Monday, October 27, 2008

What Does Obama Bring to us?

It's been an interesting couple of days.

1. The owner of the Miami Dolphins says he's going to sell the NFL team because he'd rather give money to charity than to give it to Obama if Obama wins the election. Obama plans to raise the capital gains tax from the current level of 15% to 20%. Of course, the Bush tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 are due to expire on December 31, 2010, which is another tax increase on the capital gains, in addition to income taxes increasing, estate tax increase, dividend tax increase and others. Obama has said he wants them to expire, so he'll have raised taxes twice if he wins and gets his increase and doesn't stop the automatic increase.

2. In Indiana, the Attorney General said that ACORN had turned in many fraudulent voter registrations. Charges will be pursued soon. They found thousands of fraudulent registrations in Illinois as well, including one former State Senator who died five years before he registered.

3. Joe Biden was interviewed by an Orlando television station and was asked about Obama's "spread the wealth" comment and if he was a Marxist, among other things. The TV station has been notified that they are banned from the Obama campaign. Now today, a Philadelphia television station asked some of the same questions and today, they too were banned from being allowed to interview the Obama campaign.

4. In West Hollywood, someone had a mannequin dressed like Governor Sarah Palin, and another mannequin of Senator McCain coming out of a burning chimney. This just displays that lack of good taste on the part of the Obama followers.

5. In Ohio, the attorney general announced that they are investigating the illegal use of government resources to gather information on Joe the Plumber. You'll remember that after Senator Barack Hussein Obama dropped by Joe the Plumbers house uninvited, and interrupted him playing catch with his son, Joe asked about the Senators tax plan and said it sounds like socialism to him. He instantly became national news. Then Senators Obama and Biden started berating and mocking Joe the Plumber in their speeches. All of a sudden the news media had information on Joe the Plumber that apparently came from whomever was illegally using government resources to gather this information on Joe the Plumber.
6. It still amazes me that John McCain is so close in this race. With President Bush's high unpopularity, this should be a cakewalk for Obama. McCain fell in his lead after the credit markets had their blow up. Yet he's still in this race. The news media focuses on Joe the Plumbers past, Sarah Palin's clothes and they are constantly asking if Palin is a drag on the ticket, yet they don't report for more than one day about Biden's comments about Obama being tested within six months. Nor do they talk about the two television stations being banished by the Obama campaign for daring to ask questions. Nor do they talk about Biden saying that FDR went on television after the market crash in 1929 (by the way, Herbert Hoover was President, not FDR, and there were no televisions in those days).
It really is a wonder how McCain can be in striking distance with the media bias and their lack of reporting on the Obama side, and all of the negative reporting of McCain and Palin on non stories.
It's going to be a fun final week. Then we get to hear about all of the voter fraud on election day. These liberals still don't know how to count past twenty. If they have someone missing a toe or a finger, they may not even make it to twenty.
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Anonymous said...

Brett this is off topic but I've been looking at another blog and the person that has that blog keeps calling and anonymous commenter by your name. Is that you and why do you use anonymous rather than your name given you have your own blog?

Brett said...

I've been falling behind. Sorry that I didn't get this moderated sooner.

I believe that I know the blog that you speak of and no, it's not me. I haven't had time to keep up with my personal life, nor this blog the past couple of weeks, so I certainly don't have time to go to the liberal blogs.

The particular one you're talking about I believe is one that I used to go to. The guy is weird. He's not rational, nor truthful. He attempts to make himself sound important. He's not even logical in his positions. He's a left wing kool aid drinker.

If he thinks it's me posting on his blog, he must just miss me.