Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama's Girlfriend?

It's being reported that Barack Hussien Obama has had a girlfriend. Vera Baker, who was on his staff (but didn't seem to do much that others in the office could see) was originally sent to New York when Michelle Obama got angry about her, but was later sent to exiled to the Carribean.

One can only wonder if Michelle throws her ash trays as fast and hard as Hillary throws hers.

This country doesn't need another Clinton, stained blue dresses, and the subsequent scandals. Thankfully, the polls are showing McCain/Palin rising fast in the polls while Obama drops like a rock.

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Obama's Racism Now On Display

Senator Barack Hussein Obama has kicked off three newspapers from his plane that have endorsed Senator John Sydney McCain for President. The Washington Times, Dallas Morning News and New York Post all have endorsed McCain for President. Obama has told them they are no longer welcome on his plane. He plans to replace them with a couple of black media organizations.

Every instance of racism in this election has been perpetrated by the Democrats beginning with Bill Clinton in South Carolina and other events and comments, leading now to the expulsion of three news outlets and the replacement with BET Television and others.

In other news, a man in California hung an effigy of Governor Sarah Palin. However, two young men hung an effigy of Obama in Kentucky and have been arrested. The California man has not been arrested. In Indiana a woman was not arrested for doing the same thing.

These types of things are what we're in for during the next four years if Obama is elected.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

What Does Obama Bring to us?

It's been an interesting couple of days.

1. The owner of the Miami Dolphins says he's going to sell the NFL team because he'd rather give money to charity than to give it to Obama if Obama wins the election. Obama plans to raise the capital gains tax from the current level of 15% to 20%. Of course, the Bush tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 are due to expire on December 31, 2010, which is another tax increase on the capital gains, in addition to income taxes increasing, estate tax increase, dividend tax increase and others. Obama has said he wants them to expire, so he'll have raised taxes twice if he wins and gets his increase and doesn't stop the automatic increase.

2. In Indiana, the Attorney General said that ACORN had turned in many fraudulent voter registrations. Charges will be pursued soon. They found thousands of fraudulent registrations in Illinois as well, including one former State Senator who died five years before he registered.

3. Joe Biden was interviewed by an Orlando television station and was asked about Obama's "spread the wealth" comment and if he was a Marxist, among other things. The TV station has been notified that they are banned from the Obama campaign. Now today, a Philadelphia television station asked some of the same questions and today, they too were banned from being allowed to interview the Obama campaign.

4. In West Hollywood, someone had a mannequin dressed like Governor Sarah Palin, and another mannequin of Senator McCain coming out of a burning chimney. This just displays that lack of good taste on the part of the Obama followers.

5. In Ohio, the attorney general announced that they are investigating the illegal use of government resources to gather information on Joe the Plumber. You'll remember that after Senator Barack Hussein Obama dropped by Joe the Plumbers house uninvited, and interrupted him playing catch with his son, Joe asked about the Senators tax plan and said it sounds like socialism to him. He instantly became national news. Then Senators Obama and Biden started berating and mocking Joe the Plumber in their speeches. All of a sudden the news media had information on Joe the Plumber that apparently came from whomever was illegally using government resources to gather this information on Joe the Plumber.
6. It still amazes me that John McCain is so close in this race. With President Bush's high unpopularity, this should be a cakewalk for Obama. McCain fell in his lead after the credit markets had their blow up. Yet he's still in this race. The news media focuses on Joe the Plumbers past, Sarah Palin's clothes and they are constantly asking if Palin is a drag on the ticket, yet they don't report for more than one day about Biden's comments about Obama being tested within six months. Nor do they talk about the two television stations being banished by the Obama campaign for daring to ask questions. Nor do they talk about Biden saying that FDR went on television after the market crash in 1929 (by the way, Herbert Hoover was President, not FDR, and there were no televisions in those days).
It really is a wonder how McCain can be in striking distance with the media bias and their lack of reporting on the Obama side, and all of the negative reporting of McCain and Palin on non stories.
It's going to be a fun final week. Then we get to hear about all of the voter fraud on election day. These liberals still don't know how to count past twenty. If they have someone missing a toe or a finger, they may not even make it to twenty.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaign 2008 Issue No. 2. The Economy

The second priority this election season, and the most pressing, is the economy. We have two candidates that are diametrically opposed to one another.

Unfortunately, neither one of them can lay claim to being good at the economy. So our hope must be that they’ll choose some very good advisors in the matter of the economy.So far, both have made mistakes in dealing with the credit market breakdown.

