Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Are Being Tracked!

Not long ago, I was driving on I-96 in Lansing in the rain. Driving 70 mph, I came to an overpass heading uphill and then it would start downhill after crossing the overpass. As I reached the top of the overpass I saw what looked like a lounge chair sitting in the middle of my lane just past the peak of the overpass. I barely had time to figure out if I should go to right lane or to slide over the shoulder to get around it and of course there was someone right behind me. Luckily, I missed the chair as did the guy behind me. I then grabbed my cell phone and called 911 to let them know that this chair was sitting there and someone wasn't going to be so lucky.

When I called, they asked my name, where I was and where the chair is. I told them my name, but wasn't sure which mile I was on. They said not to worry about it that they had my location and name. They did this before I reached the next mile marker to get my bearings on where I was. At 70 mph, that only takes me a minute, at the most,  to figure out where I am.

Cell phone companies can track us. Our GPS systems in our cars know where we are. Who else has access to our GPS systems? When you pull up to a stop light, look at the light and around it. You'll likely see cameras. How many people have received tickets in the mail without having been stopped by a police officer?

Today, it's reported that Facebook can track us and have been tracking what you're looking at on the internet. Not just while you're on their site, but even after you leave it.

Two days ago, it was reported that the new health care law, Obamacare, will require doctors to forward your medical information to the government for them to track.

Now there are two more stories. One an op-ed written by Peter Orzag, the former budget director in the Obama administration saying that democracy should be suspended to allow policies to go through and to offset the gridlock in Washington.

Governor Perdue from North Carolina, a Democrat, says that she thinks that elections should be suspended for two years so that Congress can work on fixing the economy without having to decide between their re-election and what's good for the people they represent.

It's appearing more and more that we have a government run amok. Our Government has borrowed more than they take in for years. It's really blown up the past two years spending more in the past two years through the failed stimulus plans and gimmicks like cash for clunkers, and other things they've done, than all previous Presidents combined.

We've been inundated with sex scandals over the past 15 years in government as well as in the school systems where our children are attending. We've got federal, state, and local governments abusing the money that they do receive either spending money on things that aren't necessary or in voting themselves outrageous salaries and benefits. The Post Office is going broke and we'll likely see a massive reduction in services, which will only add to the mail not arriving in a timely fashion, at the right place if it even arrives at all.

When all of these things go wrong and create a bad economy or unseemly arguments and even threats between party members of the other party and even in the halls of Congress, the government comes to us and says it's the other guys fault and we must all share the sacrifice. In the meantime, these irresponsible people want to know our every movement and monitor our activities. I really expect that the next time the doctor tells me to turn my head and cough, some government official is going to be standing next to me saying "Please cover your mouth when you cough".

The ones that need the tracking are our government officials. Our elected representatives. From our local government all the way to Congress and the White House. Attach the GPS devices to their waistbands. Sign them on to Facebook so that we can see where they are going and what sites they are visiting while representing us. Give them cell phones so that when they go to the hooker everyone knows it from their wives to the voter.

Obama, and the Congress want to know our every movement and want to direct even how we think on different matters, but they can't stop illegal aliens from crossing our borders. They want to direct the size of the toilet in your home to save water, but they can't get the mail system to operate.

They claim that they must do this for our protection from the evil corporations, yet they bailed out and took over General Motors and Chrysler. They became the companies that they claim to hate. They think they know what's best for our health insurance but want to eliminate the experts, the insurance companies.

We are being watched with nearly everything we do. The good thing about them tracking us is that the government fails at nearly everything. If they were going to go to the trouble of tracking me that day on I-96, why did I have to call them? Why didn't they see with their various tracking devices that someone had lost a chair in the middle of the expressway? Why didn't they remove it before I even had to call them and make them aware of it? It makes me wonder if I could have sued them for their failure if I had hit that chair.

You're welcome to comment....but be aware that you're being watched.


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