Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama Loses, Country Wins

Another election day, another repudiation of President Obama's excessive spending and attempts eliminate the American way of life.

In Arkansas, Senator Blanche Lincoln did not reach the 50% level so she must face a runoff later this year for the Democrat nomination for the seat she currently holds.

In Kentucky, Rand Paul handily defeated his opponent who was backed by the Republican establishment. Trey Greyson was backed by Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. But the people, the ones who do the deciding, chose Paul as their next Senator. Yes, it was just a primary, but Paul is the likely victor in November.

Pennsylvania is one of the more exciting primaries that took place. Senator Arlen Specter, who changed parties because he didn't think he could win against a Republican challenger, lost to Representative Joe Sestak in the Democrat party primary. You'll have to forgive me for my elation over this one.

Arlen Specter was never more than a moderate in the Republican Party and really I've always considered him a liberal in the Republican Party. He has always spent alot of time talking about himself. During the Waco hearings back in the 90's, how many times did we hear him talk about being a former prosecutor? How many times did he talk about being a former prosecutor during the various Supreme Court nominee hearings over the years and how many times did he repeat that on various news programs over the years?

When he left the Republican party, he said that he didn't want to put his 29 year record up for review to the Republican voters. Of course he didn't. He was always Democrat lite.

If he couldn't beat a Republican in the primary, how could he expect to beat a Republican in the general election? He'll be facing the same guy. Well, no he won't. He couldn't win the Democrat primary either. In addition to losing, he was backed by President Obama. Obama did a commercial spot for him saying that he "loves" Arlen Specter. That turned out to be the kiss of death politically for Specter. This makes Obama, o-4 since he was elected. He backed Corzine in New Jersey. He backed Deeds in Virginia and he backed Coakley in Massachussets. Christie is now Governor of New Jersey, McDonnell in Virginia and Brown in Massachussets.

The final election was not a primary in Pennsylvania. Instead it was a special election to fill the seat vacated by the death of John Murtha. Marc Critz, a former Aide to Murtha was running against the Republican, Tim Burns. The district is 2-1 Democrat voters over Republican voters. This should not even be a contest. But leading up to the election, many thought that Burns might beat out the Democrat.

Critz ran saying he wouldn't have voted for the health care bill and that he wouldn't have voted for Cap and Trade. In other words, he ran against Pelosi. I have to wonder, did he advise Murtha to vote against these bills? The only thing that Critz proved is that to win, you must run as a conservative. He ran away from Washington and he barely won. Yes, I said "barely". Remember, that district is 2-1 Democrat. He got just 53% of the vote.

There is one disappointing aspect to the primaries. The voter turnout was just 20%. Yes, it's a mid term election and they generally don't get a high turnout. But, with the Tea Parties that have been going on all over the country, I thought the turnout might be a better number. Also, the weather in Pennyslvania was really bad. It was rainy and cold all day.

Recently, it's been reported that there are over 100 seats in play for this years election in the House of Representatives. It's expected to go overwhelmingly Republican in the fall. To be assured of this, we're going to need a larger turnout than what's been displayed thus far. Remember, November is usually cold and gray.

Those that are showing up are showing their displeasure with Obama and Pelosi and Reed. They are showing that the ones that are "extreme" are actually on the left from Obama down to the lowliest Democrat.

The losses mounting up for Democrats is fun to watch even with the low turnout. People are rejecting Obama all over the country. There are still more primaries to go before the election in November. This could be a very fun summer. As primary after primary shows, the County is winning and Obama is failing.

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