Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Protest Loudly!

The picture that is at the top of this does not represent the majority of those protesting the Health Care proposal. It has not been proven that it was done by one side or the other of the debate, but regardless, this type of vandalism does not represent the majority of the protestors.

There are some that are fringe or extreme. But they appear on both sides. The liberals are upset that people are showing up and asking questions about this health care plan and that they are stating unequivocably that they are against it. They expect everyone to just roll over because Obama won the election.

The protestors at the early town hall meetings were loud. They asked their questions and got double talk or outright lies in return from their elected officials. When they received their answer, and they knew it was an outright lie, they let the representatives know, almost in unison, that they considered the representative a liar.

These representatives then are taken aback. They are shocked that their constituents would challenge their veracity and speak so freely to them. The response from our government is not that they are concerned that they may be out of the loop when it comes to their constituents needs, or desires. Instead their response is to either accuse their constituents of organizing behind their backs, or to call them racists, or to call them unamerican or to say their constituents aren't sophisticated enough to understand.

After the initial shock of the protests, the President then came out and said to fight back. Hit them twice as hard. This brought out violence. A man with cancer being pinned to a wall by a union thug. People being escorted out of the meetings for daring to ask questions loudly. A man against the health care proposal being beaten up. Another man who is against the health care proposal being grabbed and held by another man in favor of the health care proposal.

A congressman's likeness has been hung in effigy. Nobody knows who did it, but it's one side that's blamed for it. They may be right, but it's not been proven yet.

I understand people being loud and voicing their disappointment when an elected official spouts the party line rather than telling the truth. I even agree that people should be heard and if the only way is to be loud, so be it.

But, hanging people in effigy, or painting a swastika, if it's done by those against health care reform, is not the way to win the battle. If these Congresspeople are going to claim they are receiving threats, I don't want to hear them talk about it. I want to see the proof. If they are receiving threats, produce the threats.

The violence started when the liberals started stacking the town hall meetings to avoid hearing negative comments. It's been proven that Obama's town hall yesterday was stacked in his favor. Just a few token Republicans. Are the liberals that desperate to pass a health care plan regardless of whether it's good or bad? If that's the case, they don't need to hold town hall meetings. They have the numbers. They can pass health care reform of any sort without any Republicans. It will be their plan alone.

I can't even call this a Democrat plan because there are many Democrat constituents that are against this plan. They've read the bill and they don't like it. This is a liberal's plan. The extreme fringe of the left wing that is forcing this health care plan through. The price for this health care, if it's passed, will be the elections in 2010. That campaign season is starting up soon and they will be ousted in droves.

Painting swastika's and hanging congress members in effigy is not going to further the debate. It's only going to cause more angst and someone is going to get seriously hurt.

The facts are on the side of those against this health care reform proposal. Be loud, carry your signs, and make it known how much you're against it, but stay away from the swastika's and the violent expressions. When they do happen, and they will, it's best to have the culprits, the racists, the intolerant to be discovered being part of the liberal playbook.

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