Friday, July 24, 2009

Racist Obama; Dr. Obama; Hillary the Schoolgirl


Police were called to the home of Henry Louis Gates Jr. in Cambridge, MA. A witness saw two people that appeared to be breaking into a home. She didn't call because it was a black man. She called because she saw two men putting their shoulders to the door trying to force open the door. The police showed up and spoke with the woman witness out in front of the home.

Sgt. Crowley, then approached the home and asked the man that he could see inside, if he would step out on the porch. The man asked him to identify himself and when the officer did, he opened the door. Crowley told the man, Henry Louis Gates Jr., that he was investigating a report of a break in at that address and asked if he could produce some identification. Gates first said that he would not produce an identification then asked "why, because I'm black in America?"

This could have ended right here with one simple little move on the part of Gates. He could have said "that was me trying to force my way in because my door was jammed", provided proof that he actually lived there and thanked the officer for checking it out. But Gates preferred to be beligerant.

By the time that all was settled and the police were satisfied that he was in fact the resident of the home, the officer, in uniform by the way, started to leave. Gates followed him out continuing to shout about how this wouldn't happen if he weren't black. Finally, outside and after a couple of more comments by Gates, Crowley turned and said he was being disorderly and that Gates should stop. He gave him a second warning and still Gates persisted, in front of witnesses, both civilian and other police that had arrived by this time. Crowley then turned and told Gates he was under arrest and put cuffs on him. You can read the police report at

During his press conference, Obama, despite saying he didn't have all of the facts, said the police acted stupidly and talked about how blacks and latino's had been treated unfairly. Later, his press secretary said that Obama wasn't referring to the particular officer. Since Sgt. Crowley is the only one that took any action, how could Obama be talking about any other officer? Once again, as in the campaign of 2008, it's the Democrats, and Obama that are creating more of a race problem. Oh, and by the way, Sgt. Crowley, it turns out, is an expert at the issue of racial profiling and has taught a class at the academy on racial profiling at the recommendation of a commissioner, who is black. Obama is looking like a fool on this one.


In his press conference, Obama claims that doctors are forced to make a choice for care based on how much money they make. Saying that they choose to remove tonsils at times due to income rather than need is wrong. Yes, it would be wrong. But what proof does Obama have that this practice goes on often enough for a President to address it in a national news conference while pushing his health care reform agenda?

While the liberals contend that this new health care takeover will not have government officials deciding on treatment and who is eligible, but that that doctors would still be making the choices for their patients, he is demonstrating with his words that he doesn't think Doctors can make proper choices. He's attacked the insurance companies saying they make decisions on proper care and not the Doctors, now he's attacking Doctors for making decisions on care based on their own income needs.

So if we need health care reform because Insurance companies are deciding which is wrong, and now we need health care reform because doctors are choosing based on their incomes rather than needs of the patients, who's left to make the decisions? It comes down to the patient and the government. How long before he says that patients are incapable of deciding their own care? Obama is looking like a fool on this one.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the N.Koreans had no friends left in the world and said they were an unruly child.

Clinton was late, "as usual" according the Washington Post, for a press conference. The N. Koreans in response to her comments about them, said they could only regard her "as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community. " And that "she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping."

N. Korea has ended the six party talks through spitting contest going on between Hillary and themselves.

You can find this in the Washington Post on 07-23-09.

This administration is falling apart. N. Korea is testing missiles and Hillary wants to throw name calling into the mix and now the N. Koreans have responded. The United States was on sound footing regarding the testing of these missiles yet, Hillary Clinton has chosen to get into a namecalling match with the N. Koreans.

Obama and Hillary are looking like fools on this. Can we please have some adult supervision in Washington D.C.??

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