Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama: Incompetent? Racist? Anti-American?

Is President Obama and his administration incompetent, corrupt, racist, disorganized, evil or just plain stupid?

In the past several days much information has come out about one of over 30 of Obama's "czars". It's not reported on NBC, ABC, CBS nor in the Washington Post and New York Times, but it's been discovered by Glenn Beck and then others following his initial reporting.

Van Jones, the Green Energy Czar in the Obama administration has been discovered to have made vulgar comments about the Republicans, racist comments about school shootings and ebonic style comments about President Bush. All of these just in the past 72 hours.

First the YouTube video came out showing him giving a speech and in answer to a question called Republicans A**holes. Then it was discovered that he signed a petition claiming that the government knew and did nothing to stop the attacks on September 11, 2001, in effect blaming the Bush Administration for plotting to kill 3,000 Americans. He's also claimed that whites are steering poison to black neighborhoods. Next came the comments he made saying that black kids don't shoot up schools, that only white kids do that. Today it's out that he said that President Bush's desire for oil makes him look like a crackhead licking his crack pipe for a fix. Van Jones is a self described Marxist.

Questions have come up since this came out. What's wrong with the vetting process in the Obama Administration? Why didn't they find this before he was hired? Will he be asked to resign? Will Jones resign before the holiday weekend is over?

This isn't the first time vetting has been an issue. Remember that Timothy Geithner has been found to be a tax cheat. He now runs the Treasury Department, which is the head of the IRS. Tom Daschle, former Senate Majority Leader before he lost his election, was found to have not paid taxes. Governor Bill Richardson, had his own scandal in New Mexico. THere were several others that had tax problems that had to be dropped or dropped out of consideration on their own, and then there is the Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, who's husband had a tax problem.

Then there was a problem with Obama's Supreme Court nominee who claimed that because she's Latino she has a better perspective than white men.

The definition of a czar is "emporer". These czars that Obama is appointing don't answer to Congress. They don't have to go through a confirmation hearing. I'm not sure this would matter. After all, Geithner, Solis and Sotomayor had to go through confirmation hearings and despite their failures with taxes and racist comments, they still managed to get into their positions.

It's obvious that either the vetting process of the Obama Administration is either incompetent or non-existant. I suspect that it's non-existant. I believe that these things were known about Jones prior to his appointment. Remember, Obama spent 20 years in a church led by Jeremiah Wright who preached against whites.

So if the vetting process didn't catch this information, the question should be, why not and how are they going to correct it? If it did catch this information the question should be why would they hire someone like this? However, now that it's been discovered, the question has turned to, 'will he resign before the end of the holiday weekend?'. My question is, "why hasn't he been fired already?" Why wait for the guy to resign? Get him out of that position, and get him out NOW.

Obama has appointed over 30 czars. Who's next? Who will be the next czar that is found to be racist? Or have a tax problem. Or have a an anti American agenda.

Finally, there is another question that is really not a question at all. Why hasn't the press, CBS, NBC, ABC et al covered this story? I know, it's not a serious question. They are all protecting this President. It does make one wonder though about their credibility in dealing with Talk Radio, the fairness doctrine, and anything else they may try to create to bring out liberal talk radio over Conservative talk radio.

So is this administration Incompetent? Well, yes, I think so, but I don't think that's the case with Jones. Is this administration racist? I think that's been answered with the appointment of Jones. Are they just plain stupid? Nope. Obama has an agenda and it's not for all Americans. It's just forced on all Americans.

Incompetence could be a factor as well. President Obama held a private dinner to celebrate Ramadan. Ramadan is a period of fasting in the muslim world. So to celebrate a period of fasting, Obama holds a dinner? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's not incompetence. Maybe it is just plain stupid.

Do you still wonder why I don't want this President speaking to the children of this country on Tuesday in a television address?

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Anonymous said...

I believe that Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright's church says it all about him. Thank's Brett.--ecwells

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that, although considered silly now, that if freedom survives history will not obama a islamic and/or marxist mole who almost destroyed America. Assuming that he does not succeed, then history books will be required to hold him holy.

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