Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Census Creates New Inflation

More whistleblowers are popping up about the hiring practices of the Census Bureau. It's been reported that the Census Bureau is hiring workers. They are paying them $18.75 per hour to count people. Before doing any counting, they spend a week in training.

Now, some workers hired and trained are saying that they have been fired, then rehired. This counts as another hire, but they don't count the firing as a job lost.

One of the whistleblowers said she's been fired four times and rehired. Another says he checks on the information that census workers turn in and his checking of the worker is checked again by another.

In another turn of events, whistleblowers are saying that number of people living in a house are being inflated. With the advertising going on telling people to fill in their census forms and to speak to census workers so that their community can get more money, it's not a surprise that some would inflate the number of people they have living in their house.

The census is a constitutional requirement with the purpose of apportioning representation in government. It is now being used as a way to make job creation look better under this administration.

Remember that Senator Judd Gregg was originally chosen to be the Commerce Secretary, after others who were chosen that owed back taxes or had other scandals brewing. But Senator Gregg decided not to accept the position after all, because the Census was being put under the control of the White House and taken away from the Commerce Department.

If this is being done by the Census Bureau, why shouldn't we think it's being done by other departments of this administration? If the Census Bureau says that they were hiring 1.2 million workers as they said in January, one has to wonder; does that figure include the firing and rehiring of the same people or will they say 'we hired 1.5 million workers, more than we anticipated.' ?

One thing is becoming more and more apparent. Obama claimed to want to change the way Washington works when he was elected. I'm not sure that he's changed the way it works, but he's certainly being more inventive in how he's corrupting the government.

Soon, they'll likely correct the problem, then get more inventive. They'll hire someone, fire them at the end of the day and rehire them the next day and waive the training requirement for past employees. They can really get the employment numbers way up that way. The Revolving Door policy?

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Anonymous said...

One got mad at me for not co-operating so I guess she earned her money.I'm a minority anyway since I always answer my race as "other" Human! Wonder how many humans they got?

Brett said...

I call myself a native American. I was born here.