Monday, October 20, 2008

Biden Admits Defeat and Predicts Major Crisis within Six Months of Election

Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate predicted in Seattle that there would be a major crisis with World Wide implications within six months of the election if Barack Hussein Obama is elected.

While he was being vague in his predictions, he did say that it could come from the middle east or Russia. He also mentioned that Al Queda was very powerful in the Pakistan Afghanistan hills area and that we can't defeat them claiming that our "kids" (meaning our military) cannot compete with them and talking about nuclear weapons. Isn't this exactly what President Bush warned us about?

Biden implied that the polls would drop very low and was asking his followers to trust them and stand behind them. He also said that he'd forgotten most about foreign policy than his colleagues knew now.

There is an answer. Rather than elect the defeatist attitude of Obama/Biden, vote instead for known military man, John McCain.

It is unbelievable to me that a candidate for VP of the US would even entertain the thought that we'd lose before the fight has even started.

I do agree with Biden on one count. I believe that if Obama is elected the terrorists will test him and us, quickly. We know that if an attack came with McCain as President, that he'd go after them immediately. I suspect that Obama will send us all to conflict resolution therapy if we're attacked.

I don't like much about McCain, but of the two, I can't vote for anyone else. Biden makes that even easier with his comments.

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