Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day


In this country we have two days set aside for those that served this country in uniform. On November 11 each year veterans are honored. Those are the ones that served. Not just in the current wars but in all wars. On the final Monday of May we celebrate those that made the ultimate sacrifice by honoring them with Memorial Day.

Originally, it started following the Civil War to honor those from both the north and the south. Later it was expanded to honor all who gave their lives in defense of this country including previous wars. This includes the Revolutionary War, to the Indian Wars, War of 1812, Mexican American War, Civil War, more Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and in the past twenty years the war on terrorism.

Those that serve and have served are usually still just kids. Eighteen, nineteen year old kids. Going back to the Revolutionary War, some were as young as eight years old.

This country was founded by men and women that were overburdened with taxes where they had no say in what they’d pay. They had no representation. They banded together, organized and fought for freedom from leaders across an ocean. That may not seem significant now that we can travel in a matter of hours and be in London or Paris. But at that time it would take months to get there.

To fight for this freedom created by the great thinkers of that time the soldier was called upon. Since then, kids from all parts of this country have joined the military to protect our borders and to protect our interests and to advance Democracy where tyranny reigned.

Our freedoms that were fought for, protected and preserved by our military and many have died fighting for this country, its’ beliefs and ideals. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

It’s a Right created by God for us to worship freely as we choose and to even not worship if we choose. That Right is protected and preserved by our military. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, The Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of the Press, all of these are considered unalienable Rights endowed by God. But they are all protected by our military.

When the people of California and Texas wanted to away from Mexico and part of the United States, it was the military that laid their lives on the line for their freedom. When the Indians attacked settlements it was the military that fought to protect the settlers.

When Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, it was the soldier that beat them back and defeated Hitler. When North Korea invaded South Korea, it was the soldier that fought for our interests and the South Koreans. The same with Vietnam.

When terrorists attacked us and killed nearly 3,000 citizens that weren’t military, it was the military that went to the terrorists to try to protect this country from future attacks.

From the first shot of the American Revolution in 1775 to today, the American people have lost nearly 1,500,000 soldiers in the creation and defense of this country and our interests.

So while we’re grilling our steaks, having our picnics and officially kicking off summer we should remember that we’re able to do that because many men, women and children have sacrificed their lives not just for our ability to have that cookout, but also that we’re able to assemble friends to the cookout and we’re able to protect our guests from those that would try to harm us, and that we can thank God or not thank God for the meal and that we can talk freely while at the cookout.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Beginning of Tyranny

The last time I posted on this site was just a couple of days ago and the point was about how the Obama Administration and our government looks out for themselves rather than the American people. They were more concerned about their re-election than they were about American lives. They didn’t want to mention “terrorism” just prior to the election,  especially since they’d claimed that they’d decimate Al Queda.

Then we find out that the IRS has focused on organizations with the name “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their title and it’s even expanded beyond that to those the oppose government, Jewish people, and even those teaching the Constitution! They claimed that it wasn’t happening when asked but then admitted that it was happening as much as two years ago.

How long before we find out that someone in the Obama administration ordered the IRS to target these groups and other groups that we may not have heard about yet? However, even if it is an out of control arm of the government and has nothing to do with political party (yes, it was even funny in my head saying that) it does show that those with power can abuse that power even when not ordered to do so.  What is another way to describe this? Tyranny! These are the beginning signs of tyranny.  

Let’s go back a few weeks. Remember the gun control debate? Democrats claimed the second amendment is not about protection from the government but rather it’s about hunting. Why do you need an ak47 to hunt deer?

United States Senators, United States Representatives, The President of the United States, have said that it’s silly in this day and age to think that our government would attack the American people. Yet, here we have the IRS going after groups and individuals and we have the political leaders leaving our soldiers, and representatives of our nation out to be killed by terrorists and their concern is about how it’s described to come off in the best possible light to the American people rather than the safety of those protecting and representing our interests.

Remember during the Clinton years when there were over 900 FBI files on those that were in opposition to the Clinton administration. Remember that Clinton’s enemies were audited by the IRS.

