Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jackson County Commissioner Standing up for America

Jackson County Commissioner, Phil Duckham, carried a sign with a crossed out swastika on it at a rally outside of Congressman Mark Schauer's office last week. He was protesting the government takeover of health care along with hundreds of other protestors.

Mr. Duckham is now under fire for having carried that sign. The areas Jewish league wants an apology saying that the swastika should not be tolerated in American civil discourse. The head of the Michigan Democrats is saying that it's inappropriate.

To Mr. Duckham's credit, he's not backing down. He says it may not have conveyed his message as well as another way could have and says he's sorry if anyone's been offended, but he's not apologizing for the message he was trying to convey.

I believe that Mr. Duckham has nothing to apologize for. I think that the Jewish league would be happy to see that Americans are against naziism. It would make sense for Mark Brewer of the Michigan Democrats to admit that America is against Naziism. But instead, they chose to defend Naziism by saying that an American carrying an anti nazi sign is somehow evil.

On a radio program this morning, the people were chastized for protesting loudly and carrying anti nazi signs under the guise that the liberals will turn it around and claim that the protestors are nazi lovers, and out of control because they can't curb their anger over the government takeover of health care.

These politicians don't listen. Mark Schauer is not holding town hall meetings. Instead, he's held a phone conference where the questions were pre-screened so that he didn't have to face tough questions. He's a coward that cannot look into his constituents eyes.

The only way to get these elitists to listen is to get in front of them. Ask the questions and challenge them when they lie. Yes, they do lie. Not just a little white lie, but bald faced lies. An example. After days of the AARP saying they have not backed any particular plan after Obama said they did, Schauer continued the lie by saying again that AARP does back the health care reform plans.

The way to make these politicians listen is to make yourself and your position known loud and clear. If they are going to stand there and lie to us, it is out duty to shout out that they are lying. If they say something that is completely silly we should be laughing at them. If we sit back, say nothing and wait for the next election, the news won't report that people are against it. But by making a stand and making it loudly, the media is reporting on these things every night. That makes the uninformed aware and has added to the crowds with people that are not usually active.

Imagine if the people of Germany could make signs prior to World War II protesting what was happening by putting a swastika on a placard and crossing it out. The only problem is that they didn't know what the Nazi's were going to do. In addition, the people were told that if they knew anyone that was against the Nazi's positions they were obligated to turn in those people. Husbands turning in wives, wives turning in husbands. Parents turning in children and neighbor against neighbor. Have we had anything like that? Oh yeah, we did. The White House wanted us to forward E-mails to them that were against health care. Is that a fair comparison to the Nazi's? Sure seems so to me.

In a previous writing, I showed the similarities between the Nazi logo and Obama's health care logo. Is that also unfair?

I applaud Mr. Duckham for his stance. I have to wonder why the Democrats and Mark Brewer are not against naziism. I have to wonder why the Jewish League is not standing proud that Americans are against naziism.

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