Friday, July 24, 2009

Racist Obama; Dr. Obama; Hillary the Schoolgirl


Police were called to the home of Henry Louis Gates Jr. in Cambridge, MA. A witness saw two people that appeared to be breaking into a home. She didn't call because it was a black man. She called because she saw two men putting their shoulders to the door trying to force open the door. The police showed up and spoke with the woman witness out in front of the home.

Sgt. Crowley, then approached the home and asked the man that he could see inside, if he would step out on the porch. The man asked him to identify himself and when the officer did, he opened the door. Crowley told the man, Henry Louis Gates Jr., that he was investigating a report of a break in at that address and asked if he could produce some identification. Gates first said that he would not produce an identification then asked "why, because I'm black in America?"

This could have ended right here with one simple little move on the part of Gates. He could have said "that was me trying to force my way in because my door was jammed", provided proof that he actually lived there and thanked the officer for checking it out. But Gates preferred to be beligerant.

By the time that all was settled and the police were satisfied that he was in fact the resident of the home, the officer, in uniform by the way, started to leave. Gates followed him out continuing to shout about how this wouldn't happen if he weren't black. Finally, outside and after a couple of more comments by Gates, Crowley turned and said he was being disorderly and that Gates should stop. He gave him a second warning and still Gates persisted, in front of witnesses, both civilian and other police that had arrived by this time. Crowley then turned and told Gates he was under arrest and put cuffs on him. You can read the police report at

During his press conference, Obama, despite saying he didn't have all of the facts, said the police acted stupidly and talked about how blacks and latino's had been treated unfairly. Later, his press secretary said that Obama wasn't referring to the particular officer. Since Sgt. Crowley is the only one that took any action, how could Obama be talking about any other officer? Once again, as in the campaign of 2008, it's the Democrats, and Obama that are creating more of a race problem. Oh, and by the way, Sgt. Crowley, it turns out, is an expert at the issue of racial profiling and has taught a class at the academy on racial profiling at the recommendation of a commissioner, who is black. Obama is looking like a fool on this one.


In his press conference, Obama claims that doctors are forced to make a choice for care based on how much money they make. Saying that they choose to remove tonsils at times due to income rather than need is wrong. Yes, it would be wrong. But what proof does Obama have that this practice goes on often enough for a President to address it in a national news conference while pushing his health care reform agenda?

While the liberals contend that this new health care takeover will not have government officials deciding on treatment and who is eligible, but that that doctors would still be making the choices for their patients, he is demonstrating with his words that he doesn't think Doctors can make proper choices. He's attacked the insurance companies saying they make decisions on proper care and not the Doctors, now he's attacking Doctors for making decisions on care based on their own income needs.

So if we need health care reform because Insurance companies are deciding which is wrong, and now we need health care reform because doctors are choosing based on their incomes rather than needs of the patients, who's left to make the decisions? It comes down to the patient and the government. How long before he says that patients are incapable of deciding their own care? Obama is looking like a fool on this one.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the N.Koreans had no friends left in the world and said they were an unruly child.

Clinton was late, "as usual" according the Washington Post, for a press conference. The N. Koreans in response to her comments about them, said they could only regard her "as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community. " And that "she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping."

N. Korea has ended the six party talks through spitting contest going on between Hillary and themselves.

You can find this in the Washington Post on 07-23-09.

This administration is falling apart. N. Korea is testing missiles and Hillary wants to throw name calling into the mix and now the N. Koreans have responded. The United States was on sound footing regarding the testing of these missiles yet, Hillary Clinton has chosen to get into a namecalling match with the N. Koreans.

Obama and Hillary are looking like fools on this. Can we please have some adult supervision in Washington D.C.??

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Space: Roughing it in the Final Frontier

Depending on your age, you'll remember things that you consider "roughing it". Today, getting stranded somewhere when your car breaks down, pulling out your cell phone and calling for a tow truck is "roughing it". 30 years ago, if your car broke down (we called it conking out), we had to walk to the nearest house and ask to use their phone, or walk to a phone booth, shove in a dime and call someone to help. If you didn't have a dime, there was no calling someone. The phone wouldn't work until it was paid for.

