Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Universities Want Drinking Age Lowered

College Presidents from nearly 100 universities including Ohio State, Duke and Dartmouth are asking lawmakers to lower the drinking age from the current 21 to 18. Their argument is that lowering the drinking age will lower the problem of binge drinking, not to mention underage drinking.

That last part is true for colleges. They won’t have as much underage drinking. After all, most college students are 18 or older. This will eliminate one of their problems. They won’t have the bad stories at their universities any longer of illegal drinking. It can’t be illegal binge drinking if drinking at age 18 is legal.

We could solve a lot of our crime problems by using this approach. For instance, if we raised the speed limit to 200 mph we’d no longer have speeders on our highways. We don’t have cars that go that fast, so nobody could break the speed limit.

We could tell people that they are no longer permitted to lock their doors and windows in their homes. This will eliminate the need for a breaking and entering law.

We could eliminate truancy laws. There are too many children skipping school. If we no longer have truancy laws, kids won’t be skipping school any longer.

We gave amnesty to the illegal aliens in the 80’s. That stopped people from coming across our borders illegally didn’t it?

We can stop spousal abuse if we just eliminate the laws on assault and battery.

I wonder why we didn’t think of these things before. When a crime is committed, eliminate the law and there is no more crime. Our prisons won’t be overflowing any longer. Our costs for housing prisoners and for even having prisons take up space on our lands would be eliminated.

With all of this in mind are we really going to continue to call our colleges and universities institutions of higher learning when they come up with reasoning like this?

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