Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anti Government Rallies

Over the past year, we've heard the liberals say that the tea parties are anti government. They've compared the tea parties to Timothy McVeigh. They've claimed the tea partiers are racists and anti Obama.

The Tea Parties have been protesting the takeover of the health care system by the government, the excessive spending, the debt and deficit that's been doubled and quadrupled in the year and a half since Obama became President. They've protested the bailout, the not so stimulating stimulus and they've protested that our elected officials are not paying attention to their constituents.

Finally, they've claimed that the threats and vandalism that's taken place is being done by the members of the tea party protests. There have been some incidents of vandalism, but they ignore the fact that Republicans have been targeted as well as Democrats. They ignore that it's happening on both sides. The most glaring example is Representative Bart Stupak (D) of Michigan who says he was receiving threats both at home and at his office when he was holding up passage of the government takeover of health care and then gave one example of a distasteful phone call following his decision to support the government takeover of health care.

These Tea Parties and protestors have been labeled as anti government. Even President Obama, in his commencement speech at the University of Michigan on Saturday, talked about the anti government comments.

Last week, the Arizona legislature passed a law that is nearly identical to the Federal law regarding illegal immigrants (that I call Invaders). The difference is that Arizona laws requires law enforcement officers to ask about citizenship status when they come in contact with someone during the performance of their duties.

On May 1, rallies took place in several cities protesting the new Arizona law. Arizona is one state out of 50. In that one state, they have 460,000 illegal invaders living in Arizona, and more coming across the border each day. The federal government is not doing it's job enforcing their laws. The one responsibility that everyone can agree on is that the federal government is supposed to protect our borders. They are failing miserably at it. We have an estimated 12 million illegal invaders in this country that are driving on our roads, being educated by our schools, being cared for in our hospitals, all on our dime.

Crime has increased significantly in recent months as Mexico's drug war has spilled over into our country. Kidnappings, assaults, robberies all on the increase. Robert Krentz, an Arizona rancher was murdered a few weeks ago along with his dog. This was the final straw. If the federal government is not going to do it's job, then Arizona decided they'd pass their own law for their own state and handle the job themselves. They wrote a law nearly identical to the federal law and passed it. This law is supported by 70% of Arizonans.

What the rest of the country thinks about this is of no significance, but even 51% of the rest of the country supports Arizona's new law.

This brought out the protestors yesterday. They were holding signs of Arizona's Governor, Jan Brewer, depicting her as a Nazi. They were carrying signs depicting Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a hooded Ku Klux Klan member. They were screaming that Arizonan's are racist. In Washington DC, Representative Luis Gutierrez (D) Illinois was arrested for his protesting. He was with a group that was legally protesting in Lafayette Park, but then he crossed over in front of the White House and sat down, joining the group daring to be arrested. The dare was taken up and Gutierrez was arrested with the others (pictured above).

So let's narrow it down. These protestors in DC, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and Chicago are protesting the law in Arizona recently passed by elected representatives of the people of Arizona. This makes these protestors anti government protestors. It's interesting that one of these anti government protestors is a lawmaker. An elected official. It seems to me that not only does this make these protestors anti government, but apparently, we have an anti government infiltrator within the government in the form of Representative Gutierrez.

President Obama made comments against the new law in Arizona. That would make him anti-government. So how can he stand up and say that it bothers him with the anti government talk and that the government is us, but then whine about the Arizona law?

Where are the liberals that complained about racist signs and ethnic references and references to naziism now that they are using the racist signs and nazi signs and KKK signs? Why are they not complaining that these people protesting the law preventing people from coming to this country illegally, are carrying Mexican flags? If they want to come here, why are they carrying the Mexican flag? Shouldn't they be carrying the American flag? After all, it's America that they want to come and live.

Finally, the really odd part of this is that the Tea Parties were made up of American citizens. The majority of people were against the so-called stimulus. the majority are against the government takeover of health care. They were protesting the government going against the will of the people. These protestors are protesting something that was favored by the people of Arizona and favored by the majority of Americans around the country.

There is a solution that liberals will not accept. In the early 1950's President Eisenhower faced a similar problem to todays illegal alien problem. Mexicans were pouring across the border at the rate of a million per year. Just like today. They were showing up and being hired by farmers because they would work for lower wages. Just like today (although it's not just farmers today). Democrats didn't want the borders closed. Just like today.

Eisenhower appointed an old friend from West Point as INS Commissioner named General Joseph "Jumpin' Joe" Swing. The first thing that Swing did was transfer immigration officials that were with Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, who did not want the borders secured, to other parts of the country where they would have no effect.

On June 17, 1954, Operation Wetback (named for the Mexicans that came here across the Rio Grande) began. 750 border agents moved northward through California and Arizona through agricultural areas. Their goal was to round up 1,000 illegals per day. By the end of July (just a month and a half), 50,000 illegals had been rounded up. 488,000 left on their own fearing arrest. By mid July, they had expanded north into Utah, Nevada and Idaho and to Texas to the east. By September 80,000 had been taken into custody and an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 left Texas on their own.

Those captured weren't just taken to the border and dropped off. That would be too easy for them to just turn around and come back. Instead, Swing put them on buses and trains and sent them 500 miles into Mexico before releasing them making it much more difficult for them to return.

This had a couple of results. First, the illegals were sent a long way into their country. It would be extremely costly for them to get back.

The shortage of illegals created more jobs for Americans, which also meant that the farmers and business owners that were hiring illegals in the past, now had to pay a fair wage or not get their work done.

Since there is a need for foreign workers from Mexico, one other thing was implemented. A guest worker program. The Eisenhower administration created the guest worker program where 400,000 Mexicans could LEGALLY come to this country and work for the American companies that needed their work done. Those jobs lasted 12-52 weeks.

For those employers that still hire illegal workers, charge them and fine them with stiff fines and even jail time. That discouraged and will discourage employers today from hiring illegals.

Saying that we can't stop illegal immigration or invasion is flat out wrong. President Eisenhower proved it could be done and he did it with less border patrol agents than we have today. Just in Texas, they arrested 80,000 and another half million left on their own and that was just in three months time. We have approximately 12 million illegal aliens here today.

It would take less than a year to end this illegal invasion, make us more safe, and create legal workers that are legal immigrants. The added benefit is that anti government protestors, like Representative Gutierrez could do more productive things with their time. Like perhaps not breaking the laws that he promised when he took the oath of his office.

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