Friday, October 7, 2016

The Great Debate Part 3

The Great Debate part 3 is coming up on Sunday evening. The first debate was between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with Hillary getting assistance from the moderator Lester Holt.

In the first debate, Trump had Hillary on defense through the first 40 minutes or so until he let her personal attacks get under his skin and he started flailing back at her over those remarks.

If he’s going to engage her in a debate, he has to be on the offensive and ready for anything she says for the entire 90 minutes and not just one quarter of the debate. Trump has the right policies regarding Illegal Immigration, eliminating ISIS, lowering taxes, reducing regulations, cyber-security, getting the economy to grow, reducing spending, and fixing the VA for our veterans.

Hillary has lived off the government all of her life and never hired anyone for a business she’s started. Government is the problem. Government is corruption. Government does not have solutions. Hillary has been involved in government since her husband was elected Attorney General in the 1980’s.

When she talks about Trump not having the temperament to be President, he should say that he’s not the one that has thrown ash trays and vases at the President. That was her doing. He’s not the one that has told his body guards where they could go, that was her replying to a "good morning" from a secret service agent with an expletive. Trump is not the one that told his body guards to get off the plane so he could give a free ride to donors to his foundation, but Hillary has done that. Trump may have made passes at women as a businessman, but Hillary has aided in dealing with “bimbo” eruptions during her husband’s philandering years in the White House. She might want to learn the difference between a Philanthropist and a Philanderer.

When it comes to cyber security, Hillary is the last person that anyone should trust with this nations secrets via E-mail.

This next debate will be a town hall style debate with people in the audience asking some questions. Make no mistake about it though, the questions are pre-approved by the moderators. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they choose at least one illegal alien to ask a question of Trump. If that happens, that is the press taking sides. Think about it.

Illegal aliens are not eligible to vote in our elections. So why should they be permitted to ask questions in a debate between two people that we will be choosing from for our election to be our President? An even better question would be, why isn’t someone from ICE in the hall to arrest any illegal aliens for breaking our laws?

If the press chooses an illegal alien to ask a question, they are taking time away from an American citizen to ask a question, and they are showing their bias in favor of Hillary. Do you really think they’ll have Gennifer Flowers ask a question of Hillary? Or Kathleen Willey? Paula Jones? Juanita Broaddrick? Monica Lewinsky? Of course not, that would be biased in favor of Trump and the press won’t do that. They’ll likely not say much about Hillary’s E-mail or giving immunity to five of her underlings and yet nobody being charged with anything. Those things will be up to Trump if she’s going to be made to answer for her corruption.

Trump will have to be better for this debate than he was in the last one. I hope he learned from Mike Pence how to be ready. Pence was interrupted 73 times by Tim Kaine and the moderator and he let it roll off his back and still got the message across.

The great thing about Trump is that each time it seems he’s about to be out of it, he bounces back stronger. We’ll see if that happens on Sunday.

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