Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama Causes Civil Unrest in America

President Obama has gone on the attack and unleashed the dogs on America. First, he created an E-mail for people to send websites and E-mails that are not in favor of his Health Care Reform plans. This is extremely similar to Nazi Germany. People were turning in their friends that were against the Nazi's or said anything negative about the Nazi's. Neighbor turned in neighbor. Friend turned in friend. Spouse turned in spouse and brother turned in brother.

Second, he told his fellow Democrats to "hit back twice as hard". This is particularly interesting because it was followed nearly immediately. In St. Louis yesterday a town hall meeting was held. Several people were arrested. From all accounts that I've been able to find, they were all Democrats with one possible exception. A cameraman from the local newspaper was arrested.

Watching a video, I could hear nothing that the speaker was saying. The chanting began for Obama and nothing could be heard but that chanting. What I find interesting about it is that while Democrats have been complaining that the Republicans at these meetings were drowning out the speakers and not allowing them to speak, each and every video showed the speakers, then showed the questioners, then showed the speakers answering and the people disagreeing with that answer. In these videos from yesterday where Democrats attended the speakers could not be heard.

For those of you that voted for change, it's apparent that we have gotten change. America has been changed and is being changed into a Nazi Germany remake. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said that there were swastika's at these meetings. Nobody has shown any documentation of this. I thought she was looking like a fool. However, I've changed my opinion. Her words were actually a warning. This administration is now acting like the Nazi's of old. Now that the Democrats have come out to fight back, they are literally fighting back....and getting arrested for their thuggery.

Arrests are now being made since the Democrats decided to "fight" back. Scuffles are breaking out in Florida, St. Louis, and Houston. In Dearborn, Michigan a man who's son was in a wheelchair was escorted out of the meeting by police. His problem? He was questioning Dingell why his son wouldn't be covered under the new Obama Health Care Reform bill. The report didn't indicate if he was escorted out with his son, or if his son was left in the room alone at the mercy of the Democrat thugs without his father.

Back to the E-mails being sent to I've finally found a useful purpose for all of my spam mail. I'll be fowarding it all to the E-mail address. The jokes that I receive, whether political or not, will be forwarded to the The really great thing about E-mail addresses is that if it's receiving mail, it doesn't differentiate between complaints, jokes, spam. I will not send porn though. I really don't want another Bill Clinton situation at the White House.

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