Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A New Government Program: For Government

In six months this year, spending has quadrupled the deficit and doubled the debt. Those $500,000,000 deficits that the Democrats whined and complained about is now chump change. The $11 Trillion debt? Those were the good old days.

The day after Presidents Day in February, Barack Obama flew to Denver to sign the so-called stimulus package. Remember, this is the bill that not one Congressman read before voting on it. One claimed he did, but he didn't read it. It was physically impossible for him to read it.

In this past week, the United States House of Representativess has again voted on a bill without reading it. This most recent bill will increase our taxes at a rate never before seen in this country. Again, not one Congressman read the bill. There was even a dispute as to whether the bill was in the chamber when the House debated the bill they hadn't read. At 3:09 a.m. on the day that the bill was voted on, an additional 300 pages was dumped into the bill in the form of an amendment. Again, nobody read the amendment.

I think it would be wise, since we're spending all of this money anyway, that we should create a new federal program. We have Head Start for children to help them learn to read. I think we shold appropriate billions of dollars for a Head Start program for the United States House of Reprensentatives. Why billions? The answer is simple. We also have to teach, as part of this Head Start Program for Congress, how to not lie about it.

This is particularly interesting to me because my Representative in the House is someone named Mark Schauer. Mr. Schauer is a Freshman Representative in my district. To his credit, I have not heard him say that he read the entire bill this time before voting on it. This is important because of what happened in February.

Mr. Schauer put on little town hall meetings in February leading up to the so-called stimulus package. He called them "Congress on your Corner". From the first day through the last of his town hall style meetings, he claimed he had read the entire bill. He is the only member of Congress that claimed to have read the entire bill. Not one person believed him. Yet he continued to say that he read the entire bill before voting on it. It defied logic since the bill was put out near midnight, was over 1,300 pages long and it was voted on the following day around noon.

So, if we're going to have people representing us in the Congress of the United States, I believe that they should be required to learn to read before taking office. This will not be easy. These are stubborn men and women. They vote on global warming legislation claiming they are saving the world from global warming, but global warming doesn't exist. We need to teach these people how to read, so that they are up to date on the facts rather than falling for Al Gore's words just because he speaks louder and slower and doesn't use big words (which I find to be good since Congress people don't understand the English language). We need to teach these people to read so that they at least can stop lying about reading things that they haven't read.

We'll also have to include comprehension in these classes. Letting them read the global warming bill is not enough. They must also comprehend that there is no global warming. The must learn that saying "You don't raise taxes in a recession" is not just a slogan. They must learn to read and comprehend that that "slogan" is actually something they should live by, understand why you don't raise taxes during hard times and quite possibly let them learn that reduced taxes improves the economy, and creates more tax revenue for the federal government. They will never learn this until they learn to comprehend what they read.

This will not be an easy task. Therefore, we should probably spend extra money hiring second and third grade students to teach these Congress people to read and comprehension. This is what we learn from Congress. The government education system is failing. It's dropping worldwide and it's the least productive form of education in this country. They keep throwing money at it and it gets continually worse. So it's only right that we throw money at these illiterate Congress people that don't have the common sense nor the brains of a bug heading for the headlights on a car doing 70 mph on the expressway at night.

There is a simpler solution. We could vote people into office that have half a brain, but there must be something wrong with the American voter too because we keep putting these dimwits in office. So, since we can't seem to find people to put in office that can walk alone in public without supervision, then I suggest we start a new government program to teach reading and comprehension to these elected people. We can't call it head start because that's already taken for the children that are learning to read as they enter school at an early age. Maybe we could call it "Congressional Reading and Comprehension: The Final Frontier". I nominate as the first student, Representative Mark Schauer.

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