Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama: Incompetence and Corruption

Not even two years into this Administration and already there is evidence of Incompetence and Corruption with the Obama camp and yet the liberal media ignores it.

Remember hurricane Katrina? Of course you do. Anytime liberals start talking about Bush, they bring up Katrina. Bush declared the gulf coast area, including Louisiana, a disaster area three days before the hurricane made landfall. Yet the Governor, Blanco at the time, didn't follow suit until 12 hours prior to the hurricane hitting and nobody could even find Mayor Nagin. Following the hurricane it took five days to get water to the Superdome.

The press was all over this, showing pictures and complaining about Bush flying 2500 feet above New Orleans, but not on the ground for a couple of days.

Now we have an oil leak. We are in the 35th day since the explosion. It took ten days for someone from the administration to get down to the area. Yet, they claim they've been there since "day one". You can always tell the talking points when everyone from the administration and everyone in the liberal media uses the same line. In this case, the same line is "Day One".

Yesterday, the administration had a photo op. Secretary Napolitano and Secretary Salazer were there. They made their speeches after listening to some of the residents in the area speak about how this has affected them. First Napolitano spoke. Her assurances were that BP is at fault and will be held accountable. She also called the gulf an ocean, but this is not big news since she's already proven herself incompetent in the Arizona matter. She also pointed out that this was her fourth trip.

Next up was Governor Bobby Jindahl. He made one reference to BP oil being responsible. But then he listed off his requests for various items to help with the possibility of a clean up. He provided dates of his memos. In one particular case, he's been asking for booms. Millions of feet of booms. He's not received what he asked for. He also asked for a permit to build a barrier island to stop the oil from hitting the marshlands. The administration is "studying" this. Yesterday, Jindahl said that he didn't care if they put him in jail, he's ready to go ahead and start this without the permit.

Secretary Salazar spoke next and he talked about how this was BP's fault, but offered no solutions other than to say how many times he and Napolitano have been to the gulf. Salazar said they were holding BP to the cleanup and even mentioned putting their boot on BP's necks and then saying that if BP didn't do the job, they'd push them out of the way. Then what? Is Salazar going to stop the leak?

Senator Dick Durbin spoke and he repeated the bashing of BP oil and how they'd be held accountable, but again, no solutions to the current problem.

The only one with a plan, with an idea to try to stop the oil from spreading or moving into the marshlands was Bobby Jindahl. The Democrat speakers all pounded their chests and said that they'd hold BP accountable.

Why should we believe that? There is about to be a new law in Arizona take effect. John Morton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for U.S. Customs Immigration and Customs enforcement, says the Federal Government may not prosecute referrals from Arizona under their new law. However, if Bobby Jindahl takes it upon himself to start building the barrier island without the permit that the administration is dragging its feet on, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they arrest and prosecute Jindahl.

The Obama Administration is concerned about affixing blame in the oil leak catastrophe, but they offer no solutions. Their concern is with how Obama looks in this crisis. The only one that is offering solutions is Bobby Jindahl. We can now add Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar to the list of incompetents in this administration. Janet Napolitano, who didn't read the Arizona bill, but says it's not good, and who thinks that a question about the strength of the borders is an unfair question, and who thinks the gulf is an ocean is the first incompetent. Then there's Attorney General, Eric Holder who also didn't read the bill in Arizona, but is considering legal action to stop the bill. With three cabinet members being incompetent, and they were all appointed by Obama, that reflects on Obama's incompetence. Speaking of incompetence, do I really have to talk about Vice President Joe Biden?

I also mentioned corruption. I have two examples here. First, is Joe Sestak. Sestak just beat Senator Arlen Specter in Pennyslvania, the one that Obama backed. During the primary campaign, Sestak stated that he was offered a job in the White House if he would drop out of the Senate race, making Specter the lone candidate on the Democrat ticket. There's just one problem with this. It's illegal!

For Sestak to be offered a job in the White House, the offer would have had to come from Rahm Emmanuel, the Presidents Chief of Staff, and with the permission of the President. This is an impeachable offense!
This sounds an awful lot like the selling of the Senate seat in Illinois vacated by Obama following his election. It causes me to re-think about whether or not Obama was involved after all, in the sale of the seat he once held and not that it was just Rod Blagojevich the former Governor who was impeached for selling that seat.

In recent days, since Sestak's victory in the primary, he's been asked about the offer he received from the White House. He's playing word games. He's claiming that he's got integrity for bringing it up, but he has not said to whom he spoke. He's been pressed on Meet the Press (surprise!) and he was pressed by John King on CNN on his new program (again a shocker). But his answer is that he said everything with integrity. However, he will not name the person that offered him the job. So much for integrity. He's now trying to protect the White House.

Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs (another of the incompetents in this White House) was asked. After a few times of dancing around the question, he now says that the lawyers have looked at it and decided that they were satisfied that things were done properly.

If everything was done properly and nothing illegal happened, then why aren't they saying who said what and with who's knowledge? Where's the transparency? Where's the honesty?

Finally, there is the attorney general of Connecticut. Richard Blumenthal has claimed in many speeches over the years that he was in Vietnam. He experienced the people spitting on them as they returned. The problem is that he never served in Vietnam. He was in the marine reserves, but never left the United States. To his credit, he did serve and apparently where he was needed and I have to admit that where he served, not one Vietnameze penetrated the toys for tots program that Blumenthal worked. But he did not serve in Vietnam as he has claimed.

Since this revelation, he has gone from being a shoo-in to fall below 50% in the polls and the Connecticut Senate seat may now go to a Republican making 13 real possibilities for victory for the Republicans in the Senate.

Where are the Democrats? They have not backed away from Blumenthal. On the other hand, what could they do? If they bring back Christopher Dodd, who is retiring probably due to his own corruption problems with his sweetheart deal on some real estate as well as his activity with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they will likely lose. With this scandal involving Blumenthal, it appears that they will likely lose.

The hard part with both Sestak and Blumenthal is deciding whether or they fall into the category of corruption or incompetence. I tend to lean towards them being both corrupt and incompetent.

But, Republicans shouldn't get too excited. Representative Mark Souder from Indiana resigned last week because he had an affair with one of his female staffers. In South Carolina, a blogger is claiming that he had an affair with a candidate for Governor. There is no proof yet and she is denying it vehemently. But it underscores the need for transparency and honesty that needs to be displayed by the Republicans as well this campaign season.

I do give Souder credit for bringing it out first and resigning immediately. Maybe he just found out that he was about to be caught and beat the story coming out by resigning, but it appears at least, that he did this out of guilty conscious.

There are too many games being played by politicians. Word games as well as clandestine games and as we can see, this is not the time to be doing this. The Tea Party is the American people that are fired up against wasteful spending and corrupt politicians. There seems to be alot of politicians that are out there that are going to lose their jobs not just because of poor performance (incompetence), but because of wrong doing (corruption).

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