Saturday, September 12, 2009

The People Speak Loudly and Forcefully!

Forget about the million man march. Forget about the thousands in various cities across the country over the past few weeks. The Tea Party, Tax Protest had up to 2 million people in attendance!!!

Several groups brought their people, but alot more people showed up on their own, not affiliated with any organizations and created a huge turnout for the protest of Obama's Health Care plan, the House health care plans and the Senate Health Care plan and the increased taxes and the increased spending, and the deficit having been quadrupled in 7 months time and the debt growing out of control.

There were Republicans, Democrats, Independents and people that identified themselves in other ways all at the Capitol. There were so many people that the sound system they had couldn't reach the entire crowd. There were many that said that they had never protested anything before and some that said that it was the first time they marched against something rather than for something.

One of the things that Obama said during the campaign was that he wanted to bring people together. I don't think he intended to bring them together against him. There were many that were protesting the nations move towards socialism and didn't hesitate to say so to the news broadcasts.

People were not happy with CNN. They chanted "Go Home" so much and so loud during a live remote that the reporter couldn't even be heard. CNN has had a bad few months. They have been one of the news outlets that have fawned over Obama and pretty much have given him a free ride. In addition, they reported on a possible terrorist attack on the Potomac yesterday which turned out to be the Coast Guard doing some training.

I am happy to see this. I was afraid that after the tax day tea parties on April 15, this year that people would say 'I did my part and they still aren't listening'. But it hasn't stopped there. It's grown since the spring. August gave us town hall meetings where people wouldn't just accept the "company line" any longer. They challenged their representatives and senators when they tried to give them political speak as if they were just tolerating having to put on the town halls. This led to many that refused to do town halls and instead, many started having teleconference calls where they could pre-screen the questions.

Today, the American people stood up, 2 million strong, and said "Screw you guys. This is what we want and as our Representatives it's your responsibility to act on what the people want."

This has been an amazing day. Now we'll see if the people elected to office actually sit down and say "they don't want our plan we should try to devise a new plan."

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ka_Dargo_Hussein said...


I'm curious, how does it feel to be the country's biggest dupe and purveyor of lies at the same time?

2 million? There were a 100k if you're generous.

Pathetic, even for you.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

*gasp*...say it ain't so...those darn libruhlz at Fox News reported "tens of thousands".

And it appears your dailymail link goes to a page that doesn't exist.

Brett, the mighty purveyor of lies, strikes out again.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I see your link is working again.

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