Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recommended Reading for Liberal Democrats

During 2009 there were three pieces of legislation that passed the Democrat controlled House, Senate and White House. First there was the stimulus bill in February of last year. The bill was completed, printed out and distributed to members of Congress at 3:00 in the morning. At noon, they began the vote. Nobody read the bill. Well, one did claim to read it, but he's just laughed at. Unfortunately, he's my congressman.

Then later we had a Cap and Trade bill. Also known as Cap and Tax or Crap and Tax. Again, the bill wasn't read before the vote. Luckily, it only passed the House and hasn't yet passed the Senate.

Then there was the Health Care bill. Another 2,400 pages and again, nobody has read it. We're still learning what's in the bill even now, two months after the bill passed.
We also have the admission by Rep. John Conyers (D) that they don't read it when he said it was silly for people to expect Congress to read all of these bills before voting on them.

Then in April a ten page law was passed in Arizona. President Obama claimed that if you have brown skin and go with your child to get ice cream, you were in danger of being picked up for being illegal. Obviously, he didn't read those ten pages before commenting.

Attorney General Eric Holder said that he was looking into a lawsuit to stop the bill. Homeland Security Secretary said that asking her questions about the safety of the border in Arizona was an unfair question to Senator Lindsey Graham, in a hearing.

Yesterday, in a hearing, Holder was asked about the law. He admitted that he hadn't read the bill. Today, in another hearing Napolitano admitted she hadn't read the bill.

The highest law enforcement officer in the country threatens a lawsuit and hasn't even read the bill. The person charged with protecting the borders (Homeland Security) admits a day later that she hasn't read the law. The bill is TEN PAGES!!! I read it. It took me about fifteen minutes to read the bill and I read it while answering my phone for work.

Following all of the bills for spending money during the past 16 months since Obama was inaugurated I was beginning to think that we should require that our candidates for office learn how to balance a checkbook before being allowed to take office. Now, I'm convinced that we should require that our elected leaders at least pass the third grade so that we have a pretty good idea that they know how to read.

We have a President that knows how to read. He reads very well, with good timing, good inflection, and can probably make a simple reading of "Go Dog Go" sound exciting although, he does run into problems with big words like Corpsmen. He prounces it "corpse men".

On the other hand, his employees seem to be unable to read even the title of "Go Dog Go".

Napolitano has yet another problem. Hers seems to be that of common sense. It was all over the news, and probably talked about at the White House, that Holder said he hadn't read the Arizona, ten page bill. Napolitano had to know that she'd be asked about Arizona law. To make matters worse, prior to becoming Homeland Security Secretary, she was the Governor of Arizona. Anyone with any common sense would have to figure, even guess, that someone was going to ask her about the bill in her hearing coming up the next day. Any reasonable person would have obtained a copy of the bill and at the very least read it before falling asleep the night before the hearing.

I don't think that Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano should resign. They shouldn't be given that opportunity. They should be fired. Not just now, but IMMEDIATELY!.

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft was laughed at in the press for holding Bible meetings prior to starting the day at the Justice Department during the first months of the Bush Administration in 2001. Whether you think that's funny or not it does prove one thing to me. At least he knew how to read!

It might behoove Obama to have everyone in his cabinet show up for work fifteen minutes early for a brief class on reading. Is "See Spot Run" still in publication? I'd recommend Aesops Fables, but I'm afraid that Obama would struggle with the pronunciation of Aespops (for any liberal Democrats reading this it's pronounced EESOP).

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