When I was a child, my grandparents had a cottage in a little place called Roscommon, Michigan. They had no running water, no bathroom. They had an outhouse. You had to walk outside, go to the outhouse and do your business. In the winter, that meant dressing up to go do your business. Being only 5 or 6 years old at the time, I had to use that outhouse in the middle of the night. As I remember it, there was one little light bulb that you had to pull the string on to get it to turn on. The outhouse was about 100 feet behind the house and nothing but woods behind it. At age 5, in the night, in the dark, with the woods behind it, you can imagine all of the monsters that were out there. But duty called and I had no choice. Unfortunately, the light was burnt out that night.

Now the seat wasn't really a seat. It was a hole cut in plywood with a piece of plywood covering the hole. Thinking that I had moved the plywood, I did my business, in the dark, and walked back to the house, stopping at the well pump to pump water on my hands. Again, "roughing it". There was no running water in the house. I got back in the house and crawled back into bed.

The next morning, I was awakened by the ruckus my grandfather was creating. He was only a little upset about the light bulb having burned out in the outhouse. He was more upset about the surprise he found when he got the dark. "Roughing it".

Imagine further back. 100 years ago when they all had outhouses. Even in the cities. Or remember back to the time of our founding fathers. They had the privvy to use. Another way of saying "outhouse". Today, our kids would think of them as the blue or green porta-pots we see at playgrounds or fairs.

Last week, the Space Shuttle Endeavor took off for the space station. They joined the crew that was already there. There is now a total of 13 people on the space station. But there is only one bathroom on the space station. Unfortunately for them, the toilet quit working.

When the toilet backs up in our house, what do we do? We grab the plunger and get it unplugged so that the waste disappears into the sewer or the septic tank and fills up with clean city or well water. If it's a really serious clog we have to call a plumber.

If you'll remember about ten or fifteen years ago, it was mandated that we all have smaller more efficient toilets. Efficient in that it was supposed to save water. Unfortunately, you have to flush it three or four times when you use it just to keep it from being clogged at the smallest amount of tissue that is in there, let alone what's there from the purpose of your visit to the throne. I call these the Al Gore toilets as he was the big pusher (no pun intended) for these johns.

So it's only natural to think that 13 people using the same bathroom, with an Al Gore toilet, is a recipe for disaster. Forget putting the seat down for the women that follow. That's a minor problem. A backup is inevitable with that many people using one facility room. Do they have a plunger?

Apparently, the problem was a little larger than needing a plunger. The problem is so big they need a plumber. The men can't step outside and find a tree and the women certainly can't find a tree with leaves on it in outer space.

I am fascinated with the intricacies that go into every detail of the space program. They can monitor their health from earth everything from their heartbeats to their body temperature. Their ability to know every detail of what's happening in space on every moving part and computer chip in the ship and on the space station. But apparently, they didn't plan for the contingency of needing a second restroom, or even mens rooms and womens rooms. With this problem, the astronauts are truly looking for ways to go where no man has gone before.

I don't think there is a provision in the so-called stimulus package to send a plumber into space and if they did, imagine the cost of that house call. $5 billion dollars just for showing up, then $100 per hour plus the cost of replacement parts.

Just when you think you've heard it all in the news, now we're talking about the crapper in the space shuttle and thirteen people standing in line outside the restroom door, squeezing their legs together and prancing around because they just can't wait any longer. I never thought, when I first started making comments on a blog about politics and current events in the news, that I'd ever be talking about something we all go through. Backed up bathrooms.

All of a sudden, remembering having to use an outhouse at my grandparents cottage doesn't seem to be "roughing it" as much as those in space, the final frontier, not having even an outhouse to use. Just imagine the surprise that the dry cleaner is going to find when the astronauts return to earth. We could be headed towards the big news being, upon their return to earth next week, the astronauts not waiting for the shuttle to come to a complete stop before opening the door and making a mad dash for the restroom at the air base they land.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health Care: Your Map to Ruin

Above is the chart of the new Democrat Socialized Health Care system. They've actually made this more detailed than HillaryCare from the early 90's.

