Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stolen Senate Seat by Democrats

Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty just days before the election. On election day, he was still on the ballot, and lost his election by a mere 4,000 votes.

Now that the new liberal Senator from Alaska is firmly ensconsed in the Senate, the Prosecution team has been called corrupt, they are under investigation and the charges against Stevens have been dismissed. He is no longer a convicted criminal.

Contradictory evidence was not turned over to the defense. A witness against Stevens had given two accounts of his encounter with Stevens. The prosecution was required to give the information to the defense but they didn't. This is but one item that the prosecution team was said to have done.

So what happens now? Will there be a new election? Will the new Senator, Begich, be forced to resign and run a clean campaign? The answer is no. Senator Begich will not be forced to resign and there will not be a new election. There is no evidence yet, that the Democrat Senator had a hand in the prosecutorial misconduct.

Should this happen, Alaska law calls for a special election. The governor appoints an interim Senator until a special election can be held, then the elected Senator will finish out the current term.

It's unlikely that the Justice Department under Eric Holder will investigate to see if Begich had any part to this farce, and Begich has already said he won't resign. So Alaska, and the country, is stuck with a tainted Senator for five and a half years until the next scheduled election for that seat.

What we do have is another example of too much power in Government. The Department of Justice is now in the business of choosing Senators.

So now we have an Alaska Senator, an Illinois Senator, a New York Senator and a Delaware Senator, all in their seats, at the hands of either corruption or appointment by someone other than the people.

On the House side, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is under investigation by the House Ethics committee for his role in the Blagojevich scandal.

When it comes to government, there just seems to be no end to scandals that they can create for themselves. Department of Justice scandal. Chicago politics scandals, Treasury Department scandals (tax cheat Tim Geithner). I think we're entering the new Clinton era with a scandal a day.

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Anonymous said...

Do you really think we will have fair elections in four years? I don't think so! Democrates are spending our money to buy votes, the new king is taking over the census, we will be in dire straits when the election comes up...if there is an election. I believe this country is finished as a world power and as a free nation. But apparently this is what the people want, a communist and/or islamic stooge.

Brett said...

I refuse to give up. We have an election in less than two years. The best way to get back to where we belong is to vote.

This country is still middle right. It's more conservative than it is liberal.

I noticed a poll with Rasmussen a few minutes ago. The lead in is that 53% of the country believes in capitalism over socialism. But when you read into the story, you find that the Democrats are 39-31 in favor of capitalism where Republicans are a much higher figure in favor of Capitalism. Even Independents prefer capitalism over socialism by a wide margin.

All is not lost as you seem to indicate. Yes, Obama and company are trying to make us into another European nation, but it doesn't mean he'll succeed. If he goes too far, which he is, the people will look harder at the next person comes along and will vote more for the Conservative than the moderate and definitely more than the liberal.

The people don't want a communist. You'll see on April 15 when you see the numbers that show up for the tea parties around the country. It will be large and it will be underreported.

Stay positive. The sky is not falling. Obama is taking us in the socialist direction in a hurry, but when he's replaces, the Conservative will move us back to a free market society and capitalism even faster.