We have the best form of government in the world. Unfortunately, we have people running this government who are not anywhere near up to the job of running the best form of government in the world. They are very good at being self serving at the expense of those they are supposed to represent.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

We Don’t Leave Our Soldiers Behind

Terrorism has become not so much a way of life for us, but an integral part of our national lexicon. We’ve dealt with it many times over the years. The marine barracks attack in 1983. The attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. The Khobar Towers in 1996, The USS Cole in 2000. The World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001. The two soldiers in Arkansas in 2009. The Fort Hood Shooting in 2009. Benghazi in 2012 and the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. These are just the ones that I remember off the top of my head.

The army has a creed or a saying and they take it seriously. “We don’t leave our soldiers behind”. Two examples. Jessica Lynch was captured and rescued within a very short time. Matt Maupin was captured and it took two years to find his remains, but they were found and he was brought home.

After the hearings on Wednesday regarding the attack on Benghazi last September 11, it was discovered, and even today more is discovered that there was a coverup. Four men died on September 11. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Dougherty and Tyrone Woods.

Not only did they get no help, but the Obama Administration did all they could to avoid the term “terrorist attack” as well as mentioning Al Queda going so far as to edit out those terms so that they didn’t have to give Congress something to question them about. They blamed it on a video that almost nobody has seen that was considered anti-muslim. Yet they knew it was a terrorist attack and affiliated with Al Queda as the attacks were happening. Those on the ground witnessing the attack knew it and the administration knew it.

Five days later, UN Ambassador, Susan Rice,  blamed it on the video and spontaneous demonstration on national television shows and on one of them, CBS Face the Nation, she said it yet again despite the leader of Libya stating just before her that he knew it to be a terrorist attack. Two weeks later, President Obama was still blaming it on a video in a speech at the United Nations.

This all took place in September, six weeks before the election. The hearing took place on May 8, 2013. Just shy of eight months later. In January, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said at one point “what difference does it make?” Then there is Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary when asked about the whistleblowers testifying saying that Benghazi was a “long time ago”.

Why keep the fact that it was a terrorist attack from the American people? Why give no help to those under fire? Why tell those offering help to those under fire to “stand down”? Why change the talking points at least 12 times?

What was the mistake that was made? The mistake was making decisions based on an upcoming election rather than the actual events on the ground at the time.
The Obama Administration was looking at the election and how they could handle this so that it wouldn’t negatively impact his re-election bid. No bad news allowed. A terrorist attack would apparently not be good for his re-election bid in their eyes. They reacted to the election desires rather than to the events taking place.

Let’s turn this around. Imagine some different choices made. The Administration is informed that Benghazi is under attack. The first question is asked, “what do we have in the area to get in there and put a stop to this or get our people out at least?” After finding out, the administration says “send them in and get our people out of there and put an end to this attack”.

What could have happened? We could have sent in the soldiers that were told to stand down. Even if our soldiers are outnumbered, I’d still put the odds in favor of the Americans. Would we have saved the four that lost their lives? Maybe, maybe not. But by not going in, we appear weak and we definitely can’t save those lives. The possibility of a rescue was eliminated because it was never tried.

We could even have lost more soldiers trying to affect a rescue but we’d have tried to save every American life. The American people can understand a failed attempt. But to not even attempt is unacceptable. To not make the attempt because it could influence the outcome of an election is beyond the pale. Yet, had he done the right thing and done everything  possible to quell the attack and save the lives, even in a failed attempt, that too could have influenced the election...but in his favor. We reward honor, integrity, valor. 

With the choices that the Obama Administration made, they left those four brave Americans behind to die for the sake of their re-election. There was no honor. They left them behind a second time by trying to cover up what they knew and by their now discovered out and out lies. There was no integrity, The Administration sacrificed those lives for Obama’s election. There was no valor. 

Our soldiers risk their lives to bring back the remains of soldiers lost even years after the fact. The Obama Administration didn't risk their political careers to save Americans from an attack. To attack our consulate is the same as an attack on our soil. The Obama Administration did nothing to protect the Americans that day. The Obama Administration left Americans behind! But hey, at least he won his election.

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