This plan is designed to be a government take over of 18% of the economy. Government wants into your health care and to decide if you're worthy enough to receive care.

The cost of this will be higher than the current cost of health care in this country. Taxes will be increased. First just on those earning over $350,000 per year, but when they find that the costs are going up rather than down, and when they find that their estimates of the costs are higher than what they are saying now, they will then move down the tax scale and begin taxing the middle class. But then, they are already going to do that because if you don't buy their health insurance, you'll be fined a couple of thousand dollars per year for daring to disagree with the government. If you can't afford the health care, how will you afford the penalty?

You're about to be screwed. Will you fight against it, or just give up and accept it because you can't "fight city hall"? We should all be getting in touch with our representatives and Senators on the national level and applying pressure for them to stop this boondoggle, and we should be getting on our state representatives and Senators in the same fashion. One thing politicians do understand is election day. If you're showing your displeasure at their actions, they will not choose this unless they have no fear of the next election.

Socialized health care is failing around the world. Why would we want to go to failed systems?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conservative Wahlberg Announces Candidacy For House Seat

Tim Wahlberg, former Congressman from Michigan announced this morning that he's running again for the seat that he held two years ago. He lost that seat to Mark Schauer in 2008 by a very narrow margin.

Tim Wahlberg is a Conservative Republican while Mark Schauer is a very liberal Democrat. Schauer is the Representative that claimed to have read the so-called stimulus bill. He's the only one in the country that claims to have read it despite the common sense that it couldn't be read, let alone comprehended in the few hours that it was presented, to the time it was voted on.

I have lived in this district for just six years. During that time, Joe Schwarz held the seat. He was a Republican who ran as a conservative, but then voted like a liberal during his two years. He was one of two incumbents that lost their seats to challengers in the primary. The other was Cynthia McKinney in Georgia. The challenger that defeated Scwharz? Tim Wahlberg. Schwarz has since left the Republican party. Now the Representative here is Mark Schauer, an ultra liberal.

In 2008, Mark Schauer ran against Walhberg and narrowly defeated him, most likely on the coattails of the Socialist Barack Obama who won against the liberal John McCain.

Given the current situation, record deficits (double what Bush's highest was, and about to be four times higher), record debt (about to be doubled) under Obama and Schauers desire to follow party rather than represent the people of his district, not to mention the lying that Schauer just can't move away from, Wahlbergs biggest problem will be if another Republican decides to jump into the race. Wahlberg has the conservative credentials. It would be tough for anyone to take him on in a primary and there is no hope for Schauer to have a second term.

Finally, there seems to be some hope brought back into this with the decision by Tim Wahlberg to run for the seat he lost in 2008.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tax and Spend Democrats:

Word is coming out that the Democrats putting together the new Socialized Health Care Plan are going to raise the upper tax bracket to 45% or higher. The statement is that this will affect only those making $350,000 per year and higher.

What they are not saying is what it does to small businesses. A small business can generate $350,000 with no problem. That doesn't mean that the business owner is earning that amount of money. The business is. The owner of the business however is the one that writes the checks for the taxes. It cuts into his/her profits. So he now has less operating expenses.

Without that money, a small business will not be able to hire new employees. With unemployment about to hit double digits, the only question will be how high into the double digits will unemployment go when they can't hire and they must lay off employees to make up for the loss of that income to their business?

The Obama administration is constantly telling us that the health care in this country is part of the reason for the reason for the recession. I dismiss this because each time they bring up a topic or issue, they always say that that particular issue is a major cause for the recession. There are apparently now minor causes to the recession, they are all the major reason. Housing, past tax policies, health care, etc.

We already have a problem with elected officials in this country. They don't read the bills they put together. The so-called stimulus bill that had to be signed by President's Day (but was actually signed a day later in Denver), wasn't read by any member of Congress. Not even the one Congressman that claims he did read it. Not surprisingly, the so-called stimulus bill has failed. The more recent energy legislation that passed the House hasn't been read by Congress, yet they still voted for it.

