Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is Obama a Liar?

In his speech to the Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday night, Obama laid out his plan for health care. This followed a month of protests, town hall meetings where questions weren't answered truthfully and often ignored altogether by elected officials.

Obama's plan that was unveiled on Tuesday didn't have much detail. However, he did challenge a couple of so-called scare tactics.

One of the things that he claimed were false, was the end of life plans. He said that the idea that seniors will be permitted to die wasn't just false, but he called it a "Lie". Was it a lie? Look up the bill. HR3200. Turn to page 425 and read that page as well as pages 426 and 427. It clearly states in there "end of life" provisions. So Obama was right. There was a lie. Unfortunately, he was wrong about who was telling the lie. It was his lie, not the lies of the Cable News programs or Radio talk shows.

Obama also said that this isn't a government takeover of Health care. Yet on page 72, that is exactly what is happening. So again, is Obama lying? If you read the bill, there is no other conclusion that can be drawn. It states it.

At one point, Obama said that there is no provision for covering illegal aliens. At this, a Representative yelled out "You lie!" Well, again, we look at the bill to find out which is the truth and sure enough, on page 91 we find that Obama is again lying. There is a set up for illegal aliens.

There are many more that you can read in the bill. On each that I've checked out thus far, Obama is the one lying as you can see above.

Obama's plan announced last night is nothing more than a copy of the plan put out by the House. I suspect it will be at least 1,000 pages long as well. The only purpose for creating bills that are 1,000 pages long is because nobody can read it that fast. We already know that the Congress doesn't bother with the reading of these bills before voting on them. They will try to push it through fast before the people can find all of the lies in the bill.

We know the lies will be there. After all, we were lied to on national television by the President.

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Sharon said...

Is Obama lying? Are his lips moving?