Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health Care: Your Map to Ruin

Above is the chart of the new Democrat Socialized Health Care system. They've actually made this more detailed than HillaryCare from the early 90's.

This plan is designed to be a government take over of 18% of the economy. Government wants into your health care and to decide if you're worthy enough to receive care.

The cost of this will be higher than the current cost of health care in this country. Taxes will be increased. First just on those earning over $350,000 per year, but when they find that the costs are going up rather than down, and when they find that their estimates of the costs are higher than what they are saying now, they will then move down the tax scale and begin taxing the middle class. But then, they are already going to do that because if you don't buy their health insurance, you'll be fined a couple of thousand dollars per year for daring to disagree with the government. If you can't afford the health care, how will you afford the penalty?

You're about to be screwed. Will you fight against it, or just give up and accept it because you can't "fight city hall"? We should all be getting in touch with our representatives and Senators on the national level and applying pressure for them to stop this boondoggle, and we should be getting on our state representatives and Senators in the same fashion. One thing politicians do understand is election day. If you're showing your displeasure at their actions, they will not choose this unless they have no fear of the next election.

Socialized health care is failing around the world. Why would we want to go to failed systems?

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