Do you really think that the Socialization of Health Care in this country is going to be read by Congress?

The Democrats learned this in the Hillary Care debate in the early 1990's. They didn't push it through. Instead, the bill was out there for people to read and when they read it, they found the provisions that would send people to jail or give them stiff fines or cost Doctors their licenses if they violated the law of Hillary Care. Because there was time to read it, people found out what it was and it was soundly rejected. So, the Democrats now don't allow for time to read the bills. They put groups together to provide provisions in the bill, but nobody reads the other parts of the bill, nor does anyone have time to read it in it's entirety, and it passes.

For instance, we now know that one of the provisions of the new Health Care Socialization legislation has a provision that elected officials in the House and Senate are exempt from the socialization of health care.

We're now finding out that if you earn more than $350,000 per year, your tax will increase to 45% or higher. This will affect the individual earner and the small businesses in this country. But even with that increase, it's expect to generate $550 Billion to pay for it. Far short of the $1.6 Trillion cost of the health care being socialized. They always overestimate the amount received from their bills because Congress fails to recognize that if taxes go up, people will earn less, hide more, and that will not generate what they intend for revenue. So what happens then?

Congress comes back in a couple of years and says that they need more money to fund it. So what do they do? They increase the tax rates at the lower levels of the income scale as well. Now they've hit the middle class.

They are also talking about taking money from the current medicare system to help fund it. So what happens to the current medicare system? They will say that we need to fund it to get it back to it's levels again. More taxes. But even at Medicare's current funding levels it's operating in the red. To correct that, increase taxes.

Social Security needs to be revamped. I wonder what that solution will be. Could it possibly be that they are going to increase taxes for that as well? Maybe they'll just print more money instead and we won't have to worry about increased taxes. Oh wait, that's not right. If they do that, the value of the dollar decreases, the cost for goods increases, which increases the sales taxes that must be made, which means that even the states without an income tax will now get a tax increase.

People were warned about this prior to the election. If you vote for a Democrat, your taxes will increase. If you vote in a liberal Republican, your taxes will increase. Through all of these tax increases, the delivery of health care is not fixed. So the solution to the problem, just creates more of the problem and provides no solutions.

Health care cannot be fixed by politicians. If you need a tumor removed from your arm, you don't go to your auto mechanic to get it taken care of. If you need to have your bookkeeping done for your business, you don't go to a reporter at the newspaper to do your bookkeeping. If you want the truth, you don't go to a politician. Politicians have proven they can't read. If they really want a solution to health care, they should go to the professionals and request they come up with solutions that will solve the problems the health care industry has.

It's amazing that the free market system can solve all sorts of problems and does, but the government doesn't trust the professionals. These Democrats don't think you can make your own decisions regarding your own health. I wonder how long it will take someone to come up with the idea that the abortion position they take (it's a woman's body and her decision) is not the same position when it comes to health care. It's your body, the government will decide if you're qualified to make your own health care decisions.

But then, they can't read their own bills before voting on them so it's not likely that they'll make any other good choices. Not even about your health. It's time for these politicians to be replaced.

Maybe these politicians could take advantage of another of their programs. PBS's Reading Rainbow. Learn to read,

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama Books Deemed Security Threat

Barack Obama has written two books. This week, both were declared security risks by the FBI and they are not permitted as appropriate reading material for prisoners at the Supermax prison.

Recently, there's been a debate raging about whether or not to turn terrorists from Guantanamo Bay into the streets of the United States. One of the governments arguments is that we can put them into our Supermax prison. That nobody has ever escaped from there. For the sake of argument, let's say that I accept that reasoning and don't worry about it any longer. After all, government gets what it wants. But wait. If it's such a secure prison, why are they banning anything at the prison? How dangerous could words in a book be? If they aren't going to permit the most secure prisoners in the world to read books because they consider them threats to our national security, just how dangerous are these books?

This all brings another question. If our current President has written something that is deemed to be a threat to national security, shouldn't we be concerned that he is now the President? Is our current President a threat to national security?

