Friday, September 11, 2009

Do You Remember?

On this date, eight years ago, America was attacked. Not by uniformed soldiers. Not by a country with borders. Instead, we were attacked by men that had come to this country and learned how to fly in our flight schools. They were here with visa's. They didn't attack the military. They didn't stand up to American servicemen. They went after American citizens. Businessmen. Women. Children.

These men didn't use AK-47's. They didn't use shotguns. They didn't use handguns. They used boxcutters. An ordinary everyday household tool. They spread out over four airplanes. Passenger airplanes. They overpowered the flight crew and took over command of the planes.

One flew into the first tower of the World Trade Center. The news organizations broke in to their programming with breaking news. A plane had flown into the World Trade Center. Pictures were shown of black smoke coming out of one of the towers. How could this happen? How could a plane not see the World Trade Tower? But then, a second plane was seen. It was headed for the other tower and flew right into the side of it and disappeared inside. Then the windows broke out on the other side of the tower. There was now no question. We were under attack!

Not long later, reports came in that another plane had hit the pentagon. The questions then started all over. Are there are other planes out there that are headed to do more damage? To kill more Americans? Then a report of a plane coming down in Pennsylvania. Was this an accidental plane crash? Was it caused by the confusion created by the three that attacked New York and Washington? Why did it go down in a field when the rest had largely populated targets?

The President was whisked to Air Force One and the protection protocol was enacted. The Vice President was taken to a bunker. The military was ordered out to airfields. Commercial flights were ordered grounded.

Later, we found out that an attempt was made on the Presidents life early that morning. We also found out that 19 terrorists had boarded these planes and taken them over and purposely headed for their targets. We also found out that there were hero's in this attack. The passengers on the flight that ended in Pennsylvania had heard about the other planes and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They called family members and a flight attendant called 911 and learned of the other planes.

Several passengers on the Pennsylvania flight decided that they would attempt to take the plane back. Many said goodbye to their loved ones at home by phone. They knew going in that they couldn't fly the plane but they had to take it back to save other lives. Then, over the phone, people heard the passengers saying "Let's roll" and off they went. They took back the plane and it ended up crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. The lives they saved were all of those that were in the Capitol or the White House.

Meanwhile, back in New York, firemen were rushing into the two towers to rescue anyone they could. People on the upper floors were jumping off to avoid being burned to death. In Washington DC, people were trying to rescue those in the Pentagon. Even Donald Rumsfeld was out assisting to get people out.

The twin towers came down, killing many that hadn't yet gotten out along with the firemen that went in to rescue them. A little later, the second tower came down killing even more Americans. When it was all said and done, nearly 3,000 people were killed. People in the World Trade Center. People in the pentagon and those passengers in the planes that were turned into missiles.

What have we learned? Are we better protected? Could this happen again?

The answer is that we've learned nothing. Our borders are still not secure. Illegal aliens are still here and the only thing seriously being considered to solve this problem is to let them stay and make them citizens. So no, we're not better protected and yes, this could happen again.

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Brett, baby, I see you're still posting your ponderously stupid fact-less opinions.

Really, how does that much stupid fit into one person's head?