Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tax and Spend Democrats:

Word is coming out that the Democrats putting together the new Socialized Health Care Plan are going to raise the upper tax bracket to 45% or higher. The statement is that this will affect only those making $350,000 per year and higher.

What they are not saying is what it does to small businesses. A small business can generate $350,000 with no problem. That doesn't mean that the business owner is earning that amount of money. The business is. The owner of the business however is the one that writes the checks for the taxes. It cuts into his/her profits. So he now has less operating expenses.

Without that money, a small business will not be able to hire new employees. With unemployment about to hit double digits, the only question will be how high into the double digits will unemployment go when they can't hire and they must lay off employees to make up for the loss of that income to their business?

The Obama administration is constantly telling us that the health care in this country is part of the reason for the reason for the recession. I dismiss this because each time they bring up a topic or issue, they always say that that particular issue is a major cause for the recession. There are apparently now minor causes to the recession, they are all the major reason. Housing, past tax policies, health care, etc.

We already have a problem with elected officials in this country. They don't read the bills they put together. The so-called stimulus bill that had to be signed by President's Day (but was actually signed a day later in Denver), wasn't read by any member of Congress. Not even the one Congressman that claims he did read it. Not surprisingly, the so-called stimulus bill has failed. The more recent energy legislation that passed the House hasn't been read by Congress, yet they still voted for it.

Do you really think that the Socialization of Health Care in this country is going to be read by Congress?

The Democrats learned this in the Hillary Care debate in the early 1990's. They didn't push it through. Instead, the bill was out there for people to read and when they read it, they found the provisions that would send people to jail or give them stiff fines or cost Doctors their licenses if they violated the law of Hillary Care. Because there was time to read it, people found out what it was and it was soundly rejected. So, the Democrats now don't allow for time to read the bills. They put groups together to provide provisions in the bill, but nobody reads the other parts of the bill, nor does anyone have time to read it in it's entirety, and it passes.

For instance, we now know that one of the provisions of the new Health Care Socialization legislation has a provision that elected officials in the House and Senate are exempt from the socialization of health care.

We're now finding out that if you earn more than $350,000 per year, your tax will increase to 45% or higher. This will affect the individual earner and the small businesses in this country. But even with that increase, it's expect to generate $550 Billion to pay for it. Far short of the $1.6 Trillion cost of the health care being socialized. They always overestimate the amount received from their bills because Congress fails to recognize that if taxes go up, people will earn less, hide more, and that will not generate what they intend for revenue. So what happens then?

Congress comes back in a couple of years and says that they need more money to fund it. So what do they do? They increase the tax rates at the lower levels of the income scale as well. Now they've hit the middle class.

They are also talking about taking money from the current medicare system to help fund it. So what happens to the current medicare system? They will say that we need to fund it to get it back to it's levels again. More taxes. But even at Medicare's current funding levels it's operating in the red. To correct that, increase taxes.

Social Security needs to be revamped. I wonder what that solution will be. Could it possibly be that they are going to increase taxes for that as well? Maybe they'll just print more money instead and we won't have to worry about increased taxes. Oh wait, that's not right. If they do that, the value of the dollar decreases, the cost for goods increases, which increases the sales taxes that must be made, which means that even the states without an income tax will now get a tax increase.

People were warned about this prior to the election. If you vote for a Democrat, your taxes will increase. If you vote in a liberal Republican, your taxes will increase. Through all of these tax increases, the delivery of health care is not fixed. So the solution to the problem, just creates more of the problem and provides no solutions.

Health care cannot be fixed by politicians. If you need a tumor removed from your arm, you don't go to your auto mechanic to get it taken care of. If you need to have your bookkeeping done for your business, you don't go to a reporter at the newspaper to do your bookkeeping. If you want the truth, you don't go to a politician. Politicians have proven they can't read. If they really want a solution to health care, they should go to the professionals and request they come up with solutions that will solve the problems the health care industry has.

It's amazing that the free market system can solve all sorts of problems and does, but the government doesn't trust the professionals. These Democrats don't think you can make your own decisions regarding your own health. I wonder how long it will take someone to come up with the idea that the abortion position they take (it's a woman's body and her decision) is not the same position when it comes to health care. It's your body, the government will decide if you're qualified to make your own health care decisions.

But then, they can't read their own bills before voting on them so it's not likely that they'll make any other good choices. Not even about your health. It's time for these politicians to be replaced.

Maybe these politicians could take advantage of another of their programs. PBS's Reading Rainbow. Learn to read,

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