Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conservative Wahlberg Announces Candidacy For House Seat

Tim Wahlberg, former Congressman from Michigan announced this morning that he's running again for the seat that he held two years ago. He lost that seat to Mark Schauer in 2008 by a very narrow margin.

Tim Wahlberg is a Conservative Republican while Mark Schauer is a very liberal Democrat. Schauer is the Representative that claimed to have read the so-called stimulus bill. He's the only one in the country that claims to have read it despite the common sense that it couldn't be read, let alone comprehended in the few hours that it was presented, to the time it was voted on.

I have lived in this district for just six years. During that time, Joe Schwarz held the seat. He was a Republican who ran as a conservative, but then voted like a liberal during his two years. He was one of two incumbents that lost their seats to challengers in the primary. The other was Cynthia McKinney in Georgia. The challenger that defeated Scwharz? Tim Wahlberg. Schwarz has since left the Republican party. Now the Representative here is Mark Schauer, an ultra liberal.

In 2008, Mark Schauer ran against Walhberg and narrowly defeated him, most likely on the coattails of the Socialist Barack Obama who won against the liberal John McCain.

Given the current situation, record deficits (double what Bush's highest was, and about to be four times higher), record debt (about to be doubled) under Obama and Schauers desire to follow party rather than represent the people of his district, not to mention the lying that Schauer just can't move away from, Wahlbergs biggest problem will be if another Republican decides to jump into the race. Wahlberg has the conservative credentials. It would be tough for anyone to take him on in a primary and there is no hope for Schauer to have a second term.

Finally, there seems to be some hope brought back into this with the decision by Tim Wahlberg to run for the seat he lost in 2008.

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