Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If You Disagree with Obama.....

How dare we disagree with Obama!!!!! Who do we think we are? This man was duly elected to the Presidency and it's our responsibility to listen to him, agree with him and encourage him to do more of the same that he's doing to us now.

We're now learning that if we disagree with Obama, we're racist. We just can't stand it that a black man is President. So I decided to look. On this day, when a black kid beats a white kid on a school bus while others are yelling for him to continue the beating I've looked for incidents of racism perpetrated by the Right Wing fanatics. On this day when a group of people in Valdosta are calling for the Superintendent of the schools to step down because he refused to allow the Presidents speech to school kids on the first day of school, I've been searching for incidents of racsim since Obama became the clear front runner in the race last year and President in January.

I've decided that I must be a racist too. After all, I disagree with the (not so stimulating) stimulus bill. I disagree with Cap and Trade bill that deals with global warming. I disagree with the government takeover of the health care system. I disagree with the massive influx of czars and am happy that Van Jones is gone. The only thing I can remember agreeing with him about was when he made reference to the day in a speech. He said it was Tuesday and I agreed....after looking at the calendar.

I've also discovered that I'm an angry mob. Or maybe I'm part of a mob. I also checked my closet and am disappointed that I don't have any brown shirts. They are all blue, red, green, white (now if that doesn't indicate racism, I don't know what does). I haven't figured out how I can be an angry mob when I'm just one person, but the President said so, so who am I to disagree?

I have found one incidence of racism from the Right. An assistant to a Congresswoman in Tennessee sent out an E-mail that was blatantly racist. But I haven't found any others. At least, not from the right side of the aisle.

It is now not the proper thing to do to think for yourself. It's okay if there is a white man that is President, but not when there is a black man as President. We must walk on egg shells. The President said that his stimulus plan is working, so it must be working. Never mind that there is nothing to indicate it's working. On Sunday night, I drove 6 miles on a road that had a sign at the beginning of it that said this construction was paid for by stimulus dollars. They sugar coated it and said it was the America Recovery Act or whatever they are calling it. The funny thing is that the sign was at the beginning of my six mile trek and it was at the end of the six mile trek. But between those two signs, there were no construction trucks. There were no cones. No orange signs. Nothing to indicate that the road was, nor has been worked on.

So I assumed that it was Sunday, they must not be working. On Monday, I drove that way again. There were only two differences from my trip on Sunday. First, someone has run over a racoon and it was laying, pretty much flat in the road. The second thing is that I just missed hitting a deer. There were no "deer crossing" signs, so maybe that's what the stimulus money is going to pay for or maybe they cut some bushes so the deer would have an easier time coming out and crossing the road.

While it's true there are no death panels in HR3200, it is just as true that there are "end of life" provisions where you must speak to a government worker every five years. Hopefully, the news is correct and that will be dropped. But how can it be dropped when Obama tells us it's not there? I used to play baseball, basketball and softball and even a little football. Never once did I drop a ball that I didn't have. So how could Obama drop a provision in the bill that is not in the bill?

While it's true that the bills says it won't cover illegal aliens, but it doesn't allow you to check on someone's residency status. I'm glad that the bill doesn't cover illegal aliens. It's good to know that the only way an illegal alien will be covered under money paid by me in the form of taxes for their plans is if that illegal alien signs up for health care illegally. But what proof do we have that they'd do that? Oh wait, they are HERE ILLEGALLY. Maybe they'll see the error of their ways after having come here illegally that they'll begin to respect our laws now.

I must be a racist for expecting my Representative to read the bills. I must be a racist because I expect that if the President is going to talk about what's in the bill that he actually take some time to read the bill. I did. My disagreement comes from an informed position. But if I expect the President to read it and be informed then I'm a racist.

The President by-passed the school systems when he wanted to speak to the school children. He went right past the school boards and sent his speech and lesson plans directly to the schools. Once caught, he had to back track and take that lesson plan away and change his speech. Once he changed it then the liberals said "see, there was nothing wrong with that." Are they really so stupid as to not recognize that he did have a lesson plan until he was caught?

This President has thus far shown a proclivity for incompetence. If that makes me a racist, then I'll add that to my list of accomplishments albeit one that I didn't set out to become. But as long as we let the liberals define us, we'll just have to accept that we're racist. Oh wait. We didn't let them define us. Over a million people showed up in Washington DC to protest the same things that I'm against.

What did the Presidents staff say? 'Gee, we didn't know a rally was planned.' The President? He was off in Minnesota talking about the plan that I read, but that he didn't read. He didn't care what over 1 million people had to say. He preferred to duck into the liberal bastion in Minnesota.

I guess when Obama says that he has a grip on the pulse of the nation, he's just waiting for those that disagree with him to have their pulse stop. Could that be the new end of life counseling?

I found a picture of a man holding a sign. I've posted it above. Is that the new sign of racism? I choose freedom. Freedom to make my own choices, my decisions and my own opinions without being held back by those that don't like my choices, decisions and opinions. If all the liberals have is to call me a racist because I disagree with the man sitting in the White House, then they are really desperate. They have no coherent message to put out other than "you just can't stand it that a black man was elected President." Once again, the only ones talking about race and racism are the liberals. It seems to me, that if they see race without any intelligent arguments to the issues, the true racism lies on the liberal side of the aisle and it tells me that the color blind society that they've been preaching has failed. Imagine that, another failure by the left.

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ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

As usual, half truths and exceedingly obvious, poorly researched, partisan wharrgarbl from good ol' Brett.

I'm only going to address some of the more egregious lies as the rest of your garbage is exactly that.

Let's talk about the fight...

I'm assuming you heard about this from good ol' Rush. He neglected to mention the long, illustrious history Belleville, IL...things like police harassment of black motorists, cross burnings and discrimination in city hiring.

Nevermind the Belleville police chief called it racially motivated based on no evidence and has since backtracked AFTER reviewing the video. A video of both white and black kids, both white and black cheering on the combatants, others who were shocked and scared. It was a brawl between 2 hormonally charged morons.

No, HR3200 does not say you have to speak to a government worker every five years. It would help if you read the bill. Take a look on thomas.loc.gov...I'm sure you can find it.

More of the illegal alien nonsense...you're nothing if not predictable. I'm sure you won't settle for anything less than an ICE agent on every street corner.

If you want to fix the illegal alien "problem", focus on the source of the problem...employers who choose to employ them. I realize Republicans are cowards and can only pick on the defenseless, but I think it's time you sacked up and took on the big guys.

Regarding the stimulus...I imagine if you limit your narrow little world to six miles, you won't see much change.

How sad for you.