Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama's Racism Now On Display

Senator Barack Hussein Obama has kicked off three newspapers from his plane that have endorsed Senator John Sydney McCain for President. The Washington Times, Dallas Morning News and New York Post all have endorsed McCain for President. Obama has told them they are no longer welcome on his plane. He plans to replace them with a couple of black media organizations.

Every instance of racism in this election has been perpetrated by the Democrats beginning with Bill Clinton in South Carolina and other events and comments, leading now to the expulsion of three news outlets and the replacement with BET Television and others.

In other news, a man in California hung an effigy of Governor Sarah Palin. However, two young men hung an effigy of Obama in Kentucky and have been arrested. The California man has not been arrested. In Indiana a woman was not arrested for doing the same thing.

These types of things are what we're in for during the next four years if Obama is elected.

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