If we now have to worry about prisoners at the Supermax prison reading radical material, what about the people that haven't yet been caught? Could these books be used as a recruiting tool for terrorists? Or worse, ARE his books currently being used to recruit future terrorists?

Maybe we should be happy that Obama is staring at 16 year old girls in other countries as they walk by. Any distraction for him, distracts his moving this country deeper into socialism.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Rises Higher in Stepping Down

In a stunning announcement today, Governor Sarah Palin said she is not going to run for re-election and is resigning her Governorship as of July 26! After listening to her reasons, I can only applaud her for her choice.

CNN and other news outlets are questioning her motives. Is she resigning to concentrate on a run for the Presidency in 2012? Or perhaps to challenge Murkowski for the Senate in 2010? Could it be that she just can't take the heat dished out to her in the past ten months?

Well, let me add one more question to that mix. Could it be that she is resigning for the reasons that she said? I heard the news, heard the speculation, watched the Democrat strategists that came on and were just befuddled. Not one person said she is resigning for the reasons that she said she is. Most, like Paul Begala, said it was a dumb move because she's hurt her chances to run for President in 2012.

Those Democrats look only at life as if it were completely tied up to running the country. They just can't seem to understand that some people actually say what they mean and mean what they say and care more about the country than they do about party or themselves.

Palin said she was resigning because since she was tapped to be John McCain's running mate in the 2008 election, the press went digging into Alaska looking for dirt. They couldn't find any. They found two ethics charges that they played up, but they hadn't been decided at that point. It was convenient that they were settled after the election. In the past 10 months there have been 18 ethics complaints filed against Governor Palin. All but two have been dismissed. The two that have not been dismissed yet, are still pending.

Palin said herself that this has cost her over $500,000 to answer these complaints, but they have cost her accusers nothing. The Politics of Personal Destruction. However, regarding the ethics complaints, she didn't whine about the cost to her. Instead, she said it detracts from the state of Alaska and the cost to the taxpayer for those complaints is now over $2 million! Once again, Democrats causing a waste of taxpayers dollars for their own political gains. However, they have been unsuccessful at getting Palin. The only thing they have accomplished is to spend taxpayer money for their own personal vendetta against a governor that scares them to death.

Governor Palin gave another reason for leaving, which I find extremely interesting. She said first that she wouldn't be running for re-election. Then she talked about how lame duck elected officials just put in their time and collect a paycheck, while spending taxpayer dollars traveling. She did not want to be like that so she was going to resign effective July 26. She is absolutely right! For her to stand up and give this as one of her reasons for resigning, just has me even more impressed with her. She stated what she believes and what the rest of us know and she solved the problem by resigning and turning it over to her Lieutenant Governor.

How many governors travel around the world claiming to be working for their state when they are lame ducks? Look at Michigan. Governor Granholm is a lame duck. Yet she's traveling around the world claiming to be seeking jobs for Michigan. Yet, Michigan is the state in the worst financial shape of any state in the country with the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

When Granholm is not traveling the world, she's in Washington DC sitting at a table with Barack Obama. She is no doubt phishing for a job come January 2011 when she finally leaves office. She's collecting her paycheck while doing nothing. She's certainly not looking for jobs in Michigan talking to Obama. The only employment she's looking at for a Michigan citizen is one and that's her.

If you look back at my posts leading up to the election last year, you'll see that I did not like John McCain. I didn't want to vote for him, but I didn't want to be one of those that skipped the election and created a President Obama. When he named Sarah Palin as his running mate. I learned very quickly, along with much of the nation, that she was a Conservative. Not a John McCain wannabe Conservative, but her own Conservative. As strong a Conservative as Ronald Reagan and quite possibly even more Conservative. My decision was made listening to her speeches and reviewing her history (something that liberals and will never understand). When I went into the voting booth, I was casting my vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain was just lucky enough to be on the same ticket!

So while the pundits or idiots on the news programs that we all see are wondering what her strategy is, I'm taking Sarah Palin at her word. She has been put through the ringer more than any man that has run. She has had to dodge more vicious attacks during the campaign and after the campaign than anyone has had to put up with. She has always dealt with it with class and a smile on her face. She did it without the help of the National Organization of Women or any other group that claims to be for women, but are in fact, only there for liberals.

