Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Rises Higher in Stepping Down

In a stunning announcement today, Governor Sarah Palin said she is not going to run for re-election and is resigning her Governorship as of July 26! After listening to her reasons, I can only applaud her for her choice.

CNN and other news outlets are questioning her motives. Is she resigning to concentrate on a run for the Presidency in 2012? Or perhaps to challenge Murkowski for the Senate in 2010? Could it be that she just can't take the heat dished out to her in the past ten months?

Well, let me add one more question to that mix. Could it be that she is resigning for the reasons that she said? I heard the news, heard the speculation, watched the Democrat strategists that came on and were just befuddled. Not one person said she is resigning for the reasons that she said she is. Most, like Paul Begala, said it was a dumb move because she's hurt her chances to run for President in 2012.

Those Democrats look only at life as if it were completely tied up to running the country. They just can't seem to understand that some people actually say what they mean and mean what they say and care more about the country than they do about party or themselves.

Palin said she was resigning because since she was tapped to be John McCain's running mate in the 2008 election, the press went digging into Alaska looking for dirt. They couldn't find any. They found two ethics charges that they played up, but they hadn't been decided at that point. It was convenient that they were settled after the election. In the past 10 months there have been 18 ethics complaints filed against Governor Palin. All but two have been dismissed. The two that have not been dismissed yet, are still pending.

Palin said herself that this has cost her over $500,000 to answer these complaints, but they have cost her accusers nothing. The Politics of Personal Destruction. However, regarding the ethics complaints, she didn't whine about the cost to her. Instead, she said it detracts from the state of Alaska and the cost to the taxpayer for those complaints is now over $2 million! Once again, Democrats causing a waste of taxpayers dollars for their own political gains. However, they have been unsuccessful at getting Palin. The only thing they have accomplished is to spend taxpayer money for their own personal vendetta against a governor that scares them to death.

Governor Palin gave another reason for leaving, which I find extremely interesting. She said first that she wouldn't be running for re-election. Then she talked about how lame duck elected officials just put in their time and collect a paycheck, while spending taxpayer dollars traveling. She did not want to be like that so she was going to resign effective July 26. She is absolutely right! For her to stand up and give this as one of her reasons for resigning, just has me even more impressed with her. She stated what she believes and what the rest of us know and she solved the problem by resigning and turning it over to her Lieutenant Governor.

How many governors travel around the world claiming to be working for their state when they are lame ducks? Look at Michigan. Governor Granholm is a lame duck. Yet she's traveling around the world claiming to be seeking jobs for Michigan. Yet, Michigan is the state in the worst financial shape of any state in the country with the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

When Granholm is not traveling the world, she's in Washington DC sitting at a table with Barack Obama. She is no doubt phishing for a job come January 2011 when she finally leaves office. She's collecting her paycheck while doing nothing. She's certainly not looking for jobs in Michigan talking to Obama. The only employment she's looking at for a Michigan citizen is one and that's her.

If you look back at my posts leading up to the election last year, you'll see that I did not like John McCain. I didn't want to vote for him, but I didn't want to be one of those that skipped the election and created a President Obama. When he named Sarah Palin as his running mate. I learned very quickly, along with much of the nation, that she was a Conservative. Not a John McCain wannabe Conservative, but her own Conservative. As strong a Conservative as Ronald Reagan and quite possibly even more Conservative. My decision was made listening to her speeches and reviewing her history (something that liberals and will never understand). When I went into the voting booth, I was casting my vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain was just lucky enough to be on the same ticket!

So while the pundits or idiots on the news programs that we all see are wondering what her strategy is, I'm taking Sarah Palin at her word. She has been put through the ringer more than any man that has run. She has had to dodge more vicious attacks during the campaign and after the campaign than anyone has had to put up with. She has always dealt with it with class and a smile on her face. She did it without the help of the National Organization of Women or any other group that claims to be for women, but are in fact, only there for liberals.

Even with the completely distasteful comments of David Letterman attacking her daughters, she still managed to handle it with grace and style. The NOW finally came out with a tepid statement in support of her, but it took them days to do so and then only after pressure by Conservative groups wondering where they were and questioning their motives and existance.

It is too bad that the Democrats can't face an issue by discussing the issue and not getting personal. Sarah Palin has been treated like an abused spouse by the press and the comedians. Her children have been subjected to treatment that could only be called child abuse if done by an adult. Those doing the abuse are the Press, the Democrats, the liberal blogs and the comedians.

But once again, Sarah Palin has handled it with class and grace. She's taken stepping down from a high political office and turned it into a positive statement putting her state above any personal gains. That's just another thing that the Democrats will never be able to understand. Sarah Palin rose above politics and personal advantage and stood up for her beliefs and acted on her beliefs rather than making it a political strategy. The State of Alaska lost an honest woman as their governor. The country may well have lost what could have been a great leader.

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