Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Turns Veepstakes into a Circus

With much fanfare, Barack Hussein Obama announced that he had chosen someone to be his Vice Presidential candidate. However, he wouldn’t say who it was. First, he wanted to let those on the short list that weren’t chosen that they weren’t chosen.
That move was a good move. It showed respect for those that knew they were in the running.

Then the press was in a frenzy. The afternoon anchor on CNN said to Wolf Blitzer when she interviewed him that she hoped that the information would come during her show. On the Situation Room, which lasts for three hours they kept teasing that they were expecting Obama at any minute. Then they interviewed their favorite people, including themselves, asking them if they knew anything, or heard anything.

Then the news came out during the day on Friday that Hillary Clinton wasn’t even vetted. This surprised the news media who have been speculating of the “dream ticket” for months.

The nightly news on the network stations were hoping the news would come out before their broadcast, then during their broadcast. On CNN, each program following the Situation Room were hoping it would come out on their hour. Finally, near the end of Anderson Cooper it was announced that the news wouldn’t go out until tomorrow morning.

All of this hype was silly. The games they played will make the actual announcement a disappointment. This is another example of Obama’s inexperience and lack of judgment. He didn’t judge the height of the news, nor the news cycles. He played a game and is stretching it out to the point that the news now will be anti-climatic.

The choice will probably be Joe Biden. If it was someone exciting or completely unexpected, it might be a good news story, but there just aren’t that many people in the Democrat Party that justifies Obama’s coy games. The liberal media will try to build it up for him, but they missed the big news day. Now it’s going to happen on the weekend when few are watching.

I wonder who will be fired for this farce. Maybe Obama will come out and say ‘I had to fire the PR guy for doing this. He’s just not the guy that I’ve always known, so I had to let him go.’

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