McCain suspended his campaign for a couple of days and returned to Washington when this crisis erupted. It would have been much better if he had actually publicly accomplished something. If it was a grandstand political ploy, the Democrats political grandstand got the better of it because they came out en masse to berate him for coming back and saying that he’d only clog up the works. We didn’t find out until a couple of days later that he actually did help John Boehner and the House members with this problem.

However, he compounded his problem by voting for the final bailout package because it had so much pork in it. In fact, even if it only had one pork item in it, he’d not have been successful. The only thing that saved him is that Barack Hussein Obama also showed up in Washington and then started grandstanding at the White House meeting.

McCain should have voted against the bailout, then gone out and told the world that he voted against it because it had pork. A bonus would have been if he could have identified the ones that added the pork, but that seems to be a matter of national security to find out who added the pork.

Now the talk has turned to taxes to help the economy. We know the Democrats plan. Tax and spend our way out of the problem. It never works. Obama has a spending program for every item that is talked about. Yet he’s sticking to his claim that he’ll cut taxes for 95% of the people and only add taxes on those making over $250,000 per year. This is class warfare and if he’s elected, along with a Democrat House and Senate, he’ll get what he wants, although the 95% will not see a tax cut.

Obama will pull a Clinton. If you remember, Clinton ran on a middle class tax cut in 1992. One month after his election, he went on national television and told the world that he’d never worked so hard in his life, but he just couldn’t honor the middle class tax cut.

Our taxes are going to be increased when the Bush tax cuts expire. If Obama wins and the Democrats win Congress, they’ll likely end the Bush tax cuts quickly, raising our taxes sooner (and possibly even retroactively to January 1) and plunge us deeper into a recession. Raising taxes in a bad economy is never good. Raising taxes in a good economy slows the growth.

The Democrats claim to be the champions of the working man, yet when Obama was called on his tax plan as he walked from door to door in Ohio, he met Joe the Plumber. When answering Joe’s question about taxes, he said that he wanted to spread the wealth as Joe made more money. In other words, punish Joe’s hard work by taking some of his earnings and giving it to others that didn’t work as hard, if at all. Obama and Biden then set out to berate Joe the Plumber.

That news prompted McCain and Palin to call Obama out on his socialist views. Even after this, Obama has been trying to explain why McCain calls him a socialist and can’t get that correct.

In Michigan, we know first hand , and recently, that increasing taxes in a bad economy does not work. We have been in a one state recession here for five years. After taxes were increased unemployment jumped from 7.5% to 8.9%.McCain has the right idea. Lower taxes, cut spending. At the very least, leave the taxes where they are and cut spending. But lower taxes would help even more. It would cut the deficit, raise revenue and put the economy back into the growth mode again.McCain has the right idea. Obama will only prolong the pain.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 Presidential Campaign Issue Number One: National Security

Yes, I know. CNN claims that issue number one is the economy. What can I say? They are wrong. The top issue is ALWAYS national security. If we’re attacked over and over again, what difference does the economy make? However, with our safety intact, we can then go to the next issue, which right now is the economy.

So what’s the difference between Barack Hussein Obama and John Sydney McCain on National Security? Well, we already know that Obama will be happy to sit down with our enemies without pre-conditions. What will he say? Will he beg Iran to not take over Iraq when he pulls our troops out? If they go along with him and say they won’t, what happens when Obama pulls them out and Iran does move in? Will he admit that he should not have gotten an agreement from Iran? Will he then move troops back into Iraq to free them from Iran? Or will he again sit down with the Iranian leadership and try to negotiate?

We know what McCain will do. He won’t leave Iraq until we’ve won and the Iraqi’s are able to protect themselves. He will not sit down with Iran until they come to us and ask to speak to us and even then, he won’t talk with them until Iran has made the rounds through the lower levels and already agreed to end their nuclear ambitions, and demonstrate it openly.

What about Hugo Chavez? Obama has said he’d speak to him as well. Can we trust his experience as a community organizer to solve the problems with Venezuela? What about when Chavez wants to move into Cuba. Will Obama chase him out or will he try to negotiate?

We know what McCain would do. He doesn’t even have to say it. He’d keep Chavez out of Cuba.

