Friday, July 4, 2014

Barack Obama: Domestic Terrorist

Our borders have not been secured. Since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Centers two towers came crashing down after two planes flew into them and the pentagon was hit by another plane, and a fourth plane that was supposedly headed to either the White House or the Capitol building, but was saved by heroic civilians who gave their lives and crashed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania, the fear has been that terrorists could come in nearly completely unchecked through our southern borders.

We learned that the terrorists used box cutters as their weapons. We learned that they were in flight schools learning to fly but not how to land. We also learned that they could come in across our southern borders very easily. After it’s been done for years by illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries in South America. We are now seeing it en masse on an hourly basis with children crossing the border.

Detention centers are being set up not unlike what was done during World War II with the Japanese but with one difference. The Japanese were held because they were of Japanese descent. These illegal aliens are being housed in detention centers until they can find a place to send them within in our country.

How many of those coming across the southern border are terrorists taking advantage of the influx of illegals and the ease in which they come across? It took just 19 terrorists to bring down four planes and kill nearly 3,000 people. There’s been nearly 100,000 people come across our southern border recently from Central and South America.

These people coming across are coming with scabies, lice and other ailments. They are being put on buses and planes and shipped to other states for processing without having been deloused. Public transportation just before the Independence Day weekend. Now when we board a flight or a bus, must we worry about getting lice because the last flight that plane took was to haul illegal aliens to another part of the country?

A Repubilcan Congressman is denied entry to a detention facility in his district in Oklahoma, while the Democrat Leader, Nancy Pelosi, is greeting the illegal aliens and Sheila Jackson Lee, another Democrat from Texas is handing out lollipops and saying that the illegal aliens are not a threat to national security.

It appears as though the Obama Administration and President Obama himself, is preventing Americans from finding out just how dire the situation is across the south and west.

Obama wants immigration reform and is willing to go to any lengths to get the legislation he wants. Rather than enforcing the current laws, he is allowing an invasion into this country from the south and denying anyone access to the truth of what’s happening. This is not transparency, this is a veil of secrecy.

I’ve already mentioned the danger of terrorists slipping in along with the illegal aliens. They may try to push the idea that these are children and not terrorists. But we know that terrorists have used their children as suicide bombers.

Allowing diseases into this country due to this is at best neglect. Since it’s known this is happening and it’s not being stopped, the only conclusion seems to be that the end justifies the means. Obama doesn’t care that they are diseased and will spread those diseases here. It’s already started.

Border patrol agents are becoming ill with the maladies that are brought to the United States by these illegal immigrants. Doctors and nurses are forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement to not talk about what they are seeing while working in these detention centers. They are threatened with arrest if they do talk.  

Doctors and nurses are concerned about their well being. American citizens are protesting and attending town hall meetings protesting this invasion. Ranchers are being threatened if they say anything or do anything to impede the illegal aliens as well as the smuggling going on along the Texas/Mexico border.

The drug cartels are assisting these illegal aliens in getting into the country. What do you think their purpose is in having them here? What’s being done to stop them? Nothing!

This is a very real threat to this nation, and the people of the United States. Obama seems more interested in making excuses and giving leeway to everyone but Americans and even going so far as to help them and hurt us. That makes Obama a domestic terrorist in my book!

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