Even with the completely distasteful comments of David Letterman attacking her daughters, she still managed to handle it with grace and style. The NOW finally came out with a tepid statement in support of her, but it took them days to do so and then only after pressure by Conservative groups wondering where they were and questioning their motives and existance.

It is too bad that the Democrats can't face an issue by discussing the issue and not getting personal. Sarah Palin has been treated like an abused spouse by the press and the comedians. Her children have been subjected to treatment that could only be called child abuse if done by an adult. Those doing the abuse are the Press, the Democrats, the liberal blogs and the comedians.

But once again, Sarah Palin has handled it with class and grace. She's taken stepping down from a high political office and turned it into a positive statement putting her state above any personal gains. That's just another thing that the Democrats will never be able to understand. Sarah Palin rose above politics and personal advantage and stood up for her beliefs and acted on her beliefs rather than making it a political strategy. The State of Alaska lost an honest woman as their governor. The country may well have lost what could have been a great leader.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Governor Sanford: Days of our Lives

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford disappeared for a period of four days in June. First it was reported that nobody knew where he was. Not his wife, nor his staff. Then he was supposedly hiking, but then, he appeared. Immediately upon his arrival, he admitted that he'd been having an affair with a young lady in Argentina. This began the usual mess by the press of vilifying him for daring to have an affair with another woman. It led the news, and the news crawl on the liberal media, and it led the news even on Fox News for two days.

That was followed up by the announcement that he and his wife were going to get away with their children for a few days and try to reconcile and heal their marriage. To his wife's credit, she did not stand with him during his press conference, as many of the wives do when their husbands are caught in the midst of an affair.

Let's stop there for a second. Affairs are a way of life. We have a divorce rate in this country of over 50%. They are not all due to affairs. It's easy to get married and easy to get divorced. If children are involved, it's a little more difficult, but still fairly easy to get a divorce over and done with within a matter of months. Even if caused by an affair, it doesn't generate much attention unless it's a politician, and then the differences in reporting are only based on which party the unfaithful one is a part.

Affairs and other marital problems are common in all professions. We don't hear about it when it's a person that works on the assembly line at a car company, or if it's the owner of the corner drug store, or if it's your insurance agent, or the operator for the phone company. In Hollywood, it's expected and not much of a story.

Politicians are treated differently however. It becomes a scandal. In addition, they are treated differently based on parties. The best known is Bill Clinton. But beyond the initial reporting, the common sentiment among the press was, "everybody does it". Republicans are treated differently. When Senator Vitter is mentioned, there is the descriptive "who had an affair".

There are exceptions. Governor Spitzer was reported on heavily because he prosecuted prostitutes and went after prostitution rings, then we caught with prostitutes. But little mention was made when he replacement, Dave Patterson admitted he'd had an affair.

Mark Sanford, however, is breaking new ground. The Press, the Party and even the opposing party don't quite know how to handle this. Sanford is not just talking about the affair, but he's giving descriptions of how his girlfriend was his "soulmate".

Sanford's three day run on the news for his disappearance and revelations of an affair were nearly over. In addition, it was knocked off the news with the death of Farrah Fawcett, then later in the day the drama surrounding Michael Jackson and his ultimate death. But he brought himself back in the news by talking about his soulmate.

The news now is discussing what his strategy might be. Perhaps it's not a strategy. Perhaps it is. It could also be that he's torn. But do we need to know this? This is for him deal with and his wife and his girlfriend. If it's interfering with him doing his job, he should resign. But, when your co-worker at your job is caught having an affair, do they lose their job? Do people call for their resignation?

The difference is that the politicians are holding the public trust. If they are not doing their job because their personal life is interfering, they do need to resign. If Sanford doesn't get his mess cleared up at least in the public view, within the next couple of days, he should resign in my opinion.

He was right in my opinion on his stance with refusing the so-called stimulus money. That should not be part of this story. It is possible for a man to be right on one topic while making a mess of himself in another area. But his actions in his personal life are taking away from his very good argument on another topic. If this continues, the state of South Carolina is not served well by the attention he is generating.