How do we know this? Obama has said he’d talk to our enemies withour pre-conditions. We saw and heard his wishy washy response during the Georgian crisis. We’ve also heard from Vice Presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, Joe Biden. He had “guaranteed” that if Obama is elected that Obama will be tested. Russia or the middle east, Al Queda (now in charge in the hills between Pakistan and Afghanistan according to Biden) will test Obama. The problem here is that if someone does test Obama, they are killing American citizens to give that test to Obama.

What it boils down to is that Biden is guaranteeing another attack in the United States within six months of Obama becoming President. Which group of us is Obama willing to sacrifice for that test? Another attack on New York? Maybe one in California. Is he really willing to allow a nuclear bomb or some other attack in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Miami? Does he really consider that some Americans are worthy of sacrificing to prove he can lead?

I’m also curious why they would think we would be attacked. They’ve been saying for a year now that an Obama Presidency would bring the world back to respecting us. Why do they guarantee that we’ll be attacked if Obama will bring respect back to the US around the world?

We’ve been tested. During the 90’s we were attacked at least 8 times beginning with the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and ending with the USS Cole in 2000. Bill Clinton failed with each test. How do you know he failed? Because were attacked again and again.

We were also tested on September 11, 2001. President George Bush passed that test. Remember, he’d only been in office for less than 8 months. Yet, once we were attacked, it took him less than 30 days to respond. On October 7, 2001 he started bombing in Afghanistan. More importantly, WE HAVE NOT BEEN ATTACKED SINCE. That is the best form of respect that we’re getting from around the world. They haven’t attacked us since. They’ve tried, but they’ve failed each time.

To change to Obama and the Democrats, with them guaranteeing that we’ll face a crisis seems silly to me. Which one of your children are you willing to sacrifice to a dirty bomb? Which one of your family members are you willing to watch die while Obama tries to figure out which country he should enter into discussions with? Which one of your friends are you willing to not have around any longer?

We don’t have that worry with McCain. The military understands this. In the Military Times Poll, they have published that the military is voting for McCain by 68% to 23%. If those that are in the know, that are on the front lines to protect this country aren’t willing to take a chance on Obama, then why should we?

Joe Biden put foreign policy back on top in this campaign. That is John McCain’s milieu. He did this by making stupid remarks to a group of supporters at a fund raiser.

McCain is the answer when it comes to protecting the country. If you want National Security, which is always issue number one, there is no choice. McCain must become President.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Walberg asks Paulson, Bernanki to Examine recent AIG spending sprees

WASHINGTON D.C. — Recent news reports have surfaced that executives from AIG recklessly spent money shortly after the federal government bailed the giant insurance company out, including “a $400,000 retreat at a posh California resort.”Congressman Tim Walberg, who opposed taxpayer bailouts of the financial sector, joined a delegation of members concerned about AIG’s reckless spending and sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke asking the two leaders to ensure taxpayer dollars were not used by AIG on these spending sprees. Full text of the letter is below:Dear Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke:We write to express strong concerns about AIG’s possible misuse of federal taxpayer funds.It has come to our attention that, after the Federal Government provided a loan of $85 billion to AIG, the AIG executives hosted a lavish $440,000 retreat at the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, California. Even more troubling, the day after this was revealed to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the New York branch of the Federal Reserve announced it will borrow $37.8 billion in investment-grade securities from AIG in exchange for cash.At a time when many of our constituents have serious concerns about their own financial security, we demand that you ensure that no taxpayer funds were used by AIG to host this retreat. If taxpayer funds were used, we demand that AIG repay the American people in full. It is crucial that the American people be able to trust the actions of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury.

Biden Admits Defeat and Predicts Major Crisis within Six Months of Election

Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate predicted in Seattle that there would be a major crisis with World Wide implications within six months of the election if Barack Hussein Obama is elected.

While he was being vague in his predictions, he did say that it could come from the middle east or Russia. He also mentioned that Al Queda was very powerful in the Pakistan Afghanistan hills area and that we can't defeat them claiming that our "kids" (meaning our military) cannot compete with them and talking about nuclear weapons. Isn't this exactly what President Bush warned us about?

Biden implied that the polls would drop very low and was asking his followers to trust them and stand behind them. He also said that he'd forgotten most about foreign policy than his colleagues knew now.

There is an answer. Rather than elect the defeatist attitude of Obama/Biden, vote instead for known military man, John McCain.

It is unbelievable to me that a candidate for VP of the US would even entertain the thought that we'd lose before the fight has even started.

