Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Veepstakes (Yawn) Has Begun

The Veepstakes has begun. The media is going nuts trying to figure out who the VP choice is going to be for Barack Hussein Obama. Will it be Tim Kaine or Joe Biden or Evan Bayh? Then there’s the hardliners like Wolf Blitzer that is still hoping for the so-called “dreamticket” of Hillary Clinton as VP.

The choice has been made. Obama will wait until he can get the most news out of it. The liberal media on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS (do they still have a news department?), PBS, MSNBC will continue to speculate right up until the announcement. This keeps Obama in the news so he’ll hold off until there is some bad news and he wants to drown it out with news of his VP or to get the most news over the weekend leading up to the convention next week so he gets more than a full week of him being the top news story.

In an attempt to be fair with their coverage, they speculate on McCain’s choice as well. Their speculation is also geared to the left. Will McCain pick Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman and how good that would be to try to make inroads into the left base. When McCain does pick a conservative such as Romney, or Jindahl, they will then say that McCain is pandering to the Conservatives to try to shore up that base that he so desperately needs because the Conservatives hate McCain.

They’ve already started this in one way by making Rush Limbaugh the news when he said that if McCain picks an anti life VP or a Democrat (Lieberman) that the Republican Party will be split or even destroyed. You can almost read hope in their eyes as they report it this way.

In the meantime, Obama is out there whining and demanding that McCain recognize him publicly as a Patriotic American. Remember when Nixon said “I am not a crook”? Everyone knew right then that he was a crook. Remember when Clinton pointed his finger at us and said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”? Everyone knew then that he did fool around with that young girl.

Now Obama is speaking before veterans forcefully telling them that he is a proud American and demanding that McCain recognize him as a Patriot. This can only make one wonder what he’s trying to hide, ala Nixon and Clinton.

As it stands now, I believe that McCain is going to win this election. Regardless of who he chooses for VP, regardless of who Obama chooses as VP, McCain is looking solid. When Russia moved troops into Georgia (no liberals, Valdosta and Atlanta are not burning), it was McCain that said the right things. Obama hemmed and hawed.

In the “conversation” at Saddleback over the weekend, it was McCain that came off as firm and Presidential while Obama came off as wishy washy. Obama was losing ground to Hillary in the Primaries the last six weeks but he’d built up a large enough lead without Michigan and Florida that Hillary fell just short by the end of the season. Obama has continued that slide that he started in late April, early May, right into this campaign season.

The Veepstakes will be the topic this weekend until Obama announces, and then the convention will give him a bit of a bounce, but immediately following the Democrat convention comes the Republican convention that will wipe out Obama’s bounce and give McCain a bounce making September and October very nasty between the two candidates.

What led me to this point of view? The final straw was saddleback. On the abortion question Obama said “blah, blah, blah, above my pay grade, blah, blah, blah.” McCain’s answer to the abortion question was “At conception.”

In answer to the question on evil Obama said “Yes, there is evil in the world including on the streets in America, blah, blah, blah.” McCain’s answer was “Yes there is evil and the solution is to end it.”

The Veepstakes goes on, but the trend seems to be clear. Either way, the stories are always given a caveat of "the VP becomes what the President wants". McCain is the adult and will win. Obama is an empty suit struggling with getting the peach fuzz off of his chin.

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