Sunday, October 23, 2016

Debates are over. Now It's Our Turn!

If you watched the news on the mainstream media following the debate, you’d never know the issues that were brought up during the debate. The bulk of their reporting and comments were about Donald Trumps answer to Chris Wallaces question as to whether or not he’d honor the results the election on November 8.

Trumps answer was that he’d look at the results first. When that didn’t satisfy, he then said he’d leave them (the media) in suspense until then. That is what the media took from the debate. It led every newscast the following couple of days.

Last week, the big news regarding Trump was all of the women coming out saying he’d made advances on them 10, 20 and even 35 years ago. On the news programs they spoke about that for 26 minutes. However, Wikileaks has put out thousands of E-mails that came from John Podesta showing that Clinton had said derogatory things about Sanders voters, catholics, and others. That she said she has positions that she announces in public but that she holds differing private positions. The media spent 57 seconds on those stories.

On Wednesday, two more women came out with allegations regarding Trumps supposed groping and kissing of them which the media happily reported. On the other hand, another story with sources came out saying that Hillary had someone that arranged for sexual partners for her that were both men and women. Apparently, the media is only concerned about Trumps alleged sexual dalliances, but Hillary’s don’t matter to them. When one of Trumps surrogates did mention it on CNN, the commentator said that it was reported in a tabloid and not a real news organization. They seem to have forgotten that 8 years ago, another Presidential candidate by the name of John Edwards was the subject of an Enquirer story regarding his affair with Ryell Hunter and that they had a child together. Edwards ended up leaving the campaign and is no longer part of politics. The rules are not the same for all in the mainstream media.

On Saturday at Gettysburg, Trump gave a major speech. He began by talking about how we are a divided nation as we were during Lincoln’s time when he made the famous Gettysburg address. He said that he felt he had to act as a citizen to run for President. He mentioned the problems of lack of work, food stamp rolls, inner city problems, the military depletion and the VA Hospital problems and that the changes must come from the outside because the professional politicians have done nothing but exacerbate the problems.

He talked about voter fraud and how 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote and are still voting. 14% of non citizens are registered to vote, and that Hillary should have been precluded from running for President due to her crimes, such as lying to the FBI and claiming she didn’t recall 39 times and mentioned the deleted 33,000 E-mails that were deleted AFTER she received the subpoena for them and that a four star general is now facing prison time for way less than what she had done, and said the main stream media was complicit in the bias towards Hillary.

He also said that the women that had come out with claims against him that were not true and said he’d be suing them following the election. He said, “a simple phone call gets wall to wall coverage with no fact checking.” Then he said, “If they can do this to me, who has unlimited resources to fight back, imagine what they can do to you with your jobs, your security, your education, your health care, the violation of the second amendment. ”

He also mentioned the video’s by project veritas where operatives admitted to starting the violence at Trump rallies including in Chicago where it was cancelled at the recommendation of the police. The videos showed the leaders of those starting the violence were paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.

Then he got to the issues.

His economic plan to create jobs, and have fair trade.
His Security Plan to bring safety to poorest communities.
His Ethics plan to end corruption in government. “Drain the swamp”.

Then he went into his 100 day action plan and calls it his Contract with the American voter.

On the first day, he will start on six measures to clean up Washington.

1.    A Constitutional Amendment to set in place term limits for Congress.
2.     Hiring freeze on all fed employees exempting military, public safety and public health. .
3.    Requirement that for every new regulation, two existing must be eliminated.
4.    Ban for five years on former White House and congressional employees from becoming lobbyists.
5.    Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf foreign govt.
6.    Complete ban on foreign lobbyists for American elections.

On the same day, 7 actions to protect American workers.

1.    Totally re-negotiate NAFTA or withdraw from it.
2.    Announce withdrawal from Trans pacific partnership.
3.    Sec. of Treasury to label China as currency manipulator.
4.    Direct Sec. of Commerce to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly affect Americans.
5.    Lift restrictions on 50 American energy jobs.
6.    Lift Obama/ Clinton roadblocks from allowing to go forward. Keystone pipeline for example.
7.    Cancel billions in payments to United Nations Climate Change and use the money for our own environmental infrastructure.

Also 5 actions on the first day to restore security.
1.    Cancel every Exec. Order by President Obama.
2.    Begin the process of replacing the late Justice Scalia
3.    Cancel all federal funding of sanctuary cities.
4.    Begin removing the criminal illegal aliens from the country and cancel visas to countries that won’t take them back.
5.    Suspend immigration from terror prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.

Work with Congress in the first 100 days to

1.    Middle class tax relief and simplification Act.
2.    Current brackets will reduced from 7 to 3 and tax forms simplified.
3.    Business rate lowered from 35% to 15%
4.    Overseas money brought back at a 10% rate.
5.    End the off shoring act
6.    Establish tariffs for leaving the country.
7.    American infrastructure act.
8.    School Choice and opportunity Act. Choice of public private, charter, magnet and home school.
9.    End Common Core
10. Expands technical and vocation education.
11. Repeal and Replace Obamacare act
12. Cutting the Red Tape at FDA
13. Affordable and Elder Care Act
14. End Illegal Immigration Act
15. Reform Visa rules
16. Restoring community safety Act
17. Increase the funds to prosecute federal criminals.
18. Restoring National Security Act. Peace through strength.
19. Care for the Veterans. No more waiting at VA hospitals. They can visit private doctor and have it paid for if they can’t get in to VA hospital quickly enough.
20. Protect against cyber attack
21. Clean up corruption in Washington Act.

All of that was in Trumps 42 minute speech on Saturday. Did you hear this on the news? Of course not, they talked about how Trump was going to sue the women that have come out and made claims against him that he says are lies. On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd ignored being told of the other things and asked when he was going to file the suits and had he given up on the election.

The three debates are done. We don’t have to worry any longer about how the press will give Hillary questions in advance or how many times they’ll ask Trump a tough question while asking Hillary what her favorite color is.

You can be sure that the press will not ask the American people about their vote. They will continue to interview each other and tell each other why we think what we think and whether it will pay off in November without any knowledge of what the American people think at all. We would be wise not to take the mainstream medias words to heart. If we ignore them we only need ask ourselves what we want. Hillary has said she wants judges on the Supreme Court that will restrict the 2nd amendment, that will ensure a baby can be torn from the womb even five minutes before it’s ready and call it the mothers right to choose. She has said she wants a court that will reverse campaign finance laws. She wants to direct the court on how to rule. Trump wants judges that follow the constitution. He hasn’t mentioned how expects them to rule, only that they follow the constitution.

Hillary wants open borders. She said she’s talking about just the electrical grid, but she’s lying. She’s said both trade and immigration. Trump wants secure borders, and secure elections. Again, we look to the constitution. Only United States citizens are legally able to vote.

We either make the most of it and get out and vote on November 8 or we sit at home as many did in 2012 costing Mitt Romney the election. Our next President is either going to be named Trump or Clinton. It’s not going to be named McMullin or Johnson or Stein.

It’s our turn to speak up and I for one am really hoping that when they call the election on election night, the press has to sit back with their mouths wide open but no words coming out.

The debates are over. It’s now our turn!

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