Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 Presidential Campaign Issue Number One: National Security

Yes, I know. CNN claims that issue number one is the economy. What can I say? They are wrong. The top issue is ALWAYS national security. If we’re attacked over and over again, what difference does the economy make? However, with our safety intact, we can then go to the next issue, which right now is the economy.

So what’s the difference between Barack Hussein Obama and John Sydney McCain on National Security? Well, we already know that Obama will be happy to sit down with our enemies without pre-conditions. What will he say? Will he beg Iran to not take over Iraq when he pulls our troops out? If they go along with him and say they won’t, what happens when Obama pulls them out and Iran does move in? Will he admit that he should not have gotten an agreement from Iran? Will he then move troops back into Iraq to free them from Iran? Or will he again sit down with the Iranian leadership and try to negotiate?

We know what McCain will do. He won’t leave Iraq until we’ve won and the Iraqi’s are able to protect themselves. He will not sit down with Iran until they come to us and ask to speak to us and even then, he won’t talk with them until Iran has made the rounds through the lower levels and already agreed to end their nuclear ambitions, and demonstrate it openly.

What about Hugo Chavez? Obama has said he’d speak to him as well. Can we trust his experience as a community organizer to solve the problems with Venezuela? What about when Chavez wants to move into Cuba. Will Obama chase him out or will he try to negotiate?

We know what McCain would do. He doesn’t even have to say it. He’d keep Chavez out of Cuba.

How do we know this? Obama has said he’d talk to our enemies withour pre-conditions. We saw and heard his wishy washy response during the Georgian crisis. We’ve also heard from Vice Presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, Joe Biden. He had “guaranteed” that if Obama is elected that Obama will be tested. Russia or the middle east, Al Queda (now in charge in the hills between Pakistan and Afghanistan according to Biden) will test Obama. The problem here is that if someone does test Obama, they are killing American citizens to give that test to Obama.

What it boils down to is that Biden is guaranteeing another attack in the United States within six months of Obama becoming President. Which group of us is Obama willing to sacrifice for that test? Another attack on New York? Maybe one in California. Is he really willing to allow a nuclear bomb or some other attack in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Miami? Does he really consider that some Americans are worthy of sacrificing to prove he can lead?

I’m also curious why they would think we would be attacked. They’ve been saying for a year now that an Obama Presidency would bring the world back to respecting us. Why do they guarantee that we’ll be attacked if Obama will bring respect back to the US around the world?

We’ve been tested. During the 90’s we were attacked at least 8 times beginning with the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and ending with the USS Cole in 2000. Bill Clinton failed with each test. How do you know he failed? Because were attacked again and again.

We were also tested on September 11, 2001. President George Bush passed that test. Remember, he’d only been in office for less than 8 months. Yet, once we were attacked, it took him less than 30 days to respond. On October 7, 2001 he started bombing in Afghanistan. More importantly, WE HAVE NOT BEEN ATTACKED SINCE. That is the best form of respect that we’re getting from around the world. They haven’t attacked us since. They’ve tried, but they’ve failed each time.

To change to Obama and the Democrats, with them guaranteeing that we’ll face a crisis seems silly to me. Which one of your children are you willing to sacrifice to a dirty bomb? Which one of your family members are you willing to watch die while Obama tries to figure out which country he should enter into discussions with? Which one of your friends are you willing to not have around any longer?

We don’t have that worry with McCain. The military understands this. In the Military Times Poll, they have published that the military is voting for McCain by 68% to 23%. If those that are in the know, that are on the front lines to protect this country aren’t willing to take a chance on Obama, then why should we?

Joe Biden put foreign policy back on top in this campaign. That is John McCain’s milieu. He did this by making stupid remarks to a group of supporters at a fund raiser.

McCain is the answer when it comes to protecting the country. If you want National Security, which is always issue number one, there is no choice. McCain must become President.

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