Sunday, August 31, 2008

Republican Convention: Win/Win or Liberal Media: Lose/Lose

The Republican Convention begins on September 1, 2008. Or will it? President Bush and Vice President Cheney already have decided not to attend due to Hurricane Gustav. There is talk that they may postpone the convention for a few days until the problems of Gustav have passed and people are back to normal.

I believe that this goes against what the Republicans and George Bush have said for the past 8 years. Let's remember September 11, 2001 for a minute. Following the worst attack on our country, the President came out and said that we should continue our lives as normal. If we don't the terrorists win. They will have caused us to be afraid and that is not something that we want to show terrorists.

This should be no different. If they postpone it or even cancel it, they've told the world that natural disasters upset the way the country runs. They aren't going to get any credit from the liberal media regardless of what they do, and they won't get any credit from the liberals in politics regardless of what they do. If the continue the convention, the liberals will act shocked and say "this proves that the Republicans put themselves above the people that were hit by the hurricane." If they delay it or cancel it, the liberals will say "the Republicans are so incompetent that they can't hold their convention and handle a disaster at the same time."

They can however, turn this into a positive. They can hold their convention. Bush and Cheney can still speak via satellite on Monday night as planned. They will be there without actually being there. I don't know their speaker lineup for the week, but if the southeastern governors from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas all stay home due to this hurricane, they can still speak at the convention via satellite.

During the week of the convention, the attendees may make contributions to the victims of this hurricane via the Salvation Army or other groups that take donations to assist the areas affected.

I heard Roland Martin, a liberal talk show host, say that they should hold their nomination the first night, then cancel the rest of the convention. Well sure he would think that. That would be four days that whatever press coverage there would have been would no longer be. This may or may not affect Barack Hussein Obama's chances in the election. It's difficult to gauge because the bounce coming out of the Democrat Convention was for McCain and not Obama. The Zogby Poll has McCain up by two points.

The Republicans should continue their Convention, make adjustments to their lineup and the timing of it to accomodate those that stayed in their states to help with any possible needs of the people of their states. They should be the leaders and start taking up donations to help out the affected areas (although I believe there will be much less loss of life this time), and turn this convention into a positive despite the hurricane.

They have a banner to hang on their ticket now. They should exploit that to the nth degree. John McCain, for all of his faults, had a master stroke by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. I hope that they showcase her, and showcase the Conservatives as much as possible. John McCain made a brilliant move. He proved his judgment is greater than that of Obama's.

I believe that the Republicans will put on a fine program this week. They usually don't go off running and hiding when things go bad (although their advancement of Republican candidates for the House and Senate has been poor at best). Instead, they turn things into a positive and this is a great way to show they are for country and not just out for themselves as Obama has shown in his candidacy.

I look forward to an exciting and eventful week with some surprises from the Republicans. It may not be traditional, but if they are as I think they are, they will lead the way in showing the world that Americans stick together and continue what needs to be done even in the face of natural disasters.

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