Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Proves He Can Save Money

President Obama proved on Thursday night that he does know how to get things done without spending least his own money, for his own benefit. Before a joint session of Congress, Obama gave a campaign speech. It cost his campaign nothing. He had a captive audience in both Republicans and Democrats from the House and Senate. He also had a national television audience free of charge to his campaign.

We know that it's campaign season because Obama, a very Liberal Democrat, has proposed tax cuts and even dared to call the end of the payroll tax from a year ago, a tax increase if it's not extended and claimed that the Republicans would be responsible if the payroll tax cut was not extended.

He claimed that his bill that he's going to forward to Congress in a few days, would be deficit neutral and not increase the debt. The estimated cost is $447 Billion. He didn't say how he'd pay for it, but claims it won't add to the debt nor the deficit. Didn't he also make that claim about his stimulus package in 2009? Following that debacle, the deficit quadrupled and the debt increased three fold.

He is true to his Liberal roots in that he thinks the only solution to the economic problems in this country comes from Government. The only thing he's proven with all of his schemes is that the answers the government has are the wrong answers. His plan has not worked!. In fact, all of his little schemes have failed.

The claim by Obama, and Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schults (D) Florida is that his plans saved the country from falling into another Depression. How does one prove this? There is no way to prove this, nor disprove it. We do know that the only thing that has been successful in turning an economy around is to lower taxes. Reagan did it in the 80's to much success. Bush the younger did it in 2001 and 2003. Each of those tax cuts increased revenue to the federal government because people were making more money following the tax cuts. That added income meant they paid more in dollars in taxes, even though they paid a lower tax rate. That added income meant more spending by citizens which caused the economy to move forward in great numbers. It created jobs, which of course, lowered the unemployment rate, eventually down to a rate of 4%.

Obama also slid back to his Liberal Democrat roots by calling for those that have been "fortunate" (as though all of those that are rich didn't work for it and earn it) to pay their "fair share".

This is just another stimulus package. His stimulus packages have never worked. Remember Cash for Clunkers? Failed. Remember the $800 billion stimulus? Money that went to unions, and cronies and of course to African men, in Africa, to teach them how to wash after sex to avoid STD's.

Remember that his stimulus package would prevent unemployment from exceeding 8%? Unemployment shot up to 10.2% and has settled in at 9.1%. The 8% unemployment rate was packaged as a nightmare before the stimulus, now it seems like a dream to get that low.

His speech was a constant cadence of "you should pass this bill immediately". He ended each paragraph with it when running through what he wanted. 'The bill will put more first responders in jobs, you should pass this bill immediately.'  'My bill will put more teachers in the classrooms and help our students and strengthen our schools, you should pass this bill immediately'. 'This bill will help restore our infrastructure including a run down bridge between Ohio and Kentucky, you should pass this bill immediately.'

That last line was a good example of this being a campaign speech because he's been losing so much support in Ohio, that they are almost to the point of dropping the O's in Ohio because of the "O" in Obama.

Obama had a national audience, in a prestigious setting, where the utmost respect is shown for the office of President. Congress stands up and applauds the President. Not the man, but the office. Many in this country don't understand that. They see a standing ovation for the President in Congress and they consider it for the man, not the office.

It's slick advertising at no financial cost to the President. He was able to make a speech, in a forced friendly group at no expense to his campaign but rather paid for by the taxpayer and the media. There could be a cost in ethics if the American people that don't follow politics ever catch on to his schemes.

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