I do agree with Biden on one count. I believe that if Obama is elected the terrorists will test him and us, quickly. We know that if an attack came with McCain as President, that he'd go after them immediately. I suspect that Obama will send us all to conflict resolution therapy if we're attacked.

I don't like much about McCain, but of the two, I can't vote for anyone else. Biden makes that even easier with his comments.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where's the media?

Joe Biden said the other day that this election is about a three letter word: JOBS. I'm abit confused about this new math. Four letters equals a three letter word?

20 years ago, Vice President, Dan Quayle was in a classroom monitoring spelling. A child spelled potato correctly, and Quayle asked if there wasn't supposed to be an "E" on the end. The media made him look even more like a fool than his comment made him out to be. Yet, the media hasn't touched Biden's three letter word: JOBS.

I guess the media is too fixated on giving the anal exam to Joe the Plumber.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Plumber Takes Obama Down

Barack Hussein Obama has claimed that 95% of Americans will get a tax cut if he becomes President. Can we trust him? I don’t think so.

First, he went to Joe the Plumber the other day and was told by Joe that he hopes to buy his bosses business. Obama said that he’d only be taxed if his business produced an income of $250,000 year. At some point, Obama then said that he’d like to spread the wealth.

Obama wants to tax the profits and give that money to people that haven’t earned it. This is socialism. This opened the door for McCain to tell Joe the Plumber that he wouldn’t get a tax increase if McCain became President. He repeated this at the debate.

That set the news media off. They immediately went after Joe the Plumber. He’s not licensed. He’s behind in his taxes. Never mind that he’s not required to be licensed where he lives. Naturally, he’s concerned about taxes if he can’t keep up with the tax burden he already has. The media was camped out in front of Joe the Plumbers house with their satellites and reporters. Joe obliged by granting interviews. David Gergen said on CNN that McCain made a mistake and should have vetted Joe the Plumber.

Later, on the campaign trail, Obama and Biden tried to belittle Joe the Plumber. Biden said that he didn’t know of any plumbers in his neighborhood that made $250,000 per year. Obama went a step further and said “this is who McCain is targeting for his votes? How many plumbers do you know that make a quarter of a million dollars a year?”

The second point regarding Obama promising a tax cut to the middle class. We were told this before. In 1992, Bill Clinton was running for President. He too promised a middle class tax cut. But then, less than a month after his inauguration, he appeared on national television and said that he’d never worked harder in his life, but he just couldn’t find a way to provide that middle class tax cut he’d promised.

Naturally, he claimed it was Bush’s (President George H.W. Bush) that he couldn’t give the tax cut. Does this sound familiar? In Michigan, President Bush (the present President) has been blamed for the one state recession by Governor Granholm who has presided over this one state recession for six years.

In the meantime, at the Alfred Smith Charity dinner, Michelle Obama ordered Lobster and caviar from room service showing that they are the Washington elite as has been stated over and over by Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Obama won’t be giving a tax cut to anyone. He’s only using the Democrat Party playbook by playing the class warfare card. This is standard procedure for Democrats. Now he’s claiming that McCain will take away social security, and cut medicare and Medicaid. None of which is true if you read McCain’s website.

There are certain things we can count on from Democrats. They will always shoot themselves in the foot before the election when their true beliefs are shown. Obama has joined that crowd by showing his desire for socialism.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Precious Right To Vote

In Ohio, a 19 year old was paid with cash and cigarettes to register more than 70 times to vote. In Nevada, the Dallas Cowboys, an NFL football team in Texas, have been registered to vote.

This discovered fraud has been expanded to more than 15 states with the biggest culprit seeming to be a community organization called A.C.O.R.N. Their offices have been raided in various parts of the country. People are coming out saying they’ve been paid to register.

Over 4,000 dead people have been discovered to be registered voters in Houston, Texas. Now, again in Ohio, it’s been discovered that the secretary of state has been holding over 200,000 registration cards that are questionable.

Also in Ohio, they decided that people could register to vote and turn around and vote on the same day. This is being challenged in the courts and seems to be going down.

There are laws against this. One is Voter Registration Fraud. If you’ve registered illegally to vote, you’re guilty of Voter Registration Fraud. If you vote with that fraudulent registration, you’re then guilty of Voter Fraud, which is a felony, as I understand it.

The election of 2000 was a small contributor to this, in my opinion. The big problem as I see it, is allowing anyone to sign up others to vote. Specifically, community organizers.

There are solutions. First, voting is not a requirement. It’s your choice. If you want to vote, you should have to register in one of several places. Your county offices, the secretary of state or DMV.

