Monday, October 31, 2016

If Elected, What Would Each Do?

Let’s assume for a minute that the candidates are telling the truth about what they’ll do if they are elected. Politicians have one thing in mind when they get elected. A second term. But let’s assume for a minute that they actually do what they say they’ll do.

If Hillary is elected, and she does what she says she’ll do, she will not only leave the current regulations in place, but she’ll add more regulations on top of the current regulations.

If Trump is elected, and he does what he says he’ll do, he’ll remove a massive amount of regulations. He’ll add some on, but for each one that he adds on, two others will be removed.

If Hillary is elected, she’ll raise taxes. $110 Billion in new taxes.

If Trump is elected, he’ll cut the taxes. In addition, he’ll cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%.

If Hillary is elected, illegal aliens will become American citizens. The borders will be open to millions more immigrants.

If Trump is elected, the Illegal aliens that have committed felonies will be the first to be imprisoned or deported. The illegal aliens that are here will be deported as they are found. The wall will be built.

If Hillary is elected, she’ll continue the fight with ISIS as it is.

If Trump is elected, the fight with ISIS will change and be more aggressive but we don’t know how.

If Hillary is elected, the Supreme Court nominees will have to pledge to uphold abortion, reverse the Citizens United decision.

If Trump is elected, the Supreme Court nominees will have to pledge to rule by the Constitution.

These are things they’ve said. We can do this with al of the issues. However, there are other things to measure. Such as the Justice Department, the IRS. These should not be politically determined by the administration. There should be separation from the White House.

If Hillary is elected, and it’s found that she did do things illegally like her own personal server, it appears she cannot be charged with a crime as President. The only thing that can happen is that she be impeached. Once impeached, the Senate would  then have to vote her out of office. Once she’s out of office, then she can be charged with crimes.

Regardless of who is elected, one thing we can be certain of is that there will be another terrorist attack on this country. It happened in 93 with the World Trade Center bombing in February. It happened again in December just before Clinton left office with the attack on the USS Cole. Then it happened in  huge fashion 7 months after George W. Bush took office on September 11, 2001. It happened as well when Obama took office with an attack in Arkansas at a recruiting center and then another at Fort Hood, Texas.

Before we even reach that point, there are still 8 days left until the election. The FBI bombshell is likely not the last one to happen. Remember who is running. Hillary Clinton. You can be sure that if there is something else out there to be used against Donald Trump it will be used. Do you really believe here when she says "if they go low, we'll go high"? 

The polls that will reflect the FBI news from last Friday will start coming out on Thursday and Friday of this week. If it shows that Hillary is losing or has lost a lot of ground, you can expect whatever she’s holding on to to come out then.

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