People are divorced everyday for various reasons including extra-marital affairs. However, they are not required to surrender their jobs because of their extra-curricular activities. It's how their reaction to those activities affects their jobs that should determine their further employment. The people of South Carolina don't need the leader of their state playing Days of our Lives every day.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A New Government Program: For Government

In six months this year, spending has quadrupled the deficit and doubled the debt. Those $500,000,000 deficits that the Democrats whined and complained about is now chump change. The $11 Trillion debt? Those were the good old days.

The day after Presidents Day in February, Barack Obama flew to Denver to sign the so-called stimulus package. Remember, this is the bill that not one Congressman read before voting on it. One claimed he did, but he didn't read it. It was physically impossible for him to read it.

In this past week, the United States House of Representativess has again voted on a bill without reading it. This most recent bill will increase our taxes at a rate never before seen in this country. Again, not one Congressman read the bill. There was even a dispute as to whether the bill was in the chamber when the House debated the bill they hadn't read. At 3:09 a.m. on the day that the bill was voted on, an additional 300 pages was dumped into the bill in the form of an amendment. Again, nobody read the amendment.

I think it would be wise, since we're spending all of this money anyway, that we should create a new federal program. We have Head Start for children to help them learn to read. I think we shold appropriate billions of dollars for a Head Start program for the United States House of Reprensentatives. Why billions? The answer is simple. We also have to teach, as part of this Head Start Program for Congress, how to not lie about it.

This is particularly interesting to me because my Representative in the House is someone named Mark Schauer. Mr. Schauer is a Freshman Representative in my district. To his credit, I have not heard him say that he read the entire bill this time before voting on it. This is important because of what happened in February.

Mr. Schauer put on little town hall meetings in February leading up to the so-called stimulus package. He called them "Congress on your Corner". From the first day through the last of his town hall style meetings, he claimed he had read the entire bill. He is the only member of Congress that claimed to have read the entire bill. Not one person believed him. Yet he continued to say that he read the entire bill before voting on it. It defied logic since the bill was put out near midnight, was over 1,300 pages long and it was voted on the following day around noon.

So, if we're going to have people representing us in the Congress of the United States, I believe that they should be required to learn to read before taking office. This will not be easy. These are stubborn men and women. They vote on global warming legislation claiming they are saving the world from global warming, but global warming doesn't exist. We need to teach these people how to read, so that they are up to date on the facts rather than falling for Al Gore's words just because he speaks louder and slower and doesn't use big words (which I find to be good since Congress people don't understand the English language). We need to teach these people to read so that they at least can stop lying about reading things that they haven't read.

We'll also have to include comprehension in these classes. Letting them read the global warming bill is not enough. They must also comprehend that there is no global warming. The must learn that saying "You don't raise taxes in a recession" is not just a slogan. They must learn to read and comprehend that that "slogan" is actually something they should live by, understand why you don't raise taxes during hard times and quite possibly let them learn that reduced taxes improves the economy, and creates more tax revenue for the federal government. They will never learn this until they learn to comprehend what they read.

This will not be an easy task. Therefore, we should probably spend extra money hiring second and third grade students to teach these Congress people to read and comprehension. This is what we learn from Congress. The government education system is failing. It's dropping worldwide and it's the least productive form of education in this country. They keep throwing money at it and it gets continually worse. So it's only right that we throw money at these illiterate Congress people that don't have the common sense nor the brains of a bug heading for the headlights on a car doing 70 mph on the expressway at night.

There is a simpler solution. We could vote people into office that have half a brain, but there must be something wrong with the American voter too because we keep putting these dimwits in office. So, since we can't seem to find people to put in office that can walk alone in public without supervision, then I suggest we start a new government program to teach reading and comprehension to these elected people. We can't call it head start because that's already taken for the children that are learning to read as they enter school at an early age. Maybe we could call it "Congressional Reading and Comprehension: The Final Frontier". I nominate as the first student, Representative Mark Schauer.

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