Second, you should have to do this no later than 30 days prior to any election. If you haven’t, you may still register, but you may not participate until you’ve been on the voter rolls for 30 days. When you do register, it must be in person and with a valid photo ID from either a passport or a drivers license. If you can’t prove that you’re a citizen and that you are who you say you are, you should not be allowed to register.

When you arrive to cast your vote, you should be required to produce a photo id of yourself. You must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the election to vote.

If you are not a citizen of this country, you should not be permitted to vote. If you’re not and you want to participate in electing representatives in this country, become a citizen.

Counting the ballots. There seems to be all sorts of people that are complaining that their votes aren’t being counted, or that machines aren’t working, or that the machines are tearing up cards, or chads are hanging or pregnant or dimpled. It is obvious that we cannot trust the machines, nor can we trust the elected officials reviewing the ballots when there is a question.

So here is a very simple solution to that problem. Each county should have ballots printed up. The ballots should be 8x10 sheets of paper, and be numbered.

A black ink pen will be provided to each voter. Each person, and proposal on the ballot will have a square in it. The voter will come in, step into one of those plastic booths on legs with three walls surrounding it and a little table in front of it. That voter, after proving he/she is who he/she says she is, will then put a check mark next to the candidate of their choice.

They will then step up to the copy machine. Run a copy of their ballot. Deposit the original in a locked container and take their copy as their receipt. Any ballots with incorrect check marks makes the entire ballot void.

When the polls close that night, the election workers will then open the boxes. There will be two people counting each ballot. One person from one party, one from the other. Any worker that gets stumped when they run out of fingers and toes to count on, should be fired immediately.

Once they are tallied up, that count is then recorded and the ballots placed in another sealed container where they will be saved for a period of six years.

It’s a simple process. Prove who you are so you can vote. Get a receipt for your vote. Count the votes one at a time and stop trusting the machines that everyone complains about and declare a winner within 48 hours following the election.

Oh yeah, and arrest, convict and incarcerate those that perpetrate voter fraud and remove their right to vote from them for the rest of their lives.

One of our most precious rights is now protected, provable in case of a contest of the vote and no voter can say that he/she didn’t get to vote because they have their receipt. Most importantly, we only have to make sure that our election officers have a third grade education where they have learned to count by ones properly. This ought to shut the liberals up and stop them from registering Mickey Mouse to vote.

I see just one problem with this plan. Finding a politician that has enough common sense to do what's right for the people and actually simplify the rules for registering to vote and putting it to paper. If we did actually have a politician that is capable of this, then the problem is getting 534 other politicians to understand it, sign on to it and avoid the urge to add billions of dollars of pork to it.

I'm going to add one more thing. People should show up to vote wearing blue windbreakers with gold lettering on the back of those jackets that says INS. That should solve the problem of illegal aliens even coming outside on election day, let alone going to the polls.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Freedom Lost

Tonight, the first step in the nationalization of the American Financial System has taken place. This has happened despite the will of the people. The House and the Senate has been inundated with phone calls from Americans telling them not to pass this bailout. The Senate has now thumbed their noses at the American people.

There are no repercussions included in the bill passed by the Senate for those that helped cause this problem on Wall St. Barney Frank will still be in the House and Christopher Dodd will still be in the Senate.

There is still hope. The House Republicans did not go along with this on Monday when they voted on it. 95 Democrats also voted against it. This made House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look like a fool. But then there have been enough fools running around this debate for two weeks now that you’d need a roll of paper to list them all.

Congress has the lowest approval ratings in history. People don’t trust them. I’m hoping for the people to stand up on election day and eliminate anyone that voted for this bailout.

The markets work, but those in government don’t have what it takes to let the market work. This isn’t a solution to the problem. This is a new problem to be added to the existing problem. Among those problems are corrupt politicians, over regulations in some areas, under regulation in other areas. Loans to people that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for loans if the lending institutions weren’t forced by Congress to give those loans.

Investors wouldn’t buy a bad investment, so Congress stepped up and took our tax money and bought the bad investment for us. They aren’t at risk. OUR money is now at risk. Today we lost a freedom. The freedom for us to decide what is done with our money.

Now, the only thing that I can hope for is that I’m wrong and the idiots that nobody likes in Washington were right. I keep remembering the old line that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Hopefully, this sad excuse for a Congress doesn’t make it worse when this doesn’t work.

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