Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where's the media?

Joe Biden said the other day that this election is about a three letter word: JOBS. I'm abit confused about this new math. Four letters equals a three letter word?

20 years ago, Vice President, Dan Quayle was in a classroom monitoring spelling. A child spelled potato correctly, and Quayle asked if there wasn't supposed to be an "E" on the end. The media made him look even more like a fool than his comment made him out to be. Yet, the media hasn't touched Biden's three letter word: JOBS.

I guess the media is too fixated on giving the anal exam to Joe the Plumber.

I welcome your comments.



Brett said...

I received an E-mail from Jada. She's not posting under her own name, but someone else is. It's pretty easy to figure out who it is.

This is the difference between us and liberals. They continue to play games with their nonsense while we're talking honestly about our beliefs.

I'm not going to apologize for a liberal. I feel sorry for them, but I'm not going to be sorry they can't be intellectually honest.

I think the best way to state it is that I used to be liberal too. Then I grew up and corrected my ways as an adult.


Brett said...

The childish liberal problem is solved.

red or deàd said...

It's about time.

Brett said...

I apologize if I've deleted an innocent post. I've solved the problem with the childish liberal after deleting the posts from yesterday. This problem shouldn't occur again.

I have never cared if someone disagreed with me. But there is no reason for anyone to be disagreeable. A poster on here has taken being disagreeable to new heights and wanted to start being disruptive.

He can still fool me about who he is, but he can't be disagreeable any longer on a personal level with anyone that posts.


Ann said...

Looks like my innocent post was the one deleted. And I thought I was being so blog-worthy! lol. Be that as it may, I'll check to make sure the name "Hussein" isn't labeled on any of my fine washables. lol. Good site, and I take no offense to experiencing the collateral damage of cleaning house.

red or dead said...

Yeah, you tell'em Brett...intellectually honest...that's the ticket!

You da Man!