Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Economy Rebounds while Obama Complains

Economic figures out today show that the economy grew at 3.3% during the second quarter. It's the largest growth since the third quarter of 2007 when it grew at 4.8%.

This is good news in many ways. The Democrats have been saying how bad it is for everyone. That people can't afford to buy what they need. Well, another piece of good news is that consumer confidence rose and spending grew.

Some of this growth is due to the stimulus package that was passed earlier this year. The checks were mailed beginning in April and this helped the economy. Another reason that the economy grew, according to analysts, is the weakening economies in Europe.

I'm not going to predict any numbers for economic growth for the balance of the year, but it wouldn't surprise me if the growth rate stays at nor near where it was for the second quarter. It may go up, and it may come down, but I believe we can expect growth based on the words of various economists.

While Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden are out talking about people huddling around the kitchen table panicking about where their next meal is going to come from, with this news, we now know that what people are waiting on at the kitchen table is for the micro wave to beep so that they can eat their dinner.

It's nowhere near as bad as Obama and his cronies have been saying. It's not a robust economy, but we're not in dire straits as they'd have us believe.

This tactic is very similar to what Bill Clinton did in 1992 when running for the Presidency. He claimed it was the worst economy in 50 years. He said it over and over. Their slogan hung on their wall was "It's the economy stupid". Well, they were wrong then. They hoodwinked 43% of the people. After that election, just about the time of the inaugural, the fourth quarter figures came out and the economy had grown at 4.6% during the 4th quarter of 1992. It turned out to be the first of many lies of the Clinton administration.

Now we're hearing it again, from Senator Obama. However, as these numbers come out, we're learning that Obama/Biden don't know the economy and apparently don't realize that people are actually using their kitchen tables at night, after the children are in bed, to cards.

The more they ask if we really want four more years of Bush, the more my answer is "McCain isn't Bush, but if he was, the answer would be a resounding YES." The Bush economy has been the best in 25 years despite the worst terrorist attack in history where the economy nearly fell apart for four months following September 11, 2001. The resilience of Americans and the economy has been on display for nearly eight years and even in a slowdown period, it still continues to be resilient.

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ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I see you and all the other wingnuts received their talking points for the day..."libruhlz are chicken little...see the economy is great." Hogwash. This article still holds true today.

I don't care about the GDP...I care about what goes in MY wallet.

I care about how much I pay for something at the grocery store.

I care about how much I pay at the pump.

Right now, the overall benefit of imports/exports is going into the pockets of the wealthy and's not trickling down to ME, and it never will.

So, you too should stop walking around like a banty rooster, thinking that King George's economic policies are doing something for the average working stiff. They are NOT.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I don't know how I missed this part...The Bush economy has been the best in 25 years despite the worst terrorist attack in history where the economy nearly fell apart for four months following September 11, 2001.

Are you kidding me? You just spew it to spew it don't you? You have no interest in the real world, only in pushing your wingnut talking points.

Brett said...

Rolling stone? Really? You can do better than that. And Paul Krugman. A man with an agenda. That agenda is to be a puppet of Barack Hussein Obama.

You'll have to do better than using Rolling Stone, and Paul Krugman of the liberal NYTimes.

Seriously, do some research and use credible sources.


ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I really don't care what you define as credible.

Read the article or not, I could care less.

What he wrote was fact. Whether you choose to accept it into your little wingnut world is up to you.

Reality has a well known liberal bias...And conservatives don't have a clue.