towards left wing organizations and against right wing organizations. This I find very confusing. We know that the NSA has been gathering our phone and E-mail records. They can listen as we talk and read what we write. But anything to do with this particular topic from the IRS, tied to Lois Lerner has crashed and been lost forever. This strains all credibility. Perhaps the Congressional investigators ought to go to the NSA and ask for copies of those E-mails and any phone calls made by those under suspicion.

Are we to believe that our government will spy on us and every aspect of our lives but they don’t have the capability to gather these E-mails? Are they not spying on themselves?


There is absolutely no excuse for treating our veterans the way they’ve been treated by the Veterans Administration. There is no excuse for the president, nor the Congress to have this happening. As though it’s not bad enough that our vets had to wait a couple of months to get appointments. Now today, there is a story of a woman who received in her mailbox a letter from the VA saying that he can now come in for a primary doctor and get the care he needed. They want him to get in touch with them promptly. At the bottom of the letter, dated June 12, it reads: “We are committed to providing primary care in a timely manner and would greatly appreciate a prompt response.”
The problem is that the vet, Douglas Chase, died in August 2012. To add insult to injury, when Mrs. Chase applied for funeral benefits at the time of his death, she was denied.

Obama ran for president claiming he was going to fix the VA. This only makes me wonder how many other vets are getting letters like this five and ten years after they’ve died. Obama says that this problem started long before he became president. I don’t care when it started. I care that it’s stopped. I have no confidence that it will be stopped by this president.


We live in the greatest nation in the world. Unfortunately, we are overloaded with some of the most incompetent people running this government. The really sad thing is that in four months, we’re going to have an election and we’ll keep the majority of the incompetent morons running this country. This gives me an increased admiration for the founding fathers. They put together a country that even a bunch of incompetent boobs have a hard time tearing apart.

These clowns work for us. Attend their town hall meetings and ask them directly about the topic you want to know about it and make it known to them that they haven’t got a clue what the American people think despite how many times they tell us what we want.

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