Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain’s stroke of genius: Governor Sarah Palin

Who is Sarah Palin? Born in Idaho, moved to Alaska as an infant. She was a sports star in school, beauty contest winner and Miss Congeniality in her town of Wasilla and placed second for Miss Alaska. She married her high school sweetheart, who is a snowmobile racing champion, having won the Iron Dog race four times. Together they have five children. The oldest, joined the army on September 11, 2007 and will be deployed to Iraq on September 11, 2008. The youngest was just born in April of this year. Despite tests showing that her baby would have a birth defect, she continued the pregnancy and her son was born with Down Syndrome. In between those two boys, they have three daughters.

Mrs. Palin first joined the PTA, then moved on to the city council. She decided to run against the Mayor to end the wasteful spending and high taxes. She followed through on both.

Governor Murkowski appointed her ethics commissioner of the oil and gas conservation commission. Later she ran against Murkowski for Governor. She defeated him in the primary and then won in the general election against the Democrat former governor, Tony Knowles 48% to 40%. Currently she holds an 80% approval rating in Alaska.

The Democrats have been out en masse trying to discredit Sarah Palin since the announcement this morning. Their first claim is that McCain can no longer accuse Barack Hussein Obama of being inexperienced because she lacks experience. However, they are falling on deaf ears, except within the liberal news media. Palin has been a Governor for two years. Obama has been a United States Senator for two years. He began to run for President within months of winning his election to the Senate. He has no foreign policy experience. He has no legislative experience on the federal level, save his two years in the Senate.

Saying he’s been in the Senate for two years is giving him extra credit. He was only in the Senate for 143 days before beginning his run for President. His major contribution to legislation in the Senate was a resolution to congratulate the Chicago White Sox on their World Series victory.

In Governor Palin’s two years she has done much more. One of her first actions was to sell the plane that Governor Murkawski had. She took a picture, had her staff put it on E-bay and it sold for a nice profit.

When Senator Ted Stevens managed to win the money for Alaska to build the “bridge to nowhere”, she declined the offer saying that if Alaska needed a bridge, they’d build it. She also urged Senator Stevens to come clean with his financial troubles when it was learned that he had them.

Regarding her military experience, they claim she has none. Barack Obama has none. However, Governor Palin does as the Commander in Chief of the National Guard in Alaska. I don’t think that Democrats will dare to claim that is a poor excuse for military experience since former President Bill Clinton used the same argument to claim he had experience with the military.

In fact, of the four candidates running for President and Vice President, there is only one that has military experience. That is Senator John McCain. Senator Obama has none. Senator Biden has none. Governor Palin has had the national guard, and now a son in the army for a year and about to be deployed to Iraq, and we all know of John McCain’s military credentials.

When Senator Obama named Senator Biden his running mate, Senator McCain put out an advertisement congratulating Obama for naming McCain’s friend, Joe Biden. That was just a touch of class on his part. Senator Obama, upon hearing of the naming of Governor Palin immediately talked about Palin’s supposed lack of experience.

The Democrats are also talking about an investigation into abuse of power by the Governor, but when you look at it, she had cause for firing Walter Monegon, and even when she fired him from the position he had, she offered him another position, but he declined. The Democrats in Alaska say they are not issuing subpoena’s because Governor Palin has been cooperating with their investigation.

Governor Palin has been responsible for cleaning up Alaska politics. Not just of her opponents party, but her own party as well. She pulls no punches. She ran on a clean government and she has followed through on it. This is another area that she shines above Obama. He has associated with known terrorists, with convicted donors and questions are coming out on him and whether he participated in activities with Rezko.

Obama has never run a city, nor a state government. He was a community organizer, but you’ll have to look up the information on the apartment buildings that Rezko had and how he managed to donate money to Obama but couldn’t afford to heat the apartments in his rented out apartments.

As a state Senator in Illinois, Obama’s best known words were “present” when voting on various issues. He has had little time to do anything in the United States Senate as mentioned above because he’s only been there for 143 days.

Governor Palin has cut taxes, put more money into her constituents hands and cut spending in her years in offices.

Governor Palin is much more qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency than Joe Biden as well as the Democrats choice for President.

Has Governor Palin been tested? You bet she has. She has, and is raising five children. I know a little about that. I know a couple of people that raised five children and I know it’s not easy to do so. I call those people, ‘mom and dad’. For the Governor to be Governor and raise five children, and one of them to be born during the time she was Governor, and for that child to have some demanding needs, all the while doing her job as Governor is nothing short of amazing.

The Democrats and other various liberal factions are claiming that this is pandering to a constituency. However, it’s also pandering to choose someone as a VP from Delaware, but playing on his birthplace in Pennsylvania because it’s a battleground state. They are crying out because Palin said in her speech this morning that she owed a debt to two women, Ferraro and Hillary Clinton for going before her to be women that have done well in running for VP and then President, respectively. They claim that her being chosen for VP is only a way of trying to get some of those women voters that are upset at Hillary’s loss to come to the Republicans. Even if it were true, my answer to that would be, ‘too bad’.

Barack Obama lost 9 of the last 14 primaries he was in. He’s been in a downward slide since. His trip to Europe where he spoke to the “citizens of the world” was a bust and following his first three days of the convention he was losing ground in the polls.

It’s Barack Obama’s fault that he’s associated himself with Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Father Fleglar (sic), and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. It’s not McCain’s fault. This is supposed to be a cakewalk for Democrats this year. They keep talking about how President Bush has done everything wrong, and yet they cannot get that lead up and even dropped in the polls.

If the Democrats want to whine that McCain made a great pick, I’m good with that. If they want to claim it’s unfair that he pick such a good running mate, that is something that they’ll have to learn to live with.

As for me, I’m thrilled beyond description. Until today, my vote was going to be more against the ultra liberal Obama. Now, I have a reason to vote FOR the Republican ticket. McCain is liberal. I have said it and believe that it’s born out in his history. However, McCain made the perfect move today in naming Sarah Palin his VP mate. My vote will now be FOR McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden is just two names taking up space on the other side of the ballot.

Governor Sarah Palin is a conservative. She’s not perfect in my eyes. I disagree with her environmental position and a couple of other positions, but I don’t vote for those positions as my sole reason for voting. She is fiscally responsible. She is honest and I believe that she’ll not tolerate corruption in the White House, nor in the Senate or the House.

I don’t like Senator John McCain but he has now given me a reason to be excited to go and vote for him. If Palin is as good as I think she is, this could be another opportunity for Republicans to fight for and win seats in the Senate and the House.

I know that some of my friends are not voting because they just can’t vote for McCain. I hope that they see that this pick of Palin for VP is a stroke of genius on McCain’s part and that they will join me in voting for the Republican ticket. Ignore looking at McCain’s name if needs be, and just look at the name Palin and vote for her.

This was a great choice. Another reason for a vote for McCain. He’ proven his judgment is sound and that’s without comparing him to Obama’s lack of experience and lack of judgment.

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sarahhasdecentjugs said...
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iluvmavericks said...

She's a maverick too.

gosarahgo said...

Go Sarah Go!!!
*fap fap fap fap fap fap*

sarahhasdecentjugs said...

34-24-36, what a winnin' hand...Sarah Palin is a brick...HOUSE!!!

We want Sarah We want Sarah!!!

I don't care if her only foreign policy experience is living in Alaska, which is coincidentally, next to Russia...I don't care that she was the mayor of a podunk town...WHO CARES?

She's hot and she's hits the Republican red-meat issues...A child in every womb and a gun in every hand...MY KINDA GAL!!!

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iluvmavericks said...
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Maverick is a Cowboy said...

If you are deleting the negative comments, you will delete this one. I think McCain shot himself in the foot. This reminds me of when Nixon was running. I can't bring myself to vote for either party.