Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Creates Winds of War

For the past few years we've been hearing liberals say that we've created enemies around the world because of the war in Iraq. It didn't matter that we went in with 34 other countries. Liberals said we were hated around the world, so it must be true.

Well, Congratulations to the Obama administration. He's created more enemies. Poland, the Czechs. But to his credit, he did create one new friend (at least for today) in Russia.

This move to drop the missile defense system was dumb. To do it on the anniversary of when Russia invaded Poland in 1939 shows that this President is an amateur. Now the AP is reporting that Iran does have all that's necessary to create nuclear weapons for use. How many more examples do we need? DVD's as a gift to the Prime Minister of Great Britain. An IPod loaded with Obama's greatest speeches as a gift to the Queen. Now the dumping of the missile defense system saying that Iran isn't close to nuclear technology that would reach the United States.

This is history repeating itself. Shortly after Kennedy was elected President, Kruschev tested him and he stood up to them and they backed down. Now we have Obama. Putin stood up to Obama and Obama backed down. Someone should tell Obama that we're not France.

Iran has defied the world by developing nuclear weapons. Obama said in the campaign that he wouldn't sit down with the Iranian leader. Then after being elected he decided that the US would sit with Iran and talk. They gave them until September 30. Iran defied Obama and only recently said that they'd talk, AFTER September 30 (Obama's deadline) and that talking about nuclear technology was off the table. Still, Obama is willing to talk. This reminds me of how Clinton used to draw a line in the sand with Hussien. When Hussien tested the line, Clinton just drew another line and said 'don't cross this line'. And so on.

Obama has likely guaranteed that there will be an Israeli strike in Iran. His actions today has made that almost a certainty.

Obama has taken the greatest country in history and put it on a path to be the butt of jokes much as France has been.

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