Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Veep.....Sarah Palin

Several news outlets have confirmed that John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his Vice Presidential choice.

I have only been reading about her the past few days, so I'm not well versed about her at all. However, what I have learned is that she is a woman that isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She also does not tolerate corruption. Her latest foray into the corruption issue was regarding Senator Ted Stevens when she told him to come clean.

She is staunchly pro-life and has a son that has Downs Syndrome. She was told of the problem in the tests prior to giving birth, but chose to continue the pregnancy and after he was born said she saw perfection. She and her husband also have another son, who is reported to be scheduled to deploy to Iraq in September, as well as three other children.

She is against gay marriage, but says she has several gay friends and does not like descrimination against gays.

She appears to be a person that says what she means and means what she says. She's an avid hunter, fisherwoman and apparently loves "mooseburgers". I'd only heard of them once before from a relative that lives in Alaska and never really thought much about it. I suspect, we'll all learn plenty about mooseburgers very shortly.

She used to work with oil companies and I'm sure one of her advantages to McCain is the oil aspect. She's also reduced taxes by 60% as a Mayor in the past and cut her pay as she promised when she won that position. This one little fact will drive the liberals nuts. Sarah Palin fought the so-called "bridge to nowhere" and lead in it being eliminated saying that she wanted Alaska to be self-sufficient.

I have considered McCain a liberal and still do, but from all initial appearances, he has chosen a very strong Conservative. A no nonsense Conservative.

She has actively fought corruption in government in Alaska and is noted for going after corrupt Republicans as well as Democrats. She's taken on the odds in Alaska and she's come out on top.

It will be interesting to see how she works as VP in Washington with all of the corrupt politicians running around that town.

If the things about Barack Hussein Obama that are currently popping up, with Rezko, his birth and/or citizenship, have any basis in fact, it will be interesting to see how she handles that and her comments regarding his shady dealings in the past.

Tough on corruption. A true tax cutter, not just an empty promise as Obama was last night, and a person with high integrity.

I'm looking forward to learning much more about her, but my initial review about her leads me to believe that she is a very strong choice, which would also show McCain's judgement, something sorely lacking in the Obama campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if we can turn the ticket upside down? Palin sounds more like someone I would vote for than McCain.

Anonymous said...

In four years we can vote for Palin for President.


Yes, McCain is much too liberal. It's high time we had a beauty contest winner from a state rife with corruption serve as President.

We need a woman who carry on those corrupt traditions on a national level.

PALIN in '12!!!


We need someone like Sarah so we can start some more unprovoked wars.

Yes, Go Sarah Go!!!

More Unprovoked wars!

More Unprovoked wars!

More Unprovoked wars!

More Unprovoked wars!

gosarahgo said...

I can hardly wait for Sarah...I am just so EXCITED. I hope she makes all kinds of political appointments with unskilled hacks like Michael "heckuva job Brownie" Brown.

And I agree with anonymous, so wise for someone without a name...we should flip the ticket upside down!

gosarahgo said...

Oh, the Horror, the absolute horror!

That Barack Obama is surely not a proud 'murikin like our gal Sarah.

Out of 10s of thousands of those cheap flags they wave at the convention, there were about a dozen or so discarded in the trash!

Those fiends!!!

gosarahgo said...

I'm sure with a little practice, Sarah Palin can be outting CIA Agents, hiding in a bunker, and shooting people in the face in know time.

Those beauty queen pageants are quick studies!

WTG Sarah!


Sarah! Sarah!

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

Anonymous said...

If the stupid one Barack Hussen Obama gets elected this country will be no more.

We will be screwed forevery.

The liberals are too stupid to run a dounut shop.